FormFix is both an ActiveX and .NET component that provides developers with bitonal template-based form identification, drop-out, registration and OMR technology. Highly flexible and optimized for speed, FormFix’s superior form recognition and form registration improve ICR, OCR, and OMR accuracy.
It easily interfaces with Pegasus recognition engines (see FormSuite), and with any recognition engine supporting memory-to-memory data transfers. ImagXpress and ScanFix Xpress are included with FormFix for image handling, advanced image cleanup, and TWAIN scanning.
Main features
Technical Notes
· Programming environments: Win32 visual development environments including Visual Studio 2008
· Sample code is included for: VB.NET, C#, VB, Delphi, VC++, HTML
· Object-oriented API for .NET users
· Deploys within .NET as a managed control and is fully compliant with .NET 1.0 and above
· Can also be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX COM controls
· Can be used in a multi-threaded environment and perform synchronous thread-safe processing (more).
· Professional edition includes 8 controls: FormFix, FormDirector, ScanFix, ImagXpress, NotateXpress, ThumbnailXpress, TwainPRO and PrintPRO
· Support user-specified debug logging levels
· Optimized for speed, delivers matching results at sub-second speeds
· Supports over 10,000 unique form templates as candidates for matching
· Client/server Web development capabilities
· Increased image processing speed available via an easy to use multiple image buffering mechanism
· Two processing speeds are available (Standard and Professional editions)
· Free full-featured trial version available for immediate download
Form Setup
· API support for setting up fields, form templates, and sets of form templates
· Flexible architecture for defining custom operations at any stage of processing
· Define OMR, text, image, or custom fields on each form
· Extensive support for form processing operations
Form Identification
· Match forms against previously defined unfilled templates and return confidence values
· Provide automatic identification without the need for registration marks, ID marks, or anchor marks
· Match forms that are rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees from template image
· Match forms that have been scaled from 90% to 110% of the template size
· Match forms scanned with resolution of 50% to 150% of the template resolution
· Match forms that are skewed up to 20 degrees by pre-processing with the included ScanFix
· Identify thousands of different forms
· Limit a recognition operation to a subset of the available templates
· Set the level of effort expended in completing form matching
· Return Identification Certainty indicating confidence of form matching
· Accept a Minimum Certainty level for acceptance as a matched form
· Return up to 100 alternative form matches of lower certainty
· Quickly identify forms, even when using very large sets of template forms
Form Registration
· Automatically align a filled form to its master template based on image contents, to within one or two pixels of the blank template without requiring registration marks
· Analyze the master template form content and determine anchor points automatically
· Adjust alignment within a drop out zone to compensate for small differences between forms
· Support an alternate registration process using anchor marks in each corner
· Register forms even when the forms exhibit these characteristics:
· Skew (up to 20 degrees)
· Smaller or larger image size than the template (up to 10%)
· Forms scanned at different resolutions (up to 50% greater and lesser) than the template resolution
· Rotation (at 90, 180, and 270 degrees from the template)
Form Drop Out
· Remove template forms at sub-second speeds
· Provide confidence values to highlight problem images
· Adjust for distortion caused by printing, copying or scanning
· Precisely remove lines, broken lines, shading, noise, guide text, and more
· Automatically repair text that intersects with lines or guide text defining the form, that was damaged during template removal (fills broken characters)
· Apply “character repair” across areas of the image where the form was removed
· Apply “character smoothing” to smooth the edges of characters for increased OCR accuracy
· Support for form drop out only within specified fields or the entire image
· Create new images using pixels cropped from a source image (field clips)
OMR (Optical Mark Recognition and Mark Sense)
· Detect the presence or absence of marks or characters (for verification of signature presence for example)
· Support programmatic specification for bubble shape
· Support OMR recognition at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree orientation
· Specify fields as grids (rows by columns) or single bubbles
· Support single and multiple mark recognition
· Recognize check-marked check boxes
· Set custom recognition parameters on a per-field basis
· Allow an unlimited number of fields
· Support programmatic specification for threshold for positive marks
· Return confidence values to check accuracy of OMR
Form Overlay
· Enables the use of dropout to access the filled, variable data
· Overlay archived “data only” file over form template for display or print
· This process dramatically reduces storage requirements
· Increase data transmission speed
Image Input, Image Output, and Image Handling
· FormFix Professional includes ImagXpress Document (read the full ImagXpress Document v8 product description) for image viewing, compression, conversion, thumbnail image support, document image processing and editing, TWAIN scanning, annotation, printing, and more
· FormFix Standard includes ImagXpress Standard (read the full ImagXpress Standard v8 product description) for basic image conversion, image processing, and TWAIN scanning
Image and Data Transfer Tool
· Included with FormFix is the FormDirector component, providing communication among multiple Pegasus Imaging components (including FormFix, SmartZone, and ScanFix Xpress)
· Assists in organizing, storing, and retrieving the descriptions and control parameters you will use while processing forms
· Supports reading, revising and writing form template set files
· Supports reading, revising and writing form template definition files
· Handles over 10,000 unique form templates
· For bitonal files (grayscale and color will be supported in a future edition)
· Supports Unicode characters
· Supports customization, including customer-defined field types and private customer data attached to form sets, forms, and fields
· Replaces the form definition and form drop out features of SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR (form definition files), FormFix (table files), and Prizm Color IP (form definition and form suite files)
FormAssist Application with Source Code
Quickly evaluate Pegasus Imaging’s forms processing technology, including:
· Form identification (FormFix)
· Form dropout (FormFix)
· Zonal OCR (SmartZone)
· OMR (FormFix)
· Image display/editing (ImagXpress)
· Image cleanup (ScanFix Xpress)
Use FormAssist source code as a foundation for developing your production forms processing application:
· Illustrates best practice for integration of Pegasus components and example workflow
· Modular source code facilitates rapid development of form setup and forms processing solutions
· Included in the FormSuite .NET toolkit download as C# source code
Quickly set up forms and processing instructions
· Create, save, and manage form sets
· Add form templates to form sets
· Set up and add fields to form templates
· Configure properties for image cleanup, OCR, OMR, and processing
· Process filled images to optimize settings for OCR, OMR, and form identification







