Generally, photos need to be post processed to eliminate any imperfections a camera captures or simply to emphasize certain details. There are various applications that make image editing look easy, and one of them is HD Image which promises to deliver a handful of useful tools.
Modify any picture in a user friendly environment
The main window of the application gives you access to a sufficiently large workspace so you feel no restrictions. All necessary tools and effects are cleverly arranged in order to be accessible with a single mouse click.
Every tool used brings up a small window with specific functions, that mostly stays transparent when not used. Navigation is a little difficult though, but there is an option that solves this problem by placing a reduced version of your work in a small frame over which you drag the mouse.
Work with multiple images and layers
Each picture loaded into the application is placed in a separate tab so you can easily exchange elements between them. Layers can also be added to each image you import and there is even an option that allows you to view the final result combining all layers.
Furthermore, you get access to a large variety of effects to apply to the picture. From the basic color adjustment to pixelization or multiple types of blur. These can be set for the whole image or enable the use of a brush for more precision.
Import a large variety of image file types
When loading a picture leave worries away because it can support the basics and even specialized image formats. The reverse process is also available, meaning you can save under the same number of types.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that HD Image is a neat tool to use to post process any kind of photo. The variety of file formats it supports makes it compatible with other applications, while given effects and tools make sure the end result is flawless.







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Unlock your digital photography by downloading HD Image!
A minimum of 15 filters and effects let you tweak the appearance of your images, increase the detail of each one, or make them simply pop. Plus, the application supports any kind of image format you can think of.

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“We are the WordPress developers that make websites. If you think of a Website as a house, we’re the general contractor. If you’re a web designer, we’re the guy with the hammer. And if you are in between those two categories, we are your contractor. The guys with the hammer.” – Kristoffer Jones

With the evolution of web technologies, making a website that is fast and functional has become a new challenge. WordPress, being one of the most popular website management systems, has solved this issue with the intuitive control panel and clear interface.

However, WordPress is a fairly basic tool when it comes to web design. If you want to make a professional website or to customize a current WordPress website, you can’t do without a tool that helps you build your project.

As a web developer, you can use many tools to help you out. After all, every great WordPress web developer has their favorite tools, even if it’s just a text editor. This is why I’m going to share with you the 9 web development tools that every WordPress web developer should consider.

1. FTP Client

Your FTP client will allow you to move files, as well as your website files, from one server to another server. To create a WordPress website, you need to upload your WordPress files to a server. As soon as you do so, it is necessary to upload your database and import it. This is why it is important to have an FTP client.

I would like to recommend an FTP client called Site Ground. It is a super-fast FTP client that is easy to use. It’s simple and lightweight. You will also be able to monitor the speed and progress of the transfer. It is possible to have it integrated in a WordPress website. As soon as you download the software, the installation is very easy. The software can be used for free and you won’t have to deal with any limitations.

Site Ground

2. GitHub

GitHub is a web-based platform which allows you to develop and

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KEYMACRO is an application that helps you to work with sequences of images easily. For example, you can create a slideshow with a range of images, frames and background sounds that will be synchronized and run in sequence, or import a variety of sequences directly.
KEYMACRO lets you define the range of images you need to work with by defining a mask that selects the frames you want to work with and the intensity of the selection. In this way, you can make a slideshow with frames for example, or add a particular image to the whole sequence.
Furthermore, KEYMACRO has tools that let you preview and select the frames you need.
NOTE: This review was written using KEYMACRO 2.0.
System Requirements:
KEYMACRO requires a Windows operating system with a minimum of 512 MB of RAM. In addition, you need the following software to install it:
1. Windows XP/Windows Vista
2. Adobe Photoshop CS2 or earlier
3. Adobe Premiere Pro 7 or earlier
4. JPEG compression software
5. Audio editing software
Installation Instructions:
Start your computer, load Windows XP or Windows Vista and click on the Install button.
After a few seconds, the installation will start. Follow the wizard instructions and the installation will be completed.

Key Features:
KEYMACRO helps you work with sequences of images easily. It lets you create a slideshow with a range of images, frames and background sounds.
The application helps you add images to a particular frame, for example, or select the frames you need to use, as well as edit the frames you selected.
The application can work with a range of images by defining a mask that selects the frames you want to work with and the intensity of the selection.
This way, you can make a slideshow with frames for example, or add a particular image to the whole sequence.
Additionally, you can create presentations of each image.
Furthermore, KEYMACRO has tools that let you preview and select the frames you need.
Tested version:
As a big fan of SlideShowExaminer and being a product developer myself, I went for the best and tested version:

What are the functions

HD Image

Category: Photo Management
Version: 1.2
OS: Windows
Price: $9.95


FotoMagick Studio for Mac

FotoMagick Studio is an amazing Mac software, available in a 60-day trial and is priced at $24.95. With FotoMagick Studio, you can perform a plethora of operations on digital images, like converting files from one format to another, resize or rotate, crop, change file format or even apply some special effects. This amazing tool also supports the automatic conversion of batch of images, and has all other features that an Image Editor needs to perform great image editing. It is a cross-platform tool, and thus compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The application basically allows you to perform the desired conversion by using a dialog window. You can easily define a template or use the user-defined commands available in the application. The feature of this tool is that it provides you with command line utilities and convert scripts that you can use to perform the desired task. In addition, the application also provides the user with a choice of operators and effects available.

This is a great tool for its performance and ease of use, making it a perfect tool to use for image conversion, image editing and manipulation.

FotoMagick Studio Review:

Main Features:

Powerful tool for image manipulation

Powerful utility for image conversion

Batch conversion

Quick and easy to use

Easy to navigate interface

Free trial available for 60 days

Converts or edits images in batch

Supports a wide range of image file types

Supports image rotation and crop

Makes use of a batch of images

Supports many types of image editing

Application supports non-destructive changes

Supports many image effects

In-built commands and utility scripts

Strips unneeded information from images


Supports all image formats

In-built commands

Supports images with transparency

Supports multiple layers

Supports images with borders

Supports the addition of borders to images

Supports palette mode for editing images

Supports the removal of watermarks from images

Supports conversion of images to various formats

Supports image edition or conversion

What’s New in the?

The tool of the month is a free, easy to use and powerful program that enables you to retouch your pictures in HD. The final result you will get is very pleasant to look at.
It gives you a bunch of useful tools to make your image look better. In particular, you will find quite a few sliders and brushes that you can use to retouch a photo in an attractive way.
You can edit the colors of your picture as well. You can achieve the final result you want by using the brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders. There is also a blur effect that you can use. You can apply it to your picture and it will get a nice blur.
The preview allows you to see how the picture looks and make sure you are doing a good job. You can also see the effect of the picture as a result of editing it. When you are happy with the final result, you can save your work.
When you save, you can save under different formats. You can save the picture in JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PSD. You can also save in RAW format. The only problem with this program is that it uses a lot of RAM. The RAM used is usually about half of your total memory. You can use this as a feature for your computer.
You can share your picture with others by just dragging and dropping it. You can give your friends a link to view the picture as well. It also has an option to print the picture. You can print the picture, send it through mail, and also save it.
HD Image Technical Details:
HD Image is a freeware software.

When you are trying to upload the file on Dropbox, the application will take some time to upload. After uploading, the file will be listed and you can do some changes before uploading the file to the server.
You can always go back to the original file and make your changes again if you find anything wrong with it.
The biggest problem is that the application is not able to upload the file.
HD Image Screenshot:

You can also preview the file in the preview window of the application. The application is quite user friendly.
HD Image is a file sharing application that works like other similar applications. You can share your files with the people you choose. You can also save it on your computer. You can also go back to it if you want to make any changes.
It will keep your file safe from the unauthorized users.
HD Image Price:
HD Image is a freeware application.

When you install a new application on your computer, you will get a screen which asks you to choose whether you want to run it as an Administrator or not. Some applications will ask you to run as an Administrator or the application will show a warning message saying that you need to run it as Administrator to perform some functions.
These applications will require a few rights from

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 or later
Intel Pentium 4 processor or later
A broadband Internet connection is required for the online features of the program
1024 x 768 display with color graphics
64-bit operating system
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Windows Media Player 11 or higher or the Windows Media Player 11 icon can be found in the “Control Panel”.Jae Deul

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