JSiteDescriptor was created as an accessible package of tools that can help users extract chemical and coordinate info from PDB files. The binding site regions are extracted using grid based scheme.
JSiteDescriptor is a small utility that’s been developed with the help of the Java programming language.







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– PDB directory structure will be scanned. If you wish to extract the binding sites from your own data, provide the directory. PDB files will be copied to the output directory if you are not using the default output directory.
– It checks whether the PDB file is already in the directory (has format_version Endocrine activity in the liver and kidney of growing rats after oral administration of diuron.
Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats received 0, 5, 20, 100, or 200 mg kg-1 of diuron orally for 13 weeks. Although the rats showed no change in body weight or food consumption, diuron administration caused a retardation of the skeletal growth. The administration of 200 mg kg-1 diuron caused a decrease in circulating thyroxin and triiodothyronine levels and an increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. Diuron administration had no effect on serum concentrations of glucose, corticosterone, or testosterone. Diuron was found in the liver and kidneys of the treated rats in concentrations linearly related to dose and to time of administration. Diuron concentrations

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The binding site can be extracted from a file that’s open in the program.
The source code is available in GitHub.
JSiteDescriptor was originally written in C# but it has been implemented in Java. This can be set by using the appropriate configuration file.

Using JSiteDescriptor:

Download JSiteDescriptor.
Install and run JSiteDescriptor.
Open a PDB file using the application. You can use the About box that’s provided with the application to view the version number.
Click on Set Binding Site Features.
Set the binding site features if desired. The extracted binding site results can be viewed in the Results pane. You can perform detailed analysis using the Options.
After the extraction of the binding site is complete, hit the Back button.

Supported File Types:




Extract Binding Site
Extract Coordinates


Extract Binding Site

Several parameters can be changed to control the performance of JSiteDescriptor.
Use the Command -> Open… menu to open a PDB file to