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Category:Latvian language
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Category:Companies based in LiepājaThe Universitas Libertas evangelisers have discussed the defence of religious freedom and civil liberties in Europe with an eminent atheist scholar from Bologna.

Luca Geiger is an expert on free speech and the rule of law in Europe. He co-founded the “Bologna Process” on Free Speech for Freedom of Thought, a group dedicated to nurturing the rule of law in the European Union.

Speaking in the Sheldonian theatre in Oxford’s Christ Church College, Professor Geiger said that the European Union has developed steadily over the decades and is now the heart of the continent’s social and economic life.

His talk, entitled “The Rule of Law in Europe in Crisis”, examined the state of affairs in the EU and revealed a number of worrying trends.

The majority of people in Europe do not seem to care whether fundamental rights of freedom of speech, expression and association are protected. Many EU citizens have become significantly more hostile to these rights and have started to equate them with extremism, fascism and radical Islam.

In some cases, governments and the judiciary are now resorting to enormous levels of censorship and suppression of free speech to defeat critics and suppress political dissent.

Geiger said that while we cannot ignore the role that Russia and China play in this trend, European governments are also at fault for their roll in the problem.

The Bologna Process is a non-governmental organisation which promotes free speech on the internet and opposes internet filters. One of its goals is to find a “systematic, consistent and legal framework for the safeguarding and promotion of the exercise of freedom of expression, including freedom of expression online”.Q:

Best way to remotely deploy with Xcode?

I’ve built a very simple Mac app, and I’d like to deploy it to a friend, and give him instructions on how to deploy it from his machine.
What’s the best way to set up a config file/file delivery/subscription service that will let me upload the app and send him the instructions for how to deploy?
I’m a noob, so I don’t really know how


Aug 12, 2016
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* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.

package org.m4m.samples;

import android.content.Context;


import org.m4m.MediaPlayer;
import org.m4m.samples.utils.ShowFile;
import org.m4m.samples.utils.Link;

public class M4MVideoActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
private static MediaPlayer player;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

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