We are all collectors in our way, regardless of whether we are talking about books, trading cards, stamps, or digital media. 
If you love collecting and cataloging the latter, then a program such as HD File Auto Search will come in handy. 
This lightweight application will help you automatically create a personal archive of your Divx, DVD, ebook and mp3 files directly by reading the files on your hard disk in a simple and fast way.
As simple as it sounds
The moment you first open the app you might ironically be confused by how simple it looks. All you have to do is select a source directory where to search for, select the file category you are interested in (audio, video etc) then input the desired file extensions you want to catalog and collect.
Once that is done, simply press the "Start" button and the program will proceed to create a list of all the files that meet that criteria.
This list can be later uploaded to your Google Drive through the proprietary Android App.
Plenty of catalog management features
Once your collection is complete, you can use many of the feature to maintain it nice and tidy, just the way you like it. For example, you can search for entries in the archive, find duplicates, compare the archive with that of a friend, and more. 
More so, if you're the type that loves cataloging by various details, the archive can be arranged based on multiple file properties, such as title, rating, actors, director, year, etc.
If you have other friends using the app, then you can use it to compare your collections, and see what either of you may be missing, and fill in the gaps.
A digital collector's dream
HD File Auto Search offers you all the features you may need to catalog your items into the perfect collection, and the simplicity with which it can be used makes it available for a wide audience.







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★ Automatic collection of every file you have.
★ Free to use. You do not have to pay anything to use it.
★ Very fast scanning. Searching is lightning fast.
★ Videos, audios, MP3, PDF, pictures, anything.
★ File size doesn’t matter. Every file is indexed.
★ Multiple file properties. View the archive by any of your file’s property.
★ Full of features. Search through the archive by title, actors, actors, directors, year, etc.
★ You can share your archive with your friends, or even other people.
★ 3 versions of the archive and each one has different features. So it’s up to you which version you want to use.
★ Compatible with Android phones and tablets.
★ No ads or pushy upsells.
★ Each version is completely free.
★ Dedicated customer support. We have a social community available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to post questions, comments, bugs, etc.
★ Stay up to date with the latest news and updates.
★ If you are not satisfied with the app, you can uninstall it completely for free

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HD File Auto Search Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free

If you enjoy cataloging files on your Android device and you’re sick of manually file scanning, then you definitely need to check out our new product HD File Auto Search.
HD File Auto Search is a search app for Android that allows you to catalog your files into one central repository. This is a great app for digital collectors, and avid file scanners in general.
Instead of getting up and scanning your files one by one manually, you can search for the files you want using tags.
Once you’ve found the files you want you can add the tags to the files. HD File Auto Search will store these tags (and the file location) permanently in its database, so it’s easy to search for more files later on.
HD File Auto Search also has some really neat features that makes it stand out from the competition, like fully customizable tagging options, keyboard shortcuts and more.
There’s a free version, as well as a premium version that adds advanced search options, seamless synchronization with your Google Drive, and more.
HD File Auto Search was designed to work with your Android device, and if you’re still using an old device with out-of-date features, or just want a really clean and simple experience HD File Auto Search is for you.
If you are an Android user looking for a way to catalog your files, whether it’s out of sight or just taking up a lot of space, HD File Auto Search is a great app to help you save time and space on your phone.
HD File Auto Search

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*A free application to catalog any type of files on your computer
*Simple interface & lots of options
*Direct upload to cloud with only the Android application
*Support for multiple accounts
*Easy navigation for family & friends
*Uploaded collection gets pushed to all your accounts
*Automatically organize your collection based on multiple properties, such as title, director, year etc.
*Option to compare & find duplicates
*Option to export a list of the most recent additions to your collection
*Option to import files from other catalogers.
*Option to export your collection to a file (*.tar)
*Option to search the archive using your own criteria
*Option to easily navigate your library
*Option to delete all items in the list
*Option to add and organize items into a collection
*Option to create collections based on various criteria
*Option to give access to your collections to others
*You can even ask the application to download your files from the cloud.
*Extensive help file
*Help & Support
*Contact us

**Move and Copy – quickly and easily move and copy files**

Move and Copy is a well designed file transfer application, that allows you to quickly and easily move and copy files around.
It’s easy to use and offers a unique way of using the device hardware buttons to start the file transfer process.
The application goes to the far end of the device and does not require user intervention to do the transfers.
When the transfer is finished the user gets a notification through a vibrate and a light up on the screen.
It is a quick app, but is packed with features, and offers many different options.
* * **Move**: If you select to move one or more files, with a few clicks you can choose to move your files to a specified location on your device.
* * **Copy**: If you want to copy your files (contents of the original to a new location) is quite simple.
* * **Copy as Clipboard**: If you want to move files to another device, you can just drag and drop to the new device.
* * **Transfer:** For files that are larger than 4 GB, a transfer step is taken.
* * **Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:**

What’s New In?

► Connect with Google Drive – Instantly sync and share movies, audio and picture collections across multiple devices.
► Create a personal movie and audio archive – Quickly catalog everything that catches your fancy, plus add special notes and keep track of changes over time.
► Catch duplicates – Organize movies and audio automatically by name, file size, rating, and other details.
► Manage your personal movie and audio collection – Easily search for movies and audio items, add tags, watch your collection grow or shrink, and more.
HD file Auto Search Download:

Pumpkin Challenge 2018 – Season 2 – Competitors Find the Items

Pumpkin Challenge 2018 – Season 2 – Competitors Find the Items is an interactive game that will test your memory, observation skills and problem-solving ability.
It’s a puzzle game where you have to find the items in the room. To do so, you have to try and connect the listed items in the puzzle box.
It’s easy once you have found all the items.
The course is designed powered by ‘Foampus – a new generation flashcard platform, flashcard creator and collection management platform for students and teachers’
– Find the Items Course includes:
– Audio and Video tutorials
– Learning notes
– Mastery Goal and progress tracker
– Questionnaire at the end of the course
About Me:
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Freemium game website creation (part 1) – How to build a website like www.stitcher.com

Freemium game website creation (part 1) – How to build a website like www.stitcher.com
This tutorial will cover how to create a website like www.stitcher.com.
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Making a website for your own purpose is always a long-term investment!
However, getting something up and running is easier than you think.
One of the best ways to create a website like www.stitcher.com is to use an pre-made theme provided by www.wordpress.com

System Requirements For HD File Auto Search:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Dual-core or better
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card (1 GB)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 3 GB available space
DVD-ROM: Required
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
Download Needed:
Performing the following install-directly-from-DVD procedure requires a DVD-ROM drive.


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