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Pegasus Imaging’s FormFix Free Download is a comprehensive, integrated set of software solutions for creating, processing, matching, and outputting form data. FormFix includes a robust set of tools for creating, processing, and outputting forms, form templates, form sets, and data, all designed to work together, in an effortless manner.
Pegasus Imaging FormFix is packaged as a set of tools that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have developed FormFix Professional and FormFix Standard to meet the needs of different users. FormFix Professional is designed for those who need a form solution, including form identification and form dropout of filled forms. FormFix Standard is designed for those who need a less comprehensive form solution. FormFix Professional and FormFix Standard are both based on a common set of tools, but also provide the flexibility to configure their form solutions to meet specific user needs.
FormFix Professional is designed for those who want to process a large number of forms. It provides features for organizing, storing, and retrieving form data, including the ability to easily add customer-defined fields. It includes an intuitive interface for configuring form types (fields and templates), searching, processing, and outputting forms, form sets, and data. FormFix Professional includes FormDirector, a graphical application for form processing. FormDirector is an ActiveX control for creating new forms and processing one or more existing forms.
FormFix Professional also includes SmartZone, a zonal OCR tool for character recognition. SmartZone reads forms and returns the text content in the form of a text string. SmartZone can recognize characters on forms and in signatures and then create text from those characters. SmartZone can also return character counts and character frequencies and perform text reassembly. SmartZone can be used for simple character recognition, or for OCR.
With SmartZone, form identification and form drop out are simplified. The FormDirector application can take an image of the form, then remove all the elements except the template content. The FormDirector application can perform OCR on the template and match the template against the image. SmartZone can then precisely locate the fields in the image that were filled in the form. This enables the use of the information in the image to assist in finding the correct records for matching or processing. SmartZone can also return a confidence value for the match.
FormFix Standard is an extension of SmartZone, using the same basic functionality for character recognition and for form identification. SmartZone standard is designed for those who need a

