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Gajim is a powerful Jabber client that comes with an impressive number of features and customization options.
Setting up a new account in Gajim is quite an easy task because it all comes down to writing down the ID and the password. Of course, there are more connection options available too, and so are dedicated field concerning personal information.
With a tabbed chat window to make sure you can handle multiple conversations at the same time with minimum effort, Gajim also offers group chat support and file transfers.
Although file transfers sometimes fail to work properly, Gajim still remains a good piece of software with support for multiple accounts, emoticons and avatars, just like any other full-featured instant messenger on the market.
Obviously, it lets you set status messages, manage contacts, customize appearance, log conversations and change themes and skins with just a few clicks.
The settings screen enables you to configure almost every single bit of the application, including tab positions, colors, spell checkers, preset messages, sounds, notifications, the port used for file transferring and emoticons.
Gajim is fast and stable, while working with a minimum amount of hardware resources, regardless of the Windows version running on your system.
All in all, Gajim is clearly one of the top Jabber clients on the market and the only problems concern the GTK integration into Windows. It provides a great amount of features, a pleasant interface and multi-protocol support, which are actually the main features users expect from such an application.

[Editor’s Note: this is a long post, but definitely worth reading all of it if you want to understand OpenCandy, and what it is trying to achieve. If you want to skip to the OpenCandy 2.0 screenshots you can do so at the end of this post.
NOTE: some of the screenshots in this post show pre-release state information.
Brigitta Behe] OpenCandy is an Open Source self-hosted web & desktop-style environment, and it can be used in a wide range of settings – from ‘business’ to home, and everything in between.
The toolkit
What’s unique about OpenCandy is that it’s designed as a web/desktop toolkit, that is, the client acts like a browser or desktop program. The client itself does not natively run on any single operating system, but instead it resides in the web, meaning it runs in a web browser.

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Gajim Free Download is a free instant messaging client. It supports OTR and XMPP protocols. Gajim is used to chat with friends online (online friends are called contacts), to share files and blogs. You can connect to other chat clients using ICQ protocol.
Multiple accounts – each Gajim account may have different status, avatars, and other parameters.
Tabbed chat windows – you can have several chat windows on your desktop, the same way as you have e-mail windows.
Dedicated online friends window – contacts are organized into groups (by persons, your online friends, or your online friends and your room members).
Buddy List – you can view your online friends or chat with one person. You can add to your buddy list to online friends.
Gajim Help window
Privacy and security – you can hide presence, and use various masks when you want to be invisible.
You can share files in text and HTML format, view files on your desktop, or send them using other Gajim clients.
Gajim – Control Panel
General settings – you can set screen-time, sound, and notification interval.
User Info – you can manage your user info.
Buddy List – you can set show and hide types, determine whether you are visible for contact or not, find your offline contacts, add new contacts, show your ICQ status, online status, presence, online presence mode, join rooms and add rooms to your buddy list, remove contacts from your buddy list, check if you are online in the same room or in rooms where you’re allowed to be online.
You can add contact with send files and view contact’s file list. You can connect to other chat clients using ICQ protocol.
Settings – you can set status message, emoticons, styles, plugins, status bar, customize your status bar settings, language, skin, and themes, set your status bar visibility, and set a global status bar color. You can add languages. You can change your status bar color.
General settings – Settings dialog
Update settings – you can update your status bar text, emoticons, check if the plugins are installed, and confirm updates.
Notifications – Notification settings dialog
Sounds – sound settings dialog
Input Method – you can add input methods, set status bar colors, and fonts.
Appearance – you can set status bar and general appearance.
Packages – you can change fonts, colors, and skins.

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One of the best usenet download sites, where you can easily find the latest music, movies, software, games, books, and more.
Kazaa is the king of P2P, but now there are many users shifting towards the safer, more secure way of file sharing – with Kika.
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What’s New In?

Gajim is a powerful Jabber client that comes with an impressive number of features and customization options.

I also have the IMAP email service from Google, but I was hoping to still get the live feed with no limitation and without having to have a separate server. At least, that’s what I thought I was getting before I started using Gajim.

I’ve set up my gajim account and I have to say it is a great client. I haven’t been able to find a drop-down box to set up the folder to display on the chat window and I have to manually set the other things I want each time I log in.

I do however like the fact that I can use the package files to change the skin.

First impressions have been very positive, as has the documentation to get set up. The Support forum had an article about the current status in the development with more features to come and this has been updated.

However, currently I can only access my Gmail and Yahoo accounts. I have an AOL account but I cannot access this with the current version.

I have confirmed the following and I will keep you posted:

OpenLDAP Server and Passport authentication is currently not implemented

FreeNX package files are not natively supported on Windows and will have to be installed by the user (on Linux they are made natively)

File transfers of groups are not currently supported

There is no support for forward/backward chat

Clicking on a link in a chat window and then clicking back on it does not close the chat window

There is currently no support for external program plugins, including Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

I use Gajim with Ubuntu 10.04 and I’ve had some problems with the video preview of group chats. It worked fine with the screenshots displayed by default but with the video preview it would quickly stop and display a black screen which corrupted the video playback. The problem is that I could not reproduce the issue every time, only at odd times and on certain connections. I had to restart my computer a few times to solve the issue. I’m assuming this has something to do with Gajim’s video preview module, but I couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

The interface is clear, easy to read and the documentations and videos posted by users on the Gajim support forum worked for me.

The only issue I had was with the video

System Requirements:

The.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
Supported OS:
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS X
This video shows how to create application icon dynamically. This can be done using a.NET component called EXIF (Exif) writer and EXIF reader.
In this case, we are reading an EXIF image with GIMP. EXIF is a standard

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