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With Paresh Rawal, Rajiv Khandelwal, Tina Desai, Dhruv Ganesh. Ramachandran has also played a number of roles in plays by composers Arisha Lagos, Tulsidas, Jai Gopal Krishna Goswami and Vikram Sati. Since 2006, he has played the role of Janak in the TV series Delhi and also holds the rank of Commander of the Rajat Chowra Cavalry Mechanized Brigade. He also starred in the musical Blind Passion (2007), which was nominated for a Guruji Award.
Although Paresh Rawal came from a theatrical acting background, he gained increased recognition by leading a theater he founded in Bangalore, in which actors perform as famous musicians, as well as films where he played the role of Krishna Rai. In 2007, the actor first participated in the Canadian version of the series “The Queen’s Youth”, where he played the role of an elephant mahout. In 2008, he played the role of Dr. Kampamdaswami, Prabhupada’s father and friend, in Prabhupada: The Last Spring. He has also starred in many feature films including Kaladhari, Rahmani and Kundalini. In 2009, he played the lead role of Rajput in Kumbhakarna Hirani’s The Untouchables. After him, he played a small role in Pratapp Singh’s film Battle for Shiv. He starred in Maryam Rishi’s Kantipukan (2010) alongside Krishna Chandi Patel, Radha Kapoor and Kamal Hindudas[6]. In 2011, he worked with his longtime friend Kapoor in Bharata Jan, starring Anila Charan, Uma Thurman and her husband. In 2013, he appeared in Ananda and Anita Zende’s film Vidyumi Vidyumbu.
Paresh Rafail is currently the leading actor of films on TNT “Our Russia” (2012-2014) and “Community” (2015-2017)[6].



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