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You can model database tables, columns, keys, foreign keys, and complex relationships using UML and the built-in data modeling profile and generate DDL on the go.
• Convenient tools for developing custom web applications.
* WYSIWYG “engine” that allows you to quickly and easily create short web pages.
Discussing the possibilities of creating your website on SOAP
Developing applications on SQL Server
Each mission requires its own way of presenting data.Most of the development methods used in Microsoft Dynamics AX are aimed at streaming data representations when the database architecture changes from one task to another.
However, the same process can be applied to private (independent) information systems, where the ability to observe and change the representation of data provided by the DBMS is important.
In this case, you will have to use much more complex tools. We’ll go over some of them so you can better understand how SOA is built.
More complex data representation models
Using Web Services
Using the service, you can quickly access databases without leaving the system. However, it is very important that the client data set fully matches the data structure of your database.
The simplest data representation model can be reproduced using a web browser service.
This will allow you to have an idea about the structure of the data and manage it.
The data does not have to be real: for example, SQL Server creates a model for a database using a simple template that is easy to import and modify.
Web service services should not use the PERT method unless it is determined that storage will change all data types.
By default, SQL and Oracle support a “specific” view model for indexes. When the database is modified, it restores itself.
Using Relational Database Models
In Oracle Modeling Language (Modeling for Real-World Applications), models are a representation, not a data transformation. This model can be used for any type of object and for any type of architecture.
Although the model can be represented using SQL queries, it can be applied not only to the database, but also to various pieces of data. For example, metadata can be represented using a SQL data model.
You can add your view model to an existing database in the Oracle Application Repository



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