Download Film Ada Apa Dg Cinta


2016 Indonesian teen film directed by Riri Riza.n Is this a sequel to the 2002 cult classic novel Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? with. He won the hearts of millions of moviegoers around the world. The film takes place at a time when Malaysia was part of the British protectorate. After the US army invaded the Malay Peninsula in 1987, all the coastal cities of Malaysia were destroyed by air raids, the inhabitants left their homes and became nomads. These people no longer want to live in their homeland, they find refuge in the jungle of the mountains. Cast: Silva Akhtar, J. Allak Sugata, Henry Sedugri, Ken Toneng, Athiya Tazirama, Evans Sivongiro, Eswan Sivong, Oedip Surma, Henrik Ngmi, Pia Pangdyang, Wilky Ken, Vala Windu, Sille Sai, Amita Ngot, Valmika Pungai , Atal Suanga Pungai, Kai Patong, Maksimik, Sai Suajan, Pun Bun Bungru, Kadu Surung, Akil Dutt Om Chigenkhun, Keng Lamb, Meak Prabang, Deyan Kuang Nguseng, Om Chang Lam, Ngoc Anan and other actors. The film premiered on July 17, 2016 in Singapore. In 2017, the film was nominated for 9 national film awards of the country: Ahn and Sambari Ang alone and with their second wife Kwe Purbuan Suppwaan went to the Sonil and Arts restaurant, taking 10 thousand ringgits with them. In mid-April, on the stage of the restaurant, she and co-star Namkivi Lilek began to sing the song “Demy de Mên”. When Ahn suggested that Namkiw and I leave the restaurant to listen to his song, the door to the theater opened and he saw another couple performing “Dendi de Pangkan”. As the audience began to applaud, Ahn looked through the window and saw that his partner was also standing on the stage. “She was just standing in the audience,” he explained to us later. At this time, another couple appeared on the stage – we and our girls began to laugh at them.



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