EasyPrint2Usb is an advanced utility designed to print from DOS to a USB Printer.
Is your application under DOS and can not automatically print document to your USB printer? Are you a programmer who trouble to print a paper receipt on the printer type of usb? EasyPrint2Usb is the answer to the problem you are facing.


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Download >> https://shurll.com/2n9w4t






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* Any Printer Driver (Including Linux) Can Be Used in InEasyPrint2Usb
* If your application running under Windows system, it will Automatically print to USB printer from Windows system.
* Make sure you have run the application under the same version of OS.
InEasyPrint2Usb is designed to create a local USB printer, that is the USB printer is not connected to computer, but you can find it in “Add Printer” by using “Device Manager”, which is not very convenient, it’s time wasting.
But if you use a printer that is “shared” (that is the printer is connected to computer, but you can’t find it under “Add Printer”), InEasyPrint2Usb is easy to use.
You can find the shared printers as follows:
1. Open “Control Panel”, click “Network and Internet” icon, click “Device Manager”, then the shared printer will show up.
2. If you have to use a network printer with the application, InEasyPrint2Usb run with the same parameters as you use the connection network (for example, TCP, UART, USB, FTP, TCP/IP, wireless).
3. If you want to print an A4 size paper, the following parameter will be changed (you can change the width to 8.5″, default is 8.5″):
“Print from application” (InEasyPrint2Usb) -> [Change the Page Length to A4] -> [Assign the Application Parameter (the parameter is created by InEasyPrint2Usb)] -> [Apply] Note:
If you choose “Change Page Length” directly on the “Printer Settings”, the default A4 size will be changed. But there is some issue when user run with Win98 system.
When the application running for the first time, “Page Setup” dialog will be shown, which shows two icons:
1. “Local setting”, if you change the setting on the “Local setting” without removing the original setting, the change will be kept. (Up to

EasyPrint2Usb Crack +

EasyPrint2Usb is an advanced DOS utility designed to print from DOS to a USB Printer.
EasyPrint2Usb is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
EasyPrint2Usb Features:
It is an advanced printing program for Microsoft Windows.
Print multiple documents to a printer.
Easy Print/PDF Samples
1. EasyPrint2Usb does this automatically by assigning the same program to all the documents.
2. You can select from easy print pdf or elet print pdf.
3. You can generate pdf file by click the mouse.
4. EasyPrint2Usb also can help you to print to custom paper size.
5. EasyPrint2Usb enables you to print on a specific paper.
6. EasyPrint2Usb also support to print multiple documents on the same printer.
7. You can set the starting and ending page of the documents.
EasyPrint2Usb User Manual:
# About EasyPrint2Usb
EasyPrint2Usb is the easiest and quickest way to print from DOS to a USB printer.
EasyPrint2Usb takes a few seconds and prints any documents.
Now you can print your document anytime you want.
If your computer is under DOS-mode, EasyPrint2Usb is able to print document on your USB printer.
With EasyPrint2Usb you can easily print a large number of documents.
EasyPrint2Usb is an amazing program with many features.
EasyPrint2Usb supports all the popular Windows 95/98/NT/2000 versions.
EasyPrint2Usb has many features:
– Multi-Printer Support
– Supports Custom Paper Size
– Print Every Document
– Print Multiple Documents
– Supports PDF Samples
– EasyPrint2Usb can print from any application or command line.
– EasyPrint2Usb is an advanced printing program for Microsoft Windows.
– EasyPrint2Usb is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
– EasyPrint2Usb have various options.
If you need to print on a USB printer on your Windows 95/98/NT/2000 systems, you can print all documents using EasyPrint2Usb.
– EasyPrint2Usb also can print to a printer that has the same name in your system.
EasyPrint2Usb Supports:
– Multi Printer Support
– Custom Paper Size
– PDF Samples

