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iNetFusion+ is a simple to use application that allows you to improve your Internet speed and bandwidth by combining all the existent connections. The program can use all the available Internet connections for multithreaded downloads and browsing, allowing the websites or pages to load faster. Automatically combine all Internet threads iNetFusion+ facilitates your Internet browsing experience by improving the connection speed and quality. The application can automatically detect all the available connections the moment it opens and displays them in its interface. It can easily identify broadband ethernet, 3G, 4G, dialup and Wi-Fi, as well as other types of connections to the Internet. The threads are automatically combined, in order to provide a faster and more reliable connection. Moreover, the program analyzes each of the detected connections, indicating its strength and usage metering. It can calculate the quality for the individual threads, as well as the overall speed, in separate charts. Additionally, it measures the upload and download speeds, as well as the corresponding IP address for each connection. Quickly set network policies In the ‘Applications’ tab, iNetFusion+ displays all the processes that use either of the Internet connections. Host Process for Windows Services, for instance and Internet browsers are frequent occurrences on this list. You may set the network policy for each of the applications, from the individual drop down menu. The options include automatic socket, no connection, no fusion or one of the available threads. Thus, iNetFusion+ can manage these applications and assign them to separate sockets, in order to optimize the bandwidth usage. Advantages of assigning sockets iNetFusion+ allows you to use all the available Internet connections, in order to perform your tasks and improve the Web browsing experience. The program can check the attributes of the Internet connectivity before adding it to the Fusion.This does not imply filtering data through remote servers, such as VPNs, since all the load-balancing is performed from your computer. iNetFusion+ Copyright © 2019 iNetFusion LTD.

iNetFusion+ PRO
iNetFusion+ PRO is a new version of the iNetFusion+ software (Wi-Fi and connection network analysis and optimization tool), which is an absolutely easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage any number of IP addresses with individual policies.

Furthermore, you can also watch IP traffic with total control over devices connected to the internet (you can watch UPnP, FTP, TCP or even

INetFusion+ Crack Activation Code Free Download

The latest version of this popular application program is now available for your download. This release includes many improvements that are designed to enhance the user experience. However, the interface retains its minimalist design and intuitive logic, enabling even novice users to operate it with ease.

iNetFusion+ is a handy little application that has the capability of combining all the active Internet connections on your computer. The program can automatically detect the available Internet connections and add them to the program. In such a way, it can improve the Internet browsing speed and data throughput. It can analyze the attributes of each connection, before combining them.

As previously mentioned, this program can directly connect to the Internet even without any additional configuration. There are no server related restrictions here.

This does not include the need for a VPN or an external proxy. It can provide reliable Internet access and enhanced browsing, even from networks that do not provide a direct access to the Internet. Of course, it does not provide an encrypted experience.

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INetFusion+ With Key

Software features:

Automatically detect Internet connectivity and usage of Internet connections
If you use multiple Internet connections (phone line, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc.) it will be displayed in its graphical user interface. Just click “Apply” button in order to set the desired connection, set policy for it or by default, assign it to a separate socket, and move on to the other threads.

Set network policy for individual applications
Select the preferred application from the separate ‘Applications’ tab and specify in its ‘Settings’ tab the desired connection and the network policy for it.

Display connected Internet connections and history
Download speed and upload speed in ‘Apps’ tab.

Monitor Internet traffic
You can measure the traffic through the Internet connections. It helps determine which connection is the most used and by which application. As the traffic through the selected Internet connection increases, the bandwidth also increases.

Perform periodic updates
iNetFusion+ has an update service which automatically updates the software. It is called and is updated when the client machine is running.

IP address history
It records the IP addresses which have been used for internet access. By keeping an eye on the history, you may determine which website is causing the problem and see which applications need an IP address change in order to be able to contact with the Internet again.


Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1


Works with all Windows OS

All editions (32/64-bit)

Saves the current settings


Q: Why should I use iNetFusion+?

A: iNetFusion+ is a powerful network application that allows you to improve your Internet speed and bandwidth by combining all the existent connections.

Q: Can I combine 3G internet with a modem?

A: Yes, but you have to adjust the modem speed.

Q: Can I use a dial-up Internet connection with iNetFusion+?

A: Yes, but you can only access to a limited number of websites.

Q: Can I combine 4G/LTE with a modem?

A: Yes, but it will be limited.

Q: Can I use a modem with Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, but you can only connect to a limited number

What’s New In INetFusion ?

iNetFusion+ features:

Multithreaded Multi user

Simple to use

Advanced firewall

Files Updater

Detailed network information in the performance tab

Rate Bandwidth policy

Speed meter

Settings save and restore


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I run both these programs on a fiber line for most of my internet needs, but I still use my DSL connection for streaming. My fiber line is closer to my router which is in the basement and my DSL line is on the other side of the house. I’m currently using both

vipres, I have moved my desktop from home to work. In fact, I’m completely off the grid on both ends of my house. I use a Wifi bridge to connect to the DSL modem at home and I use an Ethernet hub to connect to my laptop at work.

I’m currently doing 10/10 megabits on my fiber and I’m paying $50/mo with a “purchase once” plan. I’m making 3 month’s worth of bills to break even and then I’ll make some money. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and have had a Rogers account since 1995. I use the VFS and PGD services.

I didn’t go through the VM process because I have an ID box already from several years ago. I have another ID box from a company that merged with Rogers. I think VM’s are required if you want to cancel your account. I have two Rogers fiber lines (one of them is the old firewall that was active before I moved) that I have been doing this for years.

In the past, I have some access to some vpn services but that’s not my goal since I’m not going to make money and they are not free so I thought I’d do this.

All that being said, I’m doing great with my rates… I bought my home about 18 years ago and almost certainly if I had known about this I would have done it before the 18th year of purchase.

I run both these programs on a fiber line for most of my internet needs, but I still use my DSL connection for streaming. My fiber line is closer to my router which is in the basement and my DSL line is on the other side of the house. I’m currently using both

vipres, I have moved my desktop from home

System Requirements For INetFusion :

An Intel Pentium Dual Core processor or equivalent system hardware
2GB of RAM
10GB of free hard drive space
At the initial configuration, all user data will be erased and you will need to start fresh!//
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// class-dump is Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2014 by Steve Nygard.

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