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– Go UPnP
– Play to: Windows 7 and other UPnP Renderers on the network
– UPnP/DLNA Renderer
– UPnP Controll Point
foobar2000 Description:
– plugin manager
– plugin system with a database and automated loading
– multiple channels
– cross platform – for Linux, Windows, Mac
– integrate with iTunes (see todo list)
– support for M3U playlists and iTunes UPnP
– some other plugin features
Happy coding!
Contributions are very welcome to this effort!
– foobar2000 5.8.8 or newer.
If required:
– some basic understanding of foobar2000 scripting (esp. create/edit plugin scripts)
– compiled foobar2000 (10.0.9 to 10.0.12)
If required:
– UPnP Server and Media Server (foobar2000) (tested with foobar200, foobar2000 standalone, foobar2000 with PlugPlayer, foobar2000 with WMP9)
– UPnP/DLNA Renderer (foobar2000)
– UPnP Controll Point (foobar2000)
– UPnP Browser (foobar2000)
This is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License
Version 2.0
If you find this software useful and would like to see it continue to develop,
please consider making a donation!
Thank you,
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Foo_upnp Free For Windows 2022

foo_upnp is designed to be used as media server and web-interface to playback music for the following categories of devices: Home Audio / HiFi, Small Installation, Portable (iPhone, iPod, Android,…), Lo-Fi (Portable) and Mobile.
Media Server + UPnP Controll Point:
– stream audio files from the foobar2000 Media Library, accessible both locally and remotely.
– stream any audio file playable by foobar2000. That includes formats not generally supported by Windows Media Server (WMS) including formats with CUE files, game music formats, audio files in archives, cd-audio, DTS, HDCD.
– stream album art
– powerful per device streaming options, to adapt audio format to the capabilities of the remote playing device.
Conversion to WAV or LPCM, transcoding to mp3, replaygain, bitdepth conversion, conversion to stereo, DSP chain.
– customizable browse tree
– accessible from the Internet (only from foobar2000 or an iPhone/iTouch with PlugPlayer).
– works well when accessed from WMP12 (possibly also with WMP11, untested).
Media Server Browser + UPnP Controller:
– browse remote Media Servers for local playback or remote playback to a UPnP Renderer on the network
– browse and play music via the Internet from another foo_upnp Media Server, with optional transcoding to mp3 to save bandwidth
– retrieve album art
Integration with the Media Server:
– stream audio to UPnP Renderers on the network or playing locally with portable devices.
– control playback of UPnP Av Media Renderers (similar to Windows7 “Play to” feature)
– transparent integration with foobar2000 Media Library (as part of foobar2000)
– when accessed remotely, server and other foobar2000 features will work on remote renderers as well as on local ones.
Media Server + Media Server Browser + UPnP Controller:
– play back music on the network (includes remote UPnP Renderers (computers, PS3, XBOX360, IPod, Chromecast, GoogleTV…)
– control playback of UPnP Av Media Renderers (similar to Windows7 “Play to” feature)
– transparent integration with foobar2000 Media Library (as part of foobar2000)
– when accessed remotely, server and other foobar2000 features will work on remote

Foo_upnp Full Version Free Download

foo_upnp is a foobar2000 plugin that offers an UPnP/DLNA Media Server and Client. These plugins are a small, easy way to make foobar2000 work with any UPnP/DLNA Media Server or UPnP Client. That means you can use foobar2000 with any media-player (on your LAN or over the internet) that supports UPnP/DLNA.
foo_upnp is the next generation of foobar2000 plugins. It offers an extremely simple and powerful UPnP/DLNA Media Server and Control Point. It is compatible with all foobar2000 media components: Media Collection, Music Library and Playlists. It also offers “what is currently playing” functionality and provides support for the Integration features of foobar2000.
– server and controll Point-capabilities from foobar2000
– DLNA Capabilities: all UPnP/DLNA services are implemented and supported, including direct access to the Media Library and playlists
– accessible from foobar2000 and from anywhere on the network
– streaming of almost any audio file format supported by foobar2000, including progressive as well as audio formats generally not supported by standalone UPnP Media Servers
– access of Album Art from DLNA-enabled UPnP Media Servers
– support of remote playlists like in foobar2000 on the local device, or over the network
– localization of foobar2000 database
– support of the foobar2000 “what is currently playing” feature, that includes listing of audio files that are currently playing and retrieval of information about them
– provide a Media Server for the Foobar2000 Media Collection
– support of the Integration Features of foobar2000, such as “what is currently playing” information, automatic playback from foobar2000 Playlists or audio files, drag and drop support, single-click access to Audio Folders
Supported Renderers:
– Media Servers
– Windows Media Player 11
– QuickTime (requires QuickTime for Windows XP or QuickTime for Windows Vista)
– Playlist Renderers
Supported Renderer list:
– foobar2000 Media Server
– Windows Media Player 11
– QuickTime (requires QuickTime for Windows XP or QuickTime for Windows Vista)
– foobar2000 Media Server Browser
– foobar2000 Media Player
– Windows Media Player 11
– foobar2000 Media Server Client
– foobar2000 Media Server Client Browser

What’s New in the?

foo_upnp is a fork of the commercial foobar2000 add-in foo_upnp, which was developed by Muzykale. Muzykale, the company that designed the foo_upnp add-in, stated that foobar2000 already had all of the “power” that they needed, and said that they would rather develop new features for the next version of foobar2000 than maintain the foobar2000 core.
However, Muzykale was forced to close Muzykale in 2008, so they no longer have access to any source code to the foobar2000 add-in. They also stated that we should use the foobar2000 codebase itself to do everything possible to “reinvent the wheel” with the new version. We need to know the full codebase, including the XMI source for the add-in, if we are to rebuild it.
The license was essentially changed in such a way that most of the add-in codes would be released as open source, under one of the BSD-style licenses. We are still holding the few foobar2000 add-in private API that the add-in uses for proprietary support.
foobar2000 & foobar2000-foo_upnp
foobar2000 is a free audio player for Windows. It is able to play most audio formats playable by Windows Media Player. It supports a virtual library with optional music library browsing. It can play CDs, songs from an audio CD track, the Internet, or playlists created from album art. The virtual library is browseable by the built-in library view or by a foobar2000 add-in. The add-in can display metadata from other music sources or from Internet sources.
By default, foobar2000 is bundled with the foobar2000-foo_upnp package which includes a foo_upnp plugin. The foo_upnp plugin can be used to control a foobar2000 Media Server or Media Server Browser.
foobar2000 does not support playing multi-channel audio (e.g. 5.1 Surround Sound) or other types of audio.
foobar2000 does not support playing DRM protected audio (e.g. WMA DRM).
Download foobar2000
foobar2000 is available in 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows XP and later.
foobar2000-foobar2000-foo_upnp can be download from foobar2000 user/dev wiki

System Requirements:

Requires a DirectX 9.0 capable video card
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system
Savegame Compatibility:
Plays on the PS4
In-game link to the PS4 version has been removed for now.
Additional Notes:
DualShock4 is required
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