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Starts as a small, free, and easy-to-use application that can be used to modify the file attributes and edit its properties. For instance, the application can be used to change the date and time when the file was created, last accessed or modified, set the file extension, and many more.

The software has the ability to batch-process different files at once. Therefore, after entering the directory where you want the files to be saved, just choose the “Add Files” option and go to the next step. With this function you can drag and drop the files into the list and choose the template you wish to use. Additionally, you can choose the specific files or only specific folders from the directory.

Besides, if you want to check the file properties, you can click on “File Properties”, and choose the options from the following:
– Date and Time
– File Name and extension
– Read-only
– Archive
– No option, temporary
– Hidden
– Contributed artist or composer
– Language
– Composer
– Tag
– Copyright

The application has an option to export the data in text format or export into an XML file that can be imported into other software. Additionally, if you need to change the configuration or templates, you can easily do that by selecting “Settings” option and going to the “Help” tab.

Setup File Property Edit Free
The software has a setup wizard, which enables users to download all the files of the application, run the setup files, and choose the templates and the configuration.

Thanks for an excellent software. This tool automatically detects the files with certain extensions (e.g..mp3,.avi,.zip,.jar,.htm,.html) and opens them in a text editor, in order to let you change their file properties.

However, it doesn’t let you add multiple files and it doesn’t show additional file properties settings on Windows.

This tool doesn’t support Linux.

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File Property Edit Free 1.41 Crack + [Win/Mac] [Updated]

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File Property Edit Free 1.41 Free

File Property Edit Free is a lightweight and straightforward application able to change file attributes and edit file properties.

It boasts a clean interface that allows users to carry out the process in only three steps. You can add files to the list by either using the “drag and drop” support or the built-in browse function. Since it offers support for batch processing, it means you can work with multiple files in the same time.

The application allow users to include subdirectories or only directories, delete the selected files from the list or clear the entire working environment, and export the list to XML or CSV file format.

The next step enables you to choose from different file management operations, as you can change the date and time when files were created, last accessed or modified, and pick the file attributes (e.g. archive, hidden, normal, read-only, temporary).

Plus, you can edit pictures, AVI and MP3 properties in terms of date, time, file name and extension. When it comes to customizing the MP3 ID3 tags you can select from different templates, namely commercial information, copyright message, language, composer, and many others, while the AVI section bundles different file properties presets, such as genre, country, contributing artists and year.

The application keeps a log which gives details about file changes and possible errors. You cannot save it to a file, but you may copy the information to the Clipboard.

Another useful feature worth mentioning gives you the possibility of rolling back all the changes that you have applied to your documents with just one click.

To sum things up, File Property Edit Free comes packed with different templates for helping you change and edit file attributes. Although the primary pane is clean, the entire process is not very intuitive and you may spend some time trying to understand the function of each built-in parameter.

is free program to change your file properties. You can use this to modify the file owner, file permission, file date, file size, file attributes, file bit map and file information. You can change the file attributes such as read-only, archive, hidden, normal, temporary and read-only.

File Property Editor is a small utility for Windows operating systems that provides a simple and easy way to modify any file’s properties, such as attributes and permissions.

You can add files to the list by either using the “drag and drop” support or the built

What’s New in the File Property Edit Free?

Edit Free file properties takes the hassle out of dealing with your files. By just adding, removing, and editing the properties of files, you can manage a batch of files (even those inside directories) without you clicking them.
You can even set up a file property template, for each file type, for each industry, and for each country. Simply add the file to the list, select the template, and modify its properties.
You can edit the following properties of files:
– Date and time of file’s creation, last accessed, and modified
– Filename, extension, and directory
– Audio ID3 tags
– Video ID3 tags
– File attributes (hidden, read-only, temporary, archive, encrypted, system, and so on)
– This product updates the last modified date. There is no free update. Paid version updates when purchased, automatically.
– This product is not compatible with Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
– Updates offered at no additional cost after purchase.
– Free download from File Links.
– Explore the following links to get to the more information:

System Requirements For File Property Edit Free:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 2.8 GHz CPU
Graphics card: DirectX 9.0c compatible with at least 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound card: DirectSound version 5.0 or later
Internet connection
Internet Explorer 9.0
Free disk space to save and install the game
It is important to mention that the servers of support Windows 7 and Windows 8. Hence, you

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