Managing disk space can normally be done by keeping an eye out on the available, and free disk space. However, it’s best to rely on specialized applications for faster scanning, and more detailed reports. One suitable example is goTotal, letting you instantly scan drives or folders to view a list of files, and space distribution.
Advantages of a portable app
First of all, you can run the application as soon as the download process is finished, because it doesn’t require installation. As such you can easily carry it around on a thumb drive to use on other computers besides your own. What’s more, system registry entries remain intact, so you don’t have to worry that any system component gets affected.
As far as the visual design is concerned, the application wraps all of its features in a classic window frame, which doesn’t make accommodation much of hassle. Most of the space is a table where all analyzed files are shown along with details like extension, count, size, and percentage of the total space occupied by the target folder.
Files analyzed by extension
The core purpose is to scan a selected folder and have all files analyzed. It can take a little while, depending on the size, and number of files inside. Once done, the total number of files and folders is shown in a dedicated field, as well as the total amount of space taken in bytes.
You don’t actually get to see what files takes up the most space, but rather the type of files based on extensions. You’re free to filter according to any of the column headers for better analysis. Sadly, there’s no possibility to break down extensions into files for in-depth analysis, so you need to manually go to the source folder for a clean up operation.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that goTotal can provide a decent amount of info regarding space distribution for an entire category of files. Although you’re not shown the exact files which take up a lot of space and have to manually hunt them down, it’s sure to provide a neat report on space taken by category.







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Review by Lazarus


A little less than a year ago, a fellow member in a BlackBerry community shared an application called goTotal Crack For Windows, that can be used for the purpose of checking the available disk space on your computer. Since I had recently posted a review of this application, I decided to take a look at the app to see if it could provide any additional features than that of the earlier mentioned app. I found that there were a few additional features and improvements that goTotal Cracked 2022 Latest Version had over the original application.


A 60 day free trial is available and can be downloaded from the goTotal Cracked Accounts website.

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In some cases,

GoTotal Free Registration Code For PC

The main purpose is to create a key binding for Mac OS X;
It can be used for selecting files, and even folders.
* Settings to manage the app

A quick and easy way to search for all matching results across a web site.

You can combine this plugin with any search, a free online Google search, or even a text editor.

* Other search related extensions
Support for removing *,?, and $ from your search queries.
* Example usage
Insert a normal query into the input box, and then type your search term.

Select ‘Combine with existing search’ and then press Enter. You’ll see all the search results as the default web results.

Select the results you want to see, then click on the search icon to export the list of URLs to your clipboard.

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GoTotal For Windows

Window-based application designed to scan an entire drive or folder and collect information about its content.
goTotal has no restrictions on how many files and folders it should scan, and how deep you want to go in the folder.
goTotal comes with a complete table reporting files and folders on disk space.Categories


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What’s New in the?

GoTotal Lite is a portable application designed to scan a folder and analyze all the files inside.

Update: It looks like AidenB was mis-represented in this review. He actually used all the features, and gave a perfect 5 out of 5. You can see the review in his name!
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