Business proposals are but one of the many parts of business, and communication is the backbone of it all: be it communicating with your logistic partners or customers, this aspect is one of significance. DocMaster Proposal Software seeks to streamline this process by presenting your offers within a singular interface, where users can track their proposals and keep everything in check.
Simply put, such a program allows one to quickly draw up their documents and share them with their customers for business proposals, be they domestic or international offers.
To come to your aid, the tool offers various templates: proposal forms, commercial and pro forma invoices, packing lists, and so on. The FTP server integration also makes it possible to manage stock cards, as well as manage product cards in several ways, allowing one to provide exhaustive detail about their products.
In the help of international proposals, the software also provides a Currency Management menu, which affords users the possibility to make offers, as well as check the status of the currencies they're trading in.
All of this comes packed within a singular, practical interface, which serves to make everything more orderly. Proposal customization is also very detailed, and users can adapt it to their workflow by using special formulas, adding the columns they need, and so forth. Tracking proposals, payment plans, correspondence, and more, is all made easier. When all is done, you can export your work in PDF, Word, Excel, and JPG.


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DocMaster Proposal Software is the ideal solution for the professionals that are looking for a convenient way to manage their proposals and other business offers. The software is a must have for any kind of business that has dealings in international proposals. Its comprehensive features and customizable nature allow you to easily design proposals and provide your customers with everything they need to make the right decision.
The DocMaster Proposal Software offers several templates for the creation of proposals and business offers. Choose from the Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices, Packing Lists and Export Formats. With the help of the integrated FTP server and Currency Management, it is now easy to manage stock cards and product cards. Furthermore, with the proposal customization option, you can customize any proposal, from headers to footers. Furthermore, the software has a contact manager, which will be able to create contacts in various categories and formats for you to share and distribute them easily.

Available Options

If you are interested in our software, you can contact us for a free trial. After installation, you can use all the features and the demo account for 30 days.

Please contact us for more information.

Thank you. We will contact you soon.

DocMaster Proposal Software is a part of DocMaster.DocMaster is a completely integrated PDF solution, which allows you to view and edit all your documents in one platform.DocMaster is an all-in-one solution that allows you to view and edit all your documents in one platform. Easily create professional-looking documents with advanced features including fillable forms and layouts. You can also add interactive features such as signatures and editable PDF documents.
With DocMaster, you can create professional-looking documents that can be viewed and modified online. You can make comments and use advanced tools to track, fill, sort, edit, and save documents. You can also download and share your documents with anyone via email, cloud storage, and more.

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DocMaster Business Plan Proposal Template is a powerful business plan proposal software, that allows you to create business plan proposals. You can create a business plan proposal to your business partners, company directors or shareholders with ease, quickly and professionally with this software.
This software allows you to create a business proposal proposal for free. You can use the software to create proposals for your own business, for a new business, to send proposals to clients, partners or investors, to make invoices or for

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What’s New in the?

DocMaster Proposal Software is a program that is dedicated to simplifying the process of creating business proposals, documents, forms, packing lists and invoices, allowing users to track them and access them easily. It is available in various languages and enables international use. The program also offers a currency management feature and allows managing products in several ways.

– Corporate proposals, sales letters, presentations, presentations.
– Freeware with no costs.
– FTP server integration.
– Imports images from various formats.
– Currency management.
– Document, template, and currency management.
– Suggested currencies.
– Localization.
– Full support.

This is a free software.

If you plan to present your business proposals to your clients, or send a document to customers, this program is your first step.

Company name:
Fiscal Software.

File name:



Document and proposal management software. Suitable for use in export operations, archiving and record keeping of business proposals. Create documents with pre-defined formats including proposals, invoices, forms and packing lists. The software supports currency management, file transfer via FTP and proprietary networks.

The software supports:
– Different documents.
– Ability to create and print document copies in bulk.
– File transfer via FTP.
– Network transfer and central storage of files.
– Data management via database.
– Document management.
– Support for different types of formatting.
– Various document templates.
– Printing using a wide range of print-outs.
– Powerful customization.

We tried to make this software as user-friendly as possible. It is best to use the free trial version to ensure that the software works on your computer.

Useful software for document archiving and record keeping.

Company name:
Nitor Corporation.

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A program for collecting and presenting business proposals and forms. Proposal forms for different industries are included in the collection. All necessary fields are set in forms and templates. When a template is used, you can customize its appearance. A separate section allows you to save and manage all forms and templates.

– The program provides a search function.
– The help files are available in four languages (English, German, French and Spanish).
– You can use the customization option.
– You can import and export data in different formats.
– Management of forms is also provided.
– Inbound mail server integration.

This software

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i7.
Memory: 4 GB RAM (32-bit) / 8 GB RAM (64-bit)
Storage: 18 GB available space
Graphics: Intel® HD 4000 graphics or better
DirectX: Version 11.1
Additional Notes: This program requires a 64-bit browser in order to access many content provider websites. Please

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