This application was developed to be a simple invoicing program that does everything you need to print great looking invoices. 
Run the app:
1. You will be asked to fill out the prefs.
2. Put your name/business name and address etc in the fields provided. You can leave the others blank if you prefer.
3. The field across the bottom is for terms and conditions etc. Basically anything you want to say. Text in this field will be printed in light grey near the bottom of the invoice. There’s a limit of 255 characters.
4. Set a start number for your invoices, the invoice will always show 1 greater.
5. Set the amount/% of tax/vat.
6. Set the appropriate currency sign.
7. If you have a logo you can import it with the + button. 150×100 max size the – button removes it.
8. Hit close or press escape.







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Some comments about the app:
1. This is a simple app but is by no means simplistic. Just a few of the things I like about it:
1.1 It saves all your settings.
1.2 It has a couple of really nice graphics that you can change if you want.
1.3 It has very nice printing.
2. I tried to keep the installation as simple as possible. I didn’t really bother having it be a stand alone app as the apps I do normally use (like phpmyadmin) are already installed on your system anyway.
3. It does cost a little bit but the price is a one off fee to get the app.
4. I didn’t try and make it look good because I already have a bunch of nice looking invoices already. You could do a lot of modification to the code to make it look nice but it is a little more work.
5. One of the things I was aiming to do with this app was to make it easy to add to your own code. If I had time I would have tried and make it all dynamic where you could fill out all the fields and they would auto add themselves to the code you need to add them to.
6. I tried to keep the installation simple but if you are developing your own app you can add any number of invoices using a single instance of this app.
7. This app uses a fairly common coding practice. It would be very easy to add a way of adding fields to the app and then getting those fields added to your invoice from code within your invoicing app.
8. This app is very simple to add to an existing code base. The code is a simple as possible and easy to understand.
9. I made some features for use as a standalone app. In the future I will add more but this should work as a standalone app as well.
10. It will require to be uploaded to the Marketplace. You can then download it for free from there.
Please email me if you are using this app or if you have any questions.
Thanks for looking!


I will offer another solution – TinyERP.
You just have to add the app to your ERP, then simply drag&drop your Invoice from the ERP to the desired page of the app.
Here is a screen-shot of

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— price per unit/amount
— tax amount
— vat amount
— total amount
— name
— email
— phone number
— logo, upload your logo from iPhoto.
— account name
— account number
— amount(and it’s %)
— currency(and sign)
— terms
— submit
# NOTE: if you want to print by date, you have to put dates in the fields below.
# OR
# if you want to use date labels you need to edit the line that says:
# =CY(‘invoice_date’)*-D11
# and change it to =D1, =D2,…
# Note that this will make the program overwrite the dates for any invoices you do.

# some settings:
invoices = {}

window = Application(“AppleWin”)
sheet = window.worksheets[“Invoice_Settings”]

# debug:
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 2).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 0).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 1).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 3).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 4).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 6).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 7).text())
# system.messagebox(sheet.data_grid(0, 8).text())

# if prefs haven’t been saved:
if not prefs:
prefs = SavedPreferences()


title = prefs.get(‘title’,’mybusiness’)

account_name = prefs.get(‘account_name’,’mybusiness’)
account_number = prefs.get(‘account_number’, ‘999898989898’)

# set up a sheet for the customer settings:
sheet.data_grid(0, 0).text = title
sheet.data_grid(0, 1).text = prefs.get(‘business_name’, ”)


Invoicing Pro contains all the tools you need to quickly and easily create great looking invoices.
Invoicing Pro includes all of the tools you need to create invoices. The app contains the following sections:
1. Customizing your Invoice
2. Printing your Invoice
3. Invoicing the customer
4. Invoicing the customer again
5. Invoicing for Canada/UK
6. Recurring invoices
7. The options panel
8. Invoicing by currency
9. Invoicing by Tax
10. Invoicing by percentage
11. Invoicing by amount
12. Invoicing a receipt
13. Logging invoices
14. Printing invoices to a PDF
15. Closing the invoices
16. Logs & Statistics
17. Uninstall
18. FAQ
The Invoicing Pro App is a free app. You will have to purchase the Pro Version to remove ads, to send invoices by email, to save the invoices to your phone etc.
You can buy the Pro Version from the App Store for $2.99 or the Google Play store for $4.99.
Please let us know if you need any other help or support.

Version 1.0

If you have any questions or feedback, you can send an email to or visit our website

iPhone Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Hated the fee.!!!!


I get so frustrated every time I have to pay for an app that I am using, that I can’t use! I’ve bought this app before because of the way it sets you up to use. It gives you a quick way to fill out your info, and then you can use it. However, if you’re not constantly logging into the app, it automatically logs you out. It happens on so many apps these days, that I’m used to it, but it’s especially annoying with this one because I want to use the app as much as possible. Having to log in and out every time you want to use it drives me crazy! I contacted the support guy. He said it would take 24-48 hours

What’s New In Invoicer?

This application is a simple invoicing program. It lets you set a start number, amount/% of tax/vat, currency symbol and address. It has some options that let you control the terms and conditions, and import a logo. A sample invoice is created on startup, you can change it with the edit button.
– Auto saves the invoice every 2 seconds.
– Open invoice in new window if you want.
– Edits made with invoice as reference are added to the previous invoice
– Gets used symbols from currency.
– Save an invoice by pressing a button.
– Print invoice by pressing a button.
– Simple invoice layout with logo.
– Templates to copy and paste for different needs
– If you have more than 4 invoice you can create a list and rename the list to your company name
– If you have more than 4 invoice you can create a list and rename the list to your company name


Bug Reports:
If you find a bug report it will be posted in the bug report section or feel free to contact me by e-mail.
If you have any questions regarding this app or would like to add any functionality to it feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Filename: Invoice.apk
File size: 8941 bytes
Last modified: June 20th, 2012
MD5: b4818d2bc54f2983dbe9e9213fdfa2ce




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System Requirements For Invoicer:

Operating System:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit)
1.5GHz processor or faster
512MB RAM required
Hard Drive:
250MB free hard drive space
800 x 600 minimum resolution with DirectX 9.0c
Microsoft Office 2003 or 2010
Sound Card:
DirectSound 3.0 sound card

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