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eMagCreator Cracked Version is a software that will help you to create the electronic magazines. In order to make your magazine to be attractive, you can use this application. eMagCreator is an excellent solution for professional electronic magazines.

eMagCreator, a customized version of the desktop publishing app eMag, is a tool that can turn your PDF magazine into an interactive, multimedia adventure.
The ability to create and publish eMagazines, using eMagCreator, is like the “ultimate tool”. It takes your old PDF to the next level and creates a digital, interactive magazine that looks and feels exactly like a physical printed edition.
As the first step of this process, choose a theme for your eMag. Either use an existing template or create a custom one using the interface’s advanced settings. As a bonus, choose to use the “Free version” to have full functionalities without any limitation.
After choosing a theme, you can upload your PDF file to be converted into an electronic magazine.

Once the file is uploaded, you are then asked to choose the page size. Generally, eMagCreator offers 24×18″, 16×24″, or 9×12″ options. Although you can add more pages by downloading them from our website, the easiest option is to let eMagCreator do it for you.
To choose the page size, simply select the desired size from the drop-down menu. However, if you have an archive or a template that already contains the desired page size, you can click on the magnifier icon to open the archive or template.
Next, you are going to customize the template so that the PDF archive opens perfectly. From the template’s advanced settings, change the images as you desire, and drag and drop them onto the template.
During the creation of an eMag magazine, eMagCreator will ask you if you want to include a table of contents or an archive. If you chose to include them, they will be added at the bottom of the template.
Now that your template and archive are set up, it’s time to convert the archive to a fully interactive eMag.
Click on the “Create eMag” button to begin the conversion process. eMagCreator now detects the pages of your archive, as well as the images and documents.
The interface will then ask you to upload the created eMag and click on the “Next” button to proceed.


eMagCreator Product Key was developed for users who create business magazines.
The application is designed to be used by a single user, and it is simple to use. There is a single document library where all the applications you need are saved. You may open an existing magazine template, and you can add your own pages with your images and text. There is also a library of built-in templates that you can use to design the magazine.
You can set your pages by dragging and dropping them as you would any image. More important, you can turn pages, add margins, change fonts, and change their size and rotations. You can even customize individual pages by choosing their text, images, and text colors.
The application has advanced settings, so you can customize the look of your magazine. You can change the background color of the template, and add a gradient to the pages. There is also an option to specify the background of the book, and you can even add a custom background image to the pages.

eMagCreator Main Features:
-Convert PDF documents into eMags without special knowledge in Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.
-Overlay the created eMags with a beautiful backgrounds and effects.
-Print your books on the highest quality paper using the built in print engine.
-Design your own books and share them with your friends online, by E-mail, or even by regular mail.
-Web, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
-No single page limit.
-Create as many pages as you like, it’s even possible to add links and pictures on each page.
-The most important and expected feature: Save time and money.

eMagCreator Design and User Interface:
The application is extremely simple to use. To create a new e-mag, you only need to select the document (PDF, DOC, PPT, PS, RTF) that you want to convert. Then, you set the various options, such as pages per book, width and height. Finally, you can create the e-mag or modify the page defaults.
The functions and options are easily accessed by tabs on the left of the e-mag’s main screen.
The interface is very clean and easy to use, which makes it suitable for users of different levels.
In other words, this software is very easy to use, offering the desired result without additional time or effort. It can even help to make your magazine


eMagCreator is the program that will enable you to turn any PDF file into a professional e-magazine. With eMagCreator you can simply convert and prepare any PDF file which is printed in a magazine or magazine-like form. You will be able to set how your PDF article will be set with its header, footer and content. Moreover, eMagCreator has an exclusive article format for each and every page inside it’s flexible and mobile-optimized layout.
What’s New in eMagCreator 2.2.8:
– Many bug fixes, improvements and feature additions were made (see below)
– eMagCreator can convert PDFs from Thunderbird (and Outlook) for offline use, just right click the email body (with the attached PDF attached) and select “Save As…”
– eMagCreator 2.2.8 (enabled via the update check) supports any latest Firefox version (27+)
– New settings – “View Page Setup” (the position of your headers, footers and the Content section)
– New settings – “Page Layout” (the size of your content section)
– New settings – “Number of pages”
– New settings – “Page number” (the number of the current page is displayed at the top of the header)
– New settings – “Number of columns” (the number of columns that the article is going to have)
– New settings – “Number of columns per page” (the number of columns for each page is displayed in the header)
– New settings – “Number of sub-columns” (the number of columns that the article is going to have)
– New settings – “Sub-column width” (the width of a column)
– New settings – “Blank Page” (the number of pages that a blank page will have)
– New settings – “Blank column” (the width of a column of a blank page)
– New settings – “Remove white space below columns” (the white space below the column is removed)
– New settings – “Margins left” (the left margin in pixels)
– New settings – “Margins right” (the right margin in pixels)
– New settings – “Margins top” (the top margin in pixels)
– New settings – “Margins bottom” (the bottom margin in pixels)
– New settings – “Text Flow” (the flow of your

What’s New in the?

Create an interactive eMag for your website or online store with eMagCreator. It’s easy, just choose your preferred options from the numerous settings, select your PDF document, and after a few simple steps you’ll have your own digital magazine. After that, you can edit your layout using the unique editor.
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Advanced PDF RedFlex menu with extended Adobe Acrobat and DOM features
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Create a PDF document from Microsoft Publisher
PDF RedFlex is a powerful application that includes all the tools you need to create and edit PDF files. You can use all the tools to create a PDF document from Microsoft Publisher.
Create a PDF document from Microsoft Powerpoint
PDF RedFlex is a powerful application that includes all the tools you need to create and edit PDF files. You can use all the tools to create a PDF document from Microsoft PowerPoint.
Create a PDF document from Microsoft Excel
PDF RedFlex is a powerful application that includes all the tools you need to create and edit PDF files. You can use all the tools to create a PDF document from Microsoft Excel.
Acrobat Pro X 10.0.2


System Requirements For EMagCreator:

Online play
Connectivity: 2.4 GHz wireless N (802.11 b/g/n) adapter
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or later processor
DirectX® 8 or later installed
2 GB of free hard disk space
Windows® 7 or later
DirectX® and Windows® requirements vary by feature. Some features may require additional hardware.
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