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Two men from India land in Karachi, Pakistan, without passports.n They fall into the taliban’s trap and are desperate to find a way to return to India.
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6. Victory won
The battlefields are left behind. They had no choice but to keep running. Despair and unwillingness to continue the fight seized them.
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7. Return home
Emaciated, emaciated, tired, young. And one of them, he seems to be just a child. This is Yoichi, the son of one of the fugitives. Seeing no other way out, he rushes to forget who he is and who his father is.Once he saved the boy from the Iranians, and after a while they were already fighting shoulder to shoulder against them and their allies. And now he’s fighting against his family, but he’d still do it. And when his father dies, he also dies. Finally, Yoichi returns home alone.



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