The EmbARK application will provide users with a collection manager consisting of Collections Manager and Cataloguer to help you quickly and easily organize your database.
No matter your collection, EmbARK will make it a breeze to manage it with powerful features and a wide array of supported media files. Object history is also possible due to the added value brought by Collections Manager on top of the Cataloguer.







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EmbARK starts in the catalog, then stores your data in groups (collages) that can contain any type of object (e.g. images, documents, multimedia, drawings) you own.
You can keep your collection organized by using your imagination to name your collages. You can even create a collection even if you don’t have your files in Collages ready. You’re free to use this collection later on to store multimedia files, documents, etc.
There’s room for your stories within the EmbARK application. EmbARK is a very friendly app and will guide you through simple steps so that you can enjoy it as much as it will enjoy you.
“We don’t call it database for nothing”
EmbARK Interview
EmbARK Interview:
EmbARK Interview:
App Features:
– 3D Object Viewer:
Create and view any type of 3D models
– Universal record management
– Create collections from any type of object you own
– Save your creations in the user’s Cloud
– Spotlight on search engine
– Reverse image search (with PictureViewer)
– Built in cheat sheet with tips, tutorials, YouTube links
– Drag & Drop support
– Folder organization
– Create your own collection from any type of object you own
– Built in barcode generator
– Built in renamer
– Built in dictionary (Alphabetical)
– Built in audio recorder (record sound while you speak)
– Built in SD card reader
– Built in picture viewer
– Built in video recorder
– Built in calculator
– File compression
– Open document (PDF, DOCX, TEXT)
– Save document (DOCX, PDF, HTML)
– Text document (RTF, TXT)
– Publish in the web
– Export to Thematic and FBArt Gallery formats
– Export to CSV
– Supports Calendars
– Document and PDF support
– Image gallery viewer
– Image viewer
– Full interface customization
– Archive document and image manager
– Import contacts from address book
– Import calendar
– Import web links
– Import text
– Import file manager (Multiple file types)
– Import HTML
– Import image
– Import image slideshow
– Import sound file
– Import video
– Import drawing (must be converted to Adobe PDF)
– Import document (PDF, DOCX, TEXT)
– Import picture gallery
– Import graphic image (png,jpg,tiff)
– Import


The EmbARK Crack software is a collection manager with an innovative cataloguing and object history system supporting drag and drop, automatic tag creation, metadata creation in more than 20 languages, fast searching and filtering and advanced behavior. EmbARK has a collection of over 250 000 music files. There is also a field-of-view to explore your music. EmbARK was designed to be the ultimate music collection manager. However, it is much more than that. EmbARK is a stand-alone music asset manager with unique features. There is nothing similar on the market. It is a tool for organizing and browsing your collection, but also for finding new music. You can see the history of files and groups, have it managed automatically, sort and filter your collection and much more. There are also features specific to collections with object history, dynamic grouping, RSS feeds and over 500 annotation texts in over 20 languages. EmbARK provides full support for input plugins and input servers, with full access to input data that allows you to feed your metadata from both local or remote sources. The EmbARK software is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. (also for the android and iphone markets via the marketplaces of these platforms).
EmbARK Features:

The best collection management software

Music cataloging and management


Add Music from the web

Supports Importing and Exporting of all audio formats

Support for over 250,000 music files

Default Import is MusicBrainz

Supports unlimited number of databases

Complete collection management

Fields of view, where and how to find your music

Interactive layout, which is easy to browse

Group management and classification

Import plugins and input servers

Collections Manager & Cataloguer

Automatic grouping of music files

Color code to help you discover music in your collection

Object history support

Import metadata

Filter, sort, search by various criteria

Supports filtering and grouping by metadata

Supports configurable metadata

Supports multi-level history

Multiple languages support

RSS feeds

Advanced item search

Annotate audio with tags

Multi-resume file support

Supports iPX

Supports LRC

Supports FLAC

Supports M4A

Supports AIFF

Supports ACID 3

Supports WAV

Supports MP3

Supports MP

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Collection Manager
All the tools and features that you need to easily manage your collections

All your files in a single place

Faster navigation through your collections

Filters and advanced sorting to make sure you view only the relevant files

You can even record audio or a video to every file and sort them to easily view the ones you may need

Define your own access rights

Automatic grouping of similar files based on metadata tags and keywords

File management functions: rename, delete, rename, copy to / from a device, upload to server.

Backup and restore to an external drive or network share

Many other features that we are working on

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Transcoding Support
EmbARK will support most common video and audio formats and enable you to easily convert them to your preferred format. EmbARK is compatible with all Apple, Android and most other devices and software.

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Search and Manage Collections
Once a collection is created and saved in your collections manager, it can be shared to any number of other devices. As well, you can create a new collection in order to make your data available to other users.
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What’s New in the EmbARK?

This application is built for gamers to gather, record and manage their collections from various game editions, game series and other media in a well organized manner.
For any further questions, please email [email protected] or use the support forum.

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System Requirements:

Supported Platforms: Windows
Key Features:
Designed for immersive and playful VR. Experience joy and glory as you wield the sword of victory. With the sword of God, you can tame the elements and become a hero!
Battle royale with friends or strangers as you enter the battleground of Valhalla.
Collect and wield weapons to battle foes and claim your domain.
Customize your gear by upgrading with gold.
Defend your new domain with powerful guardians.
Unlock new weapons and armor and further customize your warrior.

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