IStripper V1.358 Virtual Strip Club 64 Bit


… –
So yesterday I decided to try playing Istripper.
I played mostly virtuals in it.
Now, it’s a year, when I started playing it I do not remember.
The game is not bad, except that I think it is still not finished.
Today I’ll try to finish it.
Here’s what I got.
I used Tomwood’s script which allows me to run games from a virtual machine.
So I started with Windows 7 X64 and then I put VirtualBox on it and put Windows XP in VirtualBox and started playing Resident Evil 6.
And so I got to the end of the game.
And then nothing.
I can’t get into “Login”.
That is what I get.
I pressed “Login”, but instead I get a window with a message.
If you open it you can see what it looks like.
That is, with the “Login” I have a problem.
This is it.
Help, please, I can not understand why I can not log in.
Created a new account, passed verification, entered all the data.
I logged into my account, but I can’t access my account.
I went to the settings, and it says that I don’t have access to the account.
What can I do?
I can’t log into my account.
I did everything according to the instructions, but I still can’t log in.
I have tried all the methods I found on the internet, but nothing works.
Please advise me on what the problem could be.
Thank you in advance.
At the mailbox, wrote to support – silence, on the phone in the account, too, silence
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Fri Jan 22, 2013 10:59 pm
I just wanted to say thanks for the support here, as well as the warning.
But, I just don’t understand why you can’t warn about problems with the site?
If you want people to know that there will be failures soon, do not be lazy to write about it on the forum.
_________________ Who hasn’t been, will be, who has been – won’t forget 7 times measure, 1 time cut.
Sat Jan 23, 2013 11:32 am
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And we had a sabantuy today in honor of the arrival of guests (Chief of Staff and Chief of Artillery Regiment).
We had a few drinks and then had a shooting contest…
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Sun Jan 24, 2013 6:22 pm
Nah, I don’t mean that one, I mean this one:
But I wonder, this same Juliet, she was like, in school, in the family at what level, you know, in terms of development?
I’m personally curious about that question.
“I kind of don’t like answering questions like that, because, as a rule, those answers go against my image.
But at least I understand that it’s the kind of question that I have to answer because it’s a question that a lot of people want an answer to.”



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