I don’t know if you still have that issue. But I’ve solved a similar problem.
When the game is stuck during quick-save, just press Ctrl + S (or F7). That’ll save it.

If you have an issue not with the save, but with the Game Launcher, that’ll solve it too. If the Game Launcher is not working, you need to fix it first.

The Fix for the Game Launcher is explained here.

If you still have this problem after all that, I suggest you get the evaluation version of the game, which is the one that includes the evaluation edition of the game (upgraded Steam version). The evaluation version is $9.99 ( if not purchased yet.
The evaluation version should have the problems fixed. The only reason I can think of it’s still working is because the evaluation edition has not been released yet.
If you’re not going to buy it, you can get the evaluation edition with an alternative solution.

You don’t need to build the game. The only thing you need to do is to remove all files and folders related to the game in your “Documents” folder. After that the launcher will detect that the game is installed, and you should be able to access it from Steam.

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