If you are a teacher looking for a fun and accessible way to teach young pupils French, or a parent who wants to provide their children with a fun introduction to the language, you may wish to try First French.
It is a simple application, created to help very young learners make the initial foray into understanding the French language. It offers a series of amusing games and activities, designed to keep easily distracted children concentrated on the task at hand.
Large variety of included topics
First French offers a wide array of topics, to help children learn French words for common objects and activities. These include colors, animals, fruits, clothes, sports, body parts, numbers, professions, days of the week and many others.
Offers multiple learning modes
It is possible to choose between numerous activities, from simple object recognition, to quizzes, puzzles and games.
You can simply have the program display pictures of various objects, which can be clicked to play an audio recording of their pronunciation.
First French also offers a quiz mode, requiring pupils to identify specific objects from a list of displayed pictures. In puzzle mode, these are cut into multiple pieces and you can choose to have the program hide a specified amount.
The application can also provide a series of images related to the current topic and ask the user to choose the correct picture that answers a certain question.
Includes one and two-player games
You can have your pupils play a fun memory game, in which they are required to find matching pairs of pictures by revealing two of them at a time. This activity can be performed by two users and the one who matches the most objects wins.
In Snap mode, players are required to quickly press a specified key when two identical pictures are displayed at the same time.
Overall, this is a useful learning tool, aimed at teachers and parents who wish to teach children basic French words and phrases, with the help of multiple enjoyable games and activities.









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Welcome to the official website for First French, a language learning app that teaches children and young people the basics of French.
First French is a fast, fun and easy way to learn basic French vocabulary, allowing children to identify objects from pictures, and perform quizzes, games and activities based on the pictures they have seen.
In each included topic, First French offers a series of simple language activities, such as picking the right words to speak or asking about the object, as well as vocabulary development and picture matching activities.
With First French you can take advantage of the application’s flexible, kid-friendly features, which makes learning French fun and easy.
You can also create your own topics to include in First French, helping your pupils identify objects and distinguish them from one another.
Thanks to First French’s easy-to-use interface, learners of all ages can benefit from the app’s multiple learning modes, including a quiz mode that will test your pupils’ knowledge of words and pictures.
First French is a versatile application that can be used by adults and children alike, in school and at home.
The application comes with numerous resources and activities, divided into different categories, such as animals, babies and names, animals, colors and more.
Whether you are a teacher looking for an easy-to-use way to teach young pupils the basics of French, or a parent who wishes to provide your children with fun and engaging ways to learn their first French words, First French is a fun and accessible way to get started.
Main features:
• Learn simple French words and phrases related to certain objects.
• Take part in a series of multiple-choice quizzes.
• Identify objects from pictures.
• Choose between multiple activities and learning modes.
• Play with your friends.
• Share your scores with your friends.
• Create your own topics to include in First French.
• Learn proper French pronunciation and grammar.
• Provides more than 70 topics to learn French with.
• Learn the most basic French vocabulary.
• Hear audio recordings of French words and images.
• Play with your friends.
• Practice talking to babies.
• Create a cute picture book of the pictures you have collected.
• Learn what the different pictures mean.
• Place more than 5,000 pictures from the included collection.
• Curate your own collection.
• Learn French synonyms and antonyms.
• Learn about French families.

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Learn fun French games and the most common words and phrases quickly and easily. You are shown pictures of objects (on the screen or on paper) and asked a series of questions. Press ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to answer the questions. This is a fun way to learn French.
The program will teach you:
-French everyday words and phrases. For example, words for colors, fruits, pets, professions and clothes.
-More than 20 different games and activities.
-Anchor words for listening tasks (for example ‘rain’ for listening to the English word rain or ‘nourrir’ for listening to the French word nourrir).
-Kids may recognise the pictures when they are shown in class or at home. Even if they are not good at French, they will be able to tell what the answers are.
-Children will be able to remember what they have learned for up to 30 days.
It’s easy for children to learn at their own pace. You can choose different word lists or activities for little kids and older children. The game difficulty increases steadily to provide a challenge with enough repetition for each game to be mastered.
First French is a fun way to learn French. It’s designed to give children an enjoyable introduction to the French language. It provides a wide range of well-known words and phrases, from colors to professions and other everyday items. This program will teach your children to listen to words and have them remember them. Kids will play with these words and phrases, learn them and have fun. In addition to the original learning modes, you can add your own objectives, to tailor First French to your needs.
First French Rules:
-To run the application you need to have an Internet connection. You can download the French interpreter.
-If you have several children, it’s possible to have one child play for a second child, and so on.
-The application does not have any ads or collect any personal data.
-The application is created in English so it should work on any language version of Windows.
-Possible bug fixes that users may encounter:
-On some devices, the application doesn’t always launch and display the second level of games. Sometimes it opens the first game and changes to the next level of a game. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
-If you have a slower computer, some games may freeze or cause slow down. It is recommended to have at least 1 GB of RAM to use

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First French is an educational application for beginners, created to allow a parent to introduce their children to the French language, while simultaneously having fun.
The application comes with a wide variety of topics, which children can learn through pictures and audio recordings.
First French features multiple levels of challenge, from a simple object recognition quiz to a complete memory game. In addition, the application can offer multiple choice learning activities, requiring your pupils to determine which image answers a particular question.
First French includes a quiz mode, which can be used by two different users. You can also easily play games with your children. First French includes the French national anthem, so children can match pictures and identify the correct pronunciation.
There are a variety of learning modes, so you can use your child’s enthusiasm to their benefit. For instance, you can play games with multiple options and hide the number of images the kids have to reveal.
First French is an application designed for young learners, who are just starting to learn to read, write and speak the French language. You can get this entertaining application from
What’s New in this Version:
– Bug fixes and improvements
App Screens

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What’s New in the First French?

Un app version francophone pour l’école!
First French is a fun application that will help students learn French vocabulary. It includes multiple topics, with different activities and quizzes for your students to enjoy.
Sample Screenshot:
Download First French now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.99:

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System Requirements For First French:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Mac OS 10.9 64-bit
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280×720 pixels
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Keyboard and mouse are used for all menus and gameplay.
The Mac version of the game supports 10.11 El Capitan


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