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Looking for a way to keep track of time without spending a fortune? Grandfather Fox Product Key is the perfect solution. This add-on for Firefox replicates the look of a grandfather clock, and it not only rings a bell but also plays sounds so you can hear the changes in time as well.
It can be used to remind yourself of your next appointment or monitor your everyday routine. Just stick it on your toolbar and watch the clock go round the clock. Customize the sounds and chimes to match your needs.
You can also set the clock to change to a different timezone and even ring bells at specific hours.
This add-on uses the Firefox engine, which is installed by default.
For older versions you can download the add-on and unzip the archive.
* Rang bells on the hour
* Rang bells every hour since install (newer versions may have a slider for that)
* Ringing bells for 24 different times of the day
* A built in volume slider for adjusting the bells
* Chime toggling – only on start of hour, on half, off (but still plays any chime when clicked)
* Chime toggling – on every minute, on half, off (but still plays any chime when clicked)
* Custom sounds
* Allows setting of a timezone
* Allows setting of a custom bell
* Keeps track of automatically used chimes

June 21st, 2016, 09:40 PM by AnneS

Grandfather Fox Cracked Accounts in Pale Moon

A group of friends that I know were discussing about how to use the clock in the picture. I put my thought into that thread too.
This add-on for Pale Moon provides the same feel and functions, but with a different look. It’s not as easy to install, as it requires the addon Repository ( to be activated.
Additional information on the main webpage:
There is also a German site for the same add-on, but it’s a little bit different than the English version.

Grandfather Fox Cracked Accounts in SeaMonkey

A group of friends that I know were discussing about how to use the clock

Grandfather Fox Crack+ Activation [32|64bit]


Grandfather Fox [Latest 2022]

The Grandfather Fox Clock can be used either with the standard set of chimes installed, or as a reference for custom sounds.


Additionally you could add a volume indicator for each of the sounds in use. For example on Firefox this is in the sound tab of the options

There you can set the volume of each sound


How about this:
I made a task list, and whenever I need to add a task, I count down the hours using a Google script.
To do that you need to download the script from this google drive:

Then the script needs to be edited so that it does not keep track of what was done at the exact time but at the time the action was finished.
The script needs to be saved as a copy and then uploaded as a.user.js and placed in the same folder where the HTML file lives.
This is an example of the script that you need to install:
function getTrigger() {
var options = {};
var project = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getId();
var sheets = SpreadsheetApp.openById(project).getSheets();
var sheet = sheets[0];
var data = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();

var nextTrigger = [];
var max = data.length / 3;

for(i = 0; i < max; i++){
if (data[i][3] == 1) {
nextTrigger.push(parseInt(data[i][2]) + 1);


for(j = 0; j < nextTrigger.length; j++){
if (nextTrigger[j] == Math.min(nextTrigger[j], max)){
var taskName = "do some stuff " + nextTrigger[j];

Browser.msgBox(taskName, Browser.Buttons.OK);

What’s New in the?

Grandfather Fox Description:

Try Grandfather Fox Today

What is it about?

Grandfather Fox is a Firefox add-on for time-keeping and monitoring. It emulates the sound of a traditional grandfather clock.

App Details







Time Management

Last updated

June 28, 2019

Release date

December 25, 2013

More info

Grandfather Fox is FREE but there are more add-ons


App Screenshots

App Store Description

Grandfather Fox is a Firefox add-on for time-keeping and monitoring. It emulates the sound of a traditional grandfather clock.

It rings the bell at the start of every hour, and is fully configurable in clock tower, cuckoo, clock, multiple beeps, or single beep style. And it has a unique ability to ‘Add custom chimes’ which are simply any sound you wish.

The clock also has a hidden meter (buttons on the top of the clock) that shows you how much unclaimed time is left on a day, week, month, or on the go as a whole.

Watch the time go by without ever needing to watch any time at all – it’s more fun that that.

You’ll never need more than a few seconds to think – it’s just something to do!

Also features:

– ‘Use custom sounds’ button lets you set any sound or sample you wish for a chime

– ‘Add custom chimes’ lets you use any sound in the world

– ‘Listen to current chimes’ lets you hear the chime you’ve just set as it plays

– ‘Customise chime volume’ lets you adjust the volume of the chime to your liking (and overrides the ‘use custom sounds’ button above)

– ‘Change timezone’ if you’re outside GMT (your timezone) or want to get a new-feeling feel for the hour numbers

– ‘Messages’ button to view and edit messages in your inbox

– ‘App info’ button to open quick info on what this app does and how to use it.

– ‘About’ button to view more information on this app

– “

System Requirements:

This game requires around 6 GB of free disk space. Please note that the download requires 4.8 GB of space in order to install it.
The recommended minimum specifications for the game are:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
512 MB of RAM
1024×768 or higher resolution screen
Configuring your game:
Just drag and drop into your game folder!
If you want to install this game as a mod then you will need to unzip the contents of the.

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