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Category:Piano pedagogics
Category:Horn playing techniquesAn optical disk, an optical card or the like can be obtained by shaping a light beam applied to a photosensitive material.
By shaping a light beam (for example, applying an intensity modulation to a light beam), it is possible to form a pattern corresponding to the shape of the light beam on the photosensitive material so as to form a desired pattern. Further, the phase of a light beam can be modulated by an external means, and by placing the pattern thus formed on the photosensitive material, it is possible to record information corresponding to the phase modulation of the light beam.
There are a number of methods for applying an intensity modulation to a light beam. For example, optical beams having different light intensities, respectively corresponding to high level, low level and a transparent level are applied to one portion of the light beam, and a light beam is applied to another portion of the light beam having a light intensity corresponding to the transparent level, whereby the light beam is provided as a light beam having a desired intensity distribution. There are also known examples of an optical system for shaping a light beam by applying an intensity modulation to the light beam in this way.
As the photosensitive material used to manufacture an optical information medium, there are known a photosensitive material in the form of a sheet or a thin film, and an optical information medium manufactured by using this material.
In the use of a photosensitive material in the form of a sheet or a thin film, the photosensitive material is relatively easily handled, and is inexpensive. However, the photosensitive material in the form of a sheet has a small total thickness (including the thickness of the substrate) and has a small refractive index. For this reason, the use of the photosensitive material in the form of a sheet imposes restrictions on the recording capacity.
On the other hand, an optical information medium in the form of a film has a large total thickness and a large refractive index, thereby making the optical information medium relatively easy to deal with. However, this optical information medium has a high packing density and a large information capacity per unit area. For this reason, this optical information medium is more expensive than the optical information medium in the form of a sheet.
Accordingly, a mixture of a photosensitive material in the form of a sheet and a photosensitive material in the form of a film is used when the medium is to have a large capacity


Oct 27, 2017
Chess. Chess
Craig Fertig of North Carolina State University has found that the number of people out of a job would increase by millions and there would likely be a food stamp cutback of $20 to $30 billion, if we let domestic work and children’s chores go unfunded. {
setBounds(0, 0, 9999, 9999);

Button btn = new Button(frame, SWT.PUSH);
btn.addSelectionListener(new SelectionAdapter() {
public void widgetSelected(SelectionEvent e) {
setBounds(0, 0, 9999, 9999);

Note the usage of setBounds() and pack() to confirm that the Frame is set the size of the Component.


iOS app cannot import images

I have updated my build setting to look like this:

I’ve been using UIImage with no problems but now whenever I build or archive the app, the images are no longer imported.

I’ve tried deleting the app from the simulator, restarting Xcode, delete derived data but the images are still imported


I found the problem was with the image filename. For some reason, the app was not reading the file extension and so

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