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New Delhi: The makers of Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi’s upcoming film Bank Chor are delighted that their film will come out with a ‘U/Certificate’, reports .
Probably, like many other films made by Indians in English, we are talking here about the fact that in a few years the film industry will become the only possible form of marketing for Indian cinema, since now there are more than 505 cinemas in the republic, several hundred cinema halls in 3, 5 and 7 halls. The main reason for the success of Indian cinema abroad is the skillful combination of not only Western, but also Eastern, Tantric and Zen techniques.

Composer Mukesh Kapura, famous for his music for the film Disco Dancer, revived the tradition of Indian mask theater at the Arambol cinema. As Kapure recalls, before watching an IMAX film, the audience leaves “hungry and tired,” while in the mask theater no one leaves Nath Krishna.
Despite the difficult life, the Indian film industry owns a world-record box office – 11.65 billion dollars, while Hollywood – 12.9, the French – 12.7 and the American – 13.6 billion dollars. Indian cameramen have long been box office hits worldwide. There are also films by Indian directors in the ratings of film premieres, and one of them – “Difficulty” (“Juna”) by Raj Kapoor – a year ago won the Oscar in the nomination “Best Foreign Language Film”.

The lawyer of the TV presenter Gauhar Haider has worked in all 13 states of India where he advertises alcohol on the TV screen. In Orissa, he appeared five times on the evening news. He pays the most for this on the RenTV channel. His salary is at least 2,000 rupees (about $600) for advertisements for alcoholic beverages. But, say Original Wine, the deal is a stroke of genius because it “successfully eliminated alcohol television ads on non-alcohol planets.”




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