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HydraIRC 7.1.0 Crack+ With Key [Updated]

HydraIRC is a well-featured IRC Client for Windows which is fast, highly customizable, and tons of fun to use. It combines the power of my own AudioChat/ChatBot, pretty graphics, dockable windows, MDI, WTL/ATL, multi-server support, and other neat features.
HydraIRC features an intuitive GUI with a nice, but unobtrusive and minimalistic look, and the same powers as the most advanced add-ons!
– Easy to customize your IRC Client!
– Dockable windows.
– Windows automatically maximize on startup.
– MDI Client window.
– Dockable popup windows.
– Change background color.
– Events.
– Multiple server support.
– Plugin SDK included.
– With the Plugin SDK, users can create their own MDI, SDL, or WTL/ATL plugins without any programming skills!
– Lots of options and features, make it exactly what you want!
– HydraIRC is suitable for those who want to learn how to code or are familiar with programming.
– With the open source framework, users can edit the code, add their own features, or even change the entire software!
– Written in Microsoft Visual C++, it uses the newest and most stable version of the.NET Framework for maximum compatibility.
– In order to give you more functions, HydraIRC uses both unmanaged and managed code (DLL) to make it compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit applications!
– Built-in SIP support for Paltalk (Paltalk, ICQ and MSN Messenger) and Viperirc.
– With the built-in SIP support, users can use HydraIRC in their existing sip accounts!
– Built-in web browser.
– Built-in web proxy.
– Built-in MySql support.
– Built-in e-mail client.
– Built-in newsgroup client.
– Built-in IRC multi-server support.
– Built-in HTML editor.
– Built-in RSS reader.
– Built-in AutoCheat Client.
– Built-in AutoHotKey Client.
– Built-in Z-World Multiplayer Client.
– Built-in download manager.
– Built-in HTTP client.
– Built-in UPnP Client.
– Built-in WU-Fi client

HydraIRC 7.1.0 Free Registration Code For PC [Updated-2022]

This is the description of HydraIRC:

HydraIRC is a handy IRC application, written in C++ using modern programs as Visual Studio 7 or WTL/ATL for a very fast, streamlined and efficient experience.

HydraIRC features a nice looking, intuitive, and highly customizable GUI, dockable windows, MDI client area, event based core (with user definable events), DLL plugin SDK, multi-server support, and more.
HydraIRC is NOT a script, plugin or any other kind of add-on for mIRC. In fact it’s got nothing to do with mIRC at all.
HydraIRC is an IRC client, that acts upon events from the remote server (using events, events, and more events). It’s also got a nice-looking UI, includes a dockable MDI client window, multi server support, user customizable events, and more. It’s completely ready to go out of the box, ready for you, ready to be used right away.

HydraIRC is the ideal client for an IRC based remote control application, for example:

o You may want to use HydraIRC as a fast and easy IRC control for an orion hub, zeus hub, or any other similar server (in fact, with the new features coming out, it’s already better and more powerful than any of the current orion hubs, zeus hubs and similar projects).

o You may want to use HydraIRC as a great server for a “bots” experience, completely independent from mIRC and IRMDCC (using events, events, and more events, remotely from mIRC on your PC)

o You may want to use HydraIRC as a client, out of mIRC, completely independent from mIRC itself and its own events, and use HydraIRC as a client to control mIRC (the mIRC client inside of mIRC). You can also use it to control other clients, if you want. For example, you can use HydraIRC to control your mIRC server application inside of mIRC.

o You may want to use HydraIRC as an own server, independent from mIRC (using events, events, and more events), without the need for any other server to be installed at all.

o You may want to use HydraIRC as a small remote desktop solution, using one of its own servers (using events, events, and more events), without using any external server

HydraIRC 7.1.0 Crack+ Free X64

… This is a IRC client application for Windows, using the Windows Messaging Queuing Protocol to handle communications. In principle, this is a cross between mIRC and Pidgin, but under the covers it’s just about as different as it gets…


Full WTL/ATL support for plugins (So you can make your own plugins!)

Implemented Windows NT style AutoSave/Restore

Multiple windows, docks, full screen support, multiple servers, embedded images/bitmaps, custom paint functions, DLL plugins support, and much more.

Simple, easy to use, event driven interface

Implemented a fully automated Windows XP AutoRun (like at least 98SE, 2000, and ME…)



The latest version of Pidgin

Doesn’t Need any other IRC Server

Doesn’t Need any other IRC client


For those of you interested, there’s a lot to do. Here are some items that I’d like to add before this application starts launching for the public:

A built in help system

Advanced paste functions

Various image manipulation functions

Advanced search functions

Advanced resource management

Advanced configuration

Advanced configuration window (for complex user configurations)

More features to be added, decided by the public

The most important thing to keep in mind is, that I am NOT a professional C++ developer and I don’t expect anyone else to do my coding. The reason why I’m making HydraIRC is because I’m a hardcore Windows user who’s sick of mIRC and how mIRC sucks.

The only reason why I’m including the mIRC binary into the final application is so that the application can work with it.

It’s definitely possible to port this over to other OSes, but the source code is a freaking MEGA-CODE SPAWN with about a billion declarations. It’s not even worth it.

– – –

Besides that, there are many things about the code in mIRC that I don’t like. In many ways it’s old software, so I’m trying to bring it up to date and modern. I’ve spent months trying to get this to work in these early stages and I haven’t given up yet.


This is my DLL plugin environment. It lets you create dlls that

What’s New in the?

Anywhere on the map, in conjunction with the geolocation service available, HydraIRC can provide a custom user interface that allows a person to navigate the internet from the map.


Message/Message group windows, menu on top, and custom toolbars at the top and bottom.

SMTP -> Port forwarding

DNS lookup

Username/password retrieval

SSL (secure) verification

Batch file sending

Dump list

IRC message and prefetching

Web server remote control and upload


Why is HydraIRC available?

HydraIRC was written to fill a very specific need in the community of offline IRC users.

I was approached by a member of the mIRC development team to look into developing a tool to solve a problem that they were facing. In a nutshell, they wanted something to “tweak” mIRC into providing a convenient GUI for offline users to do some useful things on the mIRC.

I took up this challenge with enthusiasm and great pleasure. I believe the result is a very solid tool which is superior to much of the nonsense the mIRC developers could do. The mIRC team deserve a shout out because in their time of need, they were really unable to step up and create a significant addition to their product. This tool was under their noses all the time.

There are many other IRC programs out there, but I believe the community needs a tool that is extremely easy to use for all these Offline users.

The biggest requirement for this tool was to provide a highly intuitive and productive UI, simple to use and easy to extend.

Let me tell you what this tool is not;

It is not a script, plugin or any other kind of add-on for mIRC.

How it works?

For one simple reason: I wrote it as a native program and created it as such, I even used cross platform programming tools where possible to take advantage of the capabilities and functionality of Visual Studio 7 and Visual Studio 2005.

Why is this needed?

One of the big things that people like about mIRC is that it’s a pretty simple piece of software. However, for people who use it offline, things can be tricky.

Some of the apps available have nice features (such as DLL plugins which adds to the functionality), but a lot of them actually aren’t good enough.


System Requirements For HydraIRC:

Minimum Specifications
Operating System:
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
2GHz processor or higher
20 GB HD space
Hard Drive:
40 GB available space for install
Additional Notes:
Emulation:DIGG THIS
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