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JDownloader is a program for downloading files from the Internet.
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JDownloader is one of the most powerful programs for downloading files from the most popular file sharing sites.
The program supports all major services: Depositfiles, Letitbit, Turbobit, RapidShare, Megaupload, etc.
JDownloader allows you to download files one by one or in batches at maximum speed.
JDownloader has a simple and clear interface.
Main features:
Downloads files from file sharing sites, without using a proxy.
Allows you to download up to 10 files simultaneously.
You can manually download a specific file, or select all that is on the site.
You can select a file manually, or download everything at once in automatic mode.
In addition, you can set a proxy for downloading through the search.
You can set a download limit, as well as limit the total volume of downloaded files.
To download a file, you must log in on the site and select a file for downloading.
After the file is downloaded, you can check it for viruses.
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