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The story centers around the story of two girls who became friends back in high school.
However, after they graduate from the institute, their paths diverge.
Many years later, they meet again and unexpectedly learn that one of them is pregnant.
But this wonderful news does not suit the other girl.
She, not feeling love for her own child, decides to get rid of it.
But it is not that simple.
Childbirth and her life will no longer be the same.
Film Watch Online In Russian
Film In Russian
Release Date: December 16, 2015.
Film Childbirth and Her Life Will No Longer Be the Same.
The film In Russian, which was released in 2015, you can watch online in Russian.
The plot centers on a girl named Ashanti, who works as a nurse.
One night, during a C-section, Ashanti saves an infant who turns out to be a girl.
And in that instant, her life changes abruptly, she can no longer live the way she used to.
Everyone considers her a heroine, she receives a generous reward from the government and the title of princess.
But there are those who think otherwise, and they begin to harass and torment Ashanti, forcing her to flee to the edge of the world.
Ashanti must fight the forces of evil, the fight for her life.
What do you do when you’re sixteen and you’ve never met a woman?
What to do if all your friends have long been married, and you continue to remain a virgin?
And what to do if society turns its back on you?
The answers to these questions are on the surface, the main thing – to find an approach.
But how do you do it?
After all, these days almost every girl dreams of marriage, and every second is ready for anything for love.
And what if she is your destiny?
Well, that’s exactly what this story is about.
In its pages you’ll find many interesting and funny stories, both funny and sad – because in our lives happens and not so.
But the main thing – love, it does not go anywhere.
And sooner or later you will find it.
The main thing is to believe



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