DESMO-J is a handy, easy to use object-oriented framework specially designed to help programmers that develop simulation models in Java.
This tool supports both event-oriented and process-oriented modelling views. Now, you can further improve your development process with the help of this tool.







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DESMO-J is a handy, easy-to-use object-oriented framework specially designed to help programmers that develop simulation models in Java.
This tool supports both event-oriented and process-oriented modelling views. Now, you can further improve your development process with the help of this tool.
* Easy to use
* Client -Server and Web client
* For an object-oriented background
* Object-oriented System design
* Support for both event-oriented and process-oriented modelling views
* Support for interactive and non-interactive applications
* Support for global input, output and parameter
* Components for Web, Java and Word Processing
* Components for Client – Server, Windows, Linux and Mac
* Support for Asynchronous communication
* Flexible File Format (XML)
* Delphi IDE integration
* Android, iOS, HTML5 mobile applications
* A component that supports rendering graphics
* Unicode support
* VMD mode, user-friendly mode and graphic mode
* Application layout support
* Non-resizable windows
* Accurate calculations
* Supports 64-bit architecture
* Supports professional development and graphic effects
* Supports 4 available layouts: panel, tabbed panel, wrappanel and frame
* Supports the ability to detect the position of the view
* Supports basic component library
* Supports component inheritance

XMan is a cross-platform high-performance C/C++ toolkit for the multi-platform Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.
Now it supports huge amount of GUI elements and APIs (such as Windows and Android development), and supports X11, X11-RS and X11-RF.
The cross-platform nature means it supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other OS with Mono.
It supports all the standard C++ features, including STL containers, iterators, smart pointers, C/C++ RAII, STL and algorithms.
It also supports drag-drop, HTTP, DOM, HTML, CSS, and many other APIs.
It has built-in linker, project file format, and deployment support.
It includes many libraries for 3D rendering and compositing, game development, image processing, and linear algebra.
It supports 64-bit processor such as Intel 64 and AMD64.
It also supports OSX and Linux GUI libraries such as GTK+, Qt, wxWidgets.

Microsoft WSPack is a Windows Solutions Pack that contains

DESMO-J [32|64bit]

– An Object-Oriented Development Environment for Java based Simulation Modelling.
– Modelling View: Process, Event or Hybrid.
– Object-Oriented Environment with a database of entities.
– An Object-Oriented Environment with a database of actions (Actions View).
– It automatically detects the syntax of a Java program and translates it into a pattern, which is the same as the counterpart in the Model.
– It proposes completions from the Model.


RB.log2b is a Visual Basic log2b addin. This addin works with any Visual Basic.NET program. With the help of this addin, you can increase performance of programs and if your Visual Basic addin is not yet present, you can easily write your own.

Easy 3-D Modeling

Easy 3-D Modeling – a free 3-D Modeling tool which enables you to start designing your 3D models in few mouse clicks. Unlike other 3D modelers, it does not require you to design your model by means of extruding and cutting. The drawing tool enables you to create and modify models interactively on the fly.


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Main purposes of ESX-GridView are maintenance of the GRID and further usage of such GRID. You can bind your object to GRID columns – grid columns will bind your object’s fields – you can search your object on the database – you can sort your grid view, set the view index and index start from the top of the grid by clicking the arrow buttons.

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DESMO-J Simulation Modeling Environment for Java is a tool for modeling simulation models.


Event-oriented or process-oriented modelling view can be used simultaneously

For event-oriented modeling, you can define the events that occur in the system using the model builder and the Event List Editor (shown in the top-left corner of the screen)

View, delete and edit events using the event list editor

For process-oriented modelling, you can view the process diagram and edit the process by inputting parameters.

Editor of parameters and data

Performal and standard modeling

The formal modeling view supports the definition and editing of the class diagrams of entities, attributes, relationships, and operations using the model builder. Standard modeling means that you can define object classes without using the model builder. For this view, you do not need to use the model builder.

Data modeling

Definition and editing of the data model using the data editor.

Support for a cross-reference model

The cross-reference model view supports the definition of the mapping relations between the objects in the model. This view is intended for models where each element is defined as a single class. It allows you to map between the classes and to define the references between the two classes.

Support for domain specific object model

Desmo-J is able to support various domain specific object models using the domain modelling view. In this view, you can view the object classes of the domain model and the mappings between the entities. You can also identify the references between objects.


Annotations are additional information about the model. You can perform various functions through the annotations. This view supports the definition of the model and the role-playing annotations.

Support for UML-compliant tools

Supports the creation of UML models using the UML tool. This view is intended for the UML 2.0 standard.

Show/Hide elements

Show/Hide elements can be used to simplify the model and to make it more readable.

Advanced search features

Advanced search features of the basic search display a tree-like menu of results instead of the simple linear list.

Data conversion

Conversion of various type of data between decimal and binary.

Off-line editing of classes

You can edit the classes in the UML view and various other views without the need to be connected to the

What’s New in the DESMO-J?

DESMO-J is an object-oriented framework, which is specially designed to help developers, who want to integrate their projects into Java applications.
DESMO-J is easy to use and widely used, as it is being used by thousands of developers.
DESMO-J helps the programmer by providing more than fifty predefined Java classes, which can be included in to his development projects.
DESMO-J can generate graphical representations of models, which can be saved in various formats.
The main advantage of DESMO-J is its events driven architecture. This means that an object, which triggered an event can also be responsible for handling this event.
DESMO-J supports both, event-oriented and process-oriented models.
DESMO-J has the following features:
Generate GUI applications
Generate in-line Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Generate Class Diagrams
Generate Object Diagrams
Auto-generate Main Menu
Support for 64-bit architectures
Support for Window, AWT, Java2D and Java3D
Flexible GUI Designer
Support for all modern compilers
Import/Export of all aspects of models in XML Format
Support for all modern IDE Editors, including; eclipse, netbeans, jvisual, visual java and indigo, etc.
Support for all modern IDEs, including; eclipse, netbeans, jvisual, visual java and indigo, etc.
This tool is recommended for Java Developers, Programmers, Modelers, Devops Engineers and IT managers.
What can you do with DESMO-J, just look at the list below. You can generate objects that are inherited from a base class, model the data entities and the business processes. Thanks to that, DESMO-J is a serious development tool.
With the help of DESMO-J you can simulate your projects and also add extra functionality. Moreover, DESMO-J will ensure that no mistake or error occurs during programming.
DESMO-J Features:
Massive APIs library supports you by providing a large number of classes.
Simple objects can handle events, which are triggered from the outside.
DESMO-J offers you to learn about your project before starting programming.
DESMO-J can help to generate graphs of your objects and process flows.
DESMO-J offers you to generate suitable options for your projects.
DESMO-J helps you to handle classes, which inherit from the base class

System Requirements For DESMO-J:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 3 GB free hard disk space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 5 GB free hard disk space
DirectX: Version 9.

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