EasyPrint2Usb Activation Code

EasyPrint2Usb works using the command line. It does not require a user interface.
The application is easy to use and does not require user interaction.
All you need to do is to provide document to be printed and the printer (USB type). When you start the application, EasyPrint2Usb automatically provides you with all the necessary information for your printer.
EasyPrint2Usb is a program that analyzes document and provides you all the information for the printer driver.
For instance, EasyPrint2Usb automatically detects:
1- The printer driver name, model and manufacturer.
2- The printer serial number
3- The boot support device for the printer
4- The USB ID for the printer
Using this information EasyPrint2Usb is able to select the appropriate driver.
It is also possible to select the speed to print, support for continuous feed (autofeed), languages and a bunch of other useful features.
EasyPrint2Usb is able to display any printer driver properties. The only one for which it does not provide support is the printer boot support device.
When all is set, EasyPrint2Usb is able to start printing.
EasyPrint2Usb also allows you to select the document which you want to print.
EasyPrint2Usb also allows you to specify the number of documents to be printed per second. You can also add notes to the documents.
The application can print documents in the following formats:
1- Postscript and Page Description Language (PDL)
2- Simple Text (this is a simplified version of Postscript)
3- XPS
4- Text, Courier New, Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and Tahoma
EasyPrint2Usb can do standard printing as well as printing using a network.
A few printer properties can be saved in a file so that you can print them whenever you need.
EasyPrint2Usb is simple but flexible.
Key features:
1- Provides support for all the printer protocols (LPD, LPR, File, IP, Driver and Network)
2- Supports all the printers that come from the manufacturers of HP, Xerox, Canon, Brother, IBM, Dell, Epson, Kyocera, Ricoh, Toshiba, Lexmark, Sandisk, Dynix, JEAN and even many more.
3- Automatic printing options and printing forms
4- Speeds from 50 to 2000

What’s New In?

• It is an easy to use utility program to print documents to any USB printer.
• The utility software does not have any dependencies.
• For printing to a USB printer, select the connection type, set printing parameters and press Start.
• The new document will be printed to the connected USB printer or input text file.
• Print document to a list of printers.
• For each printer that you print document to, the software will display the name of the connected USB printer.
• Print document to all the connected printers by default.
• EasyPrint2Usb runs from the menu of your DOS console.
• The standard input text file is used to print document to any USB printers (input.txt)
• The printing format can be selected from below drop down list.
• The printer address can be selected from below list of printers.
• For a network printer, the application can scan all available network printers.
• The selection of printers and printing parameters can be saved to config.ini file.
• EasyPrint2Usb is for the beginners who do not want to deal with the printer drivers, the setup wizard and the printer’s configuration.
• This printer is easy to install.
• USB and other standard DOS printers can be print document to.
• This application does not have dependencies and does not need any additional application.
• EasyPrint2Usb is a utility for printing.
• By default, EasyPrint2Usb prints to all connected printers.
• For USB printing, EasyPrint2Usb runs from DOS console or from a text file.
• The printing format can be selected from below drop down list.
• The printer address can be selected from below list of printers.
• For a network printer, the application can scan all available network printers.
• The selection of printers and printing parameters can be saved to config.ini file.
• Print document to a list of printers.
• To print document to each printer, press Start.
• For a network printer, you can scan and print document to all the connected network printers (www.printing.info)
• Print document to a file.
• The selection of printers and printing parameters can be saved to config.ini file.
• For a network printer, you can scan and print document to all the connected network printers (www.printing.info)
• The application can detect a printer plugged in/dis

System Requirements:

• Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista
• 1GB of RAM
• 1366 x 768 screen resolution
• Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor or equivalent
• DirectX 8 graphics driver or equivalent
• 2 GB free space in HDD
• Active Internet connection
• Dual Shock 3 (or compatible controller)
• Compatible controller (e.g. Xbox 360 Controller, Nunchuk, and Classic Controller)
• Keyboard and mouse (both controller and keyboard compatible)


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