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Pegasus Imaging, Inc. provides innovative software solutions for the automatic processing of scanned forms and other customer information. This offering includes a form-processing system, FormFix, for automating the processing of forms.
FormFix is a new version of the form processing system of SmartScan Xpress. It provides one-stop shopping for form image processing, comprehensive two-way communication with SmartZone components and ScanFix Xpress, and customization with plug-ins and extensions.
FormFix is compatible with all SmartScan Xpress (OMR, OCR, and ICR) installations, including SmartZone, ScanFix Xpress, and Prizm Color IP. FormFix performs full-featured processing of forms and runs completely inside the Windows Forms and Microsoft.NET Framework environment, requiring no changes to the programming language of the form processing application being used. FormFix is the ideal choice for automating the processing of large volumes of forms in a secure manner.
FormFix is a WinForms add-in for the SmartScan Xpress Control. FormFix automatically runs from within SmartScan Xpress. It communicates in both directions with SmartZone components and ScanFix Xpress. FormFix supports the scanning, cleanup, OCR, OMR, custom image processing, and zonal OCR of forms and other scanned information.
FormFix provides a drag-and-drop form set builder, allowing form templates to be customized to meet unique customer needs. Form templates can be built for signature capture, building permit applications, and tax forms. Complex forms such as those with check boxes, fields, and drop-out zones can be rapidly assembled and broken down into manageable tasks.
SmartScan Xpress includes the FormFix application in its toolkit, and a developer’s kit for adding FormFix features to custom applications.
For additional information about FormFix, and the SmartScan Xpress Control, visit:
Available FormSuite Plug-in Solution
Pegasus Imaging, Inc. provides the FormSuite plug-in for plugging into the SmartScan Xpress Control. FormSuite is the open source plug-in solution used to develop SmartScan Xpress.NET plug-ins. The FormSuite Application Programming Interface allows plug-ins to be written using any.NET language. Plug-ins developed using FormSuite can be integrated into the SmartScan Xpress application with no changes to programming language.

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FormFix is an optical character recognition and manipulation application for managing and generating accurate forms with the advanced OCR and OMR capabilities of Pegasus Imaging. FormFix is easy to use and includes an intuitive wizard for getting started and setting up the various processes supported by the application.

Aptara’s advanced form processing software is an easy to use, efficient and accurate method to intelligently preprocess and reduce errors caused by poor paper quality, poor OCR software, low resolution, and other factors. FormFix seamlessly integrates with Pegasus Imaging’s OCR, OMR and SmartZone products to help companies best manage their forms processing needs. FormFix is extremely accurate and fast and generates great quality images in a short time for the price point, enabling it to be a very cost effective solution.Office of Vice President Mike Pence is calling on federal, state and local law enforcement officials to clamp down on sanctuary cities following a spate of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

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What’s New in the FormFix?

FormFix is a powerful and highly optimized forms imaging development framework that includes an unbeatable features set. Conceived and developed by Pegasus Imaging, FormFix is used by over 10,000 imaging companies worldwide to automate office-based forms imaging and OCR/OMR processing applications.
Get the full FormFix Professional edition:
· Includes FormFix, FormDirector, SmartZone, ScanFix Xpress and ImagXpress Standard (for Image Processing)
· Streamlines forms and forms processing through a unified set of tools
· Includes intelligent processing that combines precision, speed, and reliability to deliver highly optimized results
· Supports the latest improvements to the.NET Framework including generics and the LINQ programming model
· Full feature set that enables you to reach for the sky in terms of form automation, imaging, OCR/OMR, and forms processing
Integration with the SmartZone desktop application:
· Maintains a secure relationship between its own forms images and the SmartZone table fields as well as cross-field relationships
· Supports image-based form templates
· Allows you to automate images, form definitions, and form processing so that you have complete control and you don’t need to rely on the SmartZone customer support team for any implementation questions or issues
· Includes options for creating form sets and matching files with a SmartZone database or a database connection
· Supports rows and columns of data and fields
· Support for images, forms, and forms processing in a single platform
· Supports the creation of an unlimited number of custom application form templates
· Allows you to create and work with form templates from any editing tool, including the SmartZone editor and the.NET drag-and-drop program
· Integrates with the SmartZone Fields panel to provide instant access to the SmartZone database
· Supports programmatic specification of SmartZone table fields as well as individual image fields.
Integration with Pegasus ScanFix Xpress:
· Allows you to access and process the latest scanner image data
· Allows you to manage, analyze, and report the scanner image data
· Integrates into the original ScanFix Xpress development environment (trial version available)
· For more information about ScanFix Xpress, see
Integration with Pegasus ScanFix Xpress OMR:
· Allows you to access and process the latest TWAIN scanner image data
· Allows you to manage, analyze, and report the scanner image data

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or later.
Dual Core CPU 2.5 GHz
0.1 GB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 or later
Recommended Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce® GTX 560 or AMD Radeon® HD 5770
Recommended Resolution: 1024×768
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