ExifTags is a free programming component for developers who want to add EXIF retrieval capabilities, enabling end users to view the EXIF metadata of image files obtained from digital cameras, such as camera make and model, date when it was taken, light source, and exposure mode. It offers support for JPEG, TIFF and RIFF WAV format.
The entire tool is packed into a single, lightweight DLL file. In addition to this, the downloaded package includes a brief demo, which adopts a standard .NET Framework form and includes a couple of buttons, a preview panel, and the EXIF fields.
Microsoft’s software framework must be installed to be able to access the demo. It’s possible to open JPEG files with the aid of the built-in file browser and preview the pictures. EXIF data is rapidly loaded, so users may check out the ID, EXIF field name, description, and value of each entry. For instance, this includes the image orientation, color space information, exposure program, ISO speed rating, metering mode, sensing method, and white balance.
Furthermore, users can find out the levels of saturation, contract, brightness and sharpness, subject distance range, shutter speed, gain control, digital zoom ratio, file source, scene type, and manufacturer notes, provided by ExifTags.

Download ===== https://urllie.com/2m4z6o

Download ===== https://urllie.com/2m4z6o

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ExifTags Torrent Download is a free software component which allows developers to add a feature to retrieve Exif information (e.g., camera model, date taken, date copyright, time taken, flash, color correction etc) from digital camera images (JPEG, TIFF and RIFF WAV format). This information can then be displayed in application such as a browser.

A is an image viewer that offers a rich set of features to view and analyze digital photos, free and commercial software. It is the combination of two powerful tools – FotoMagico and PDFCreator, which offer graphic functions for photo organization, manipulation and printing. The application can also be used as an EXIF tool. It contains many other functions that will allow you to create your photo albums.
Main features:
The program can analyze EXIF, IPTC, IPTC (2.4), EXIF (2.3), XMP, GPS, IP3, XMP-RDF, GRIB, HTML, RDFa, GEO, IMAG, MMK, IBF, IBL, XMP-WBP, OAI, and MAM (and more) information. You can view, sort, and view metadata and all EXIF fields, including copyright and resolution. The digital camera set information can be recovered, including manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware, and firmware version. Moreover, the media for the images can be specified. The program can load XMP tags and export them to the image file, which will be stored as a separate file, or as additional metadata tags within the EXIF field.
The program can view the image as a tree view, or as a grid, depending on the image format. Images can be viewed in their original order, or in reverse order, with the slideshow option, or forward or backward.
A database of pictures can be built or the picture cache can be restored. Photos can be viewed individually, or in groups. You can also create your own collections, subcollections and folders. The photos can be printed or you can export them to the web, to any printer, CD, or DVD media.
From the main window, you can access the catalog of folders, images, collections, subcollections, items, tags and properties, view images, adjust gamma and level, adjust brightness and contrast, crop images, rotate images, change color space, and burn images. In addition, you can create new collections, folders, items, and


Keymacro is a program that makes it possible to quickly extract and organize data that are directly linked to a given file. This is done by using a long list of predefined keywords, which can be freely assigned and modified. Users can also write their own keywords.
Image data can be accessed by the use of their names, or by reading a text file. Image metadata can be viewed by copying it directly from the clipboard. The user may even add new fields with their own information.
If desired, the program can read and write external text files. However, the text files can be created using any text editor. The built-in dialog editor can be used to create new fields. Keymacro will automatically create a subcategory in the “Data files” category. Subcategories are not limited to “Data files” and can be added for any arbitrary category.
There are built-in functions that make it possible to sort and organize the data contained in the text files. The user can use the information directly from the clipboard or use the dialog editor to edit the keywords and fields.
Note that the entire collection of files and subcategories may be directly exported to an XML file using the built-in function. The XML file format is compatible with most of the standard parsers and editors for XML data.
Keymacro’s user-friendly interface makes it possible to record, edit and filter keywords, metadata fields, subcategories, and image files.
Keymacro supports Windows versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, including Windows Server 2008. The application does not require any third-party components or registration.

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What’s New in the?

EXIFTags is a small, fast and complete toolset to read EXIF and IPTC (Exif2IPTC) information. It allows to get information of the following files:
It was designed to work with JPEG and TIFF files and all operations are performed in a single, very fast run.


The problem is that you are looking for a codec that works with all cameras, and a codec only works with a specific camera model.
EXIF is a standard that will work with any camera that has the ability to store that information. That includes all digital cameras.
The problem is that if your camera doesn’t store the information in EXIF, then no camera can read that EXIF data.
EXIF is designed to work with digital cameras, and other devices that use a similar file format.
There is no way to search for the EXIF information in a “file”, even with the help of an “EXIF editor”. You have to look for the EXIF information in the image file itself.
EXIF provides information about the image, such as the camera used to take the photo, the aperture and shutter speed used for the photo, exposure program, white balance, etc.
It is possible to embed EXIF information in the file header, but it only works for digital cameras, and not all cameras.
You can use another tool to extract that information, but in most cases there is no need for it. EXIF is a standard, and most people use it, so you can often just use a standard EXIF reader to get the information you need.

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