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Ebook Pengantar Psikologi Atkinson


DAFTAR PUSTAKA – free download in Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF file (.pdf), . Atkinson R.L.) E. E. Smith, R. C. Atkinson, D. J. Behm, Pengantar Psychologists, Jilid 2. PC Bromiley, Lippincott.RW.
C.S. Lewis. Psychopathology of everyday life. W.S. Francis. Practical use of psychobiology. P. H. Wilson. Practical use of personality neuropsychology. M.K. Makuni. Neuropsychology of individual life. J.E. Miller. Psychophysiology. W. D. Liddell and G. H. Carter. Introduction to psychology. R.H. Falmer. Introduction to the clinical application of psychological tests. From



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