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Bodyguard falls in love with a woman over the phone, not knowing that she is.n Watch Bodyguard – Hindi Action full movie on Disney+ Hotstar right now.
Film description: On the side of the road in Germany is a dilapidated car. The driver is asleep, and a translucent piece falls from the sky into the windshield, which turns out to be a tiny angel. Almost not understanding what he is doing, he presses on the gas and hurries to Germany, to his adored wife and newborn daughter.
The profession of a bodyguard is not very popular in America, so it is not easy to master it. To get the desired profession, a man needs to acquire a prestigious profession, continue his sporting achievements or open a business in his city. However, as soon as a man decides to do this, life presents him with deadly trials. Firstly, his friend Ryan, who managed to enter the school of bodyguards, dies at the hands of an assassin. Secondly, in connection with the murder of Ryan, general unrest and unrest begin in the country. After these events, fate unexpectedly brings two bosom friends on a narrow path – professional killers Alex and Darren. They need to think about how to withstand circumstances, and not let trouble prevail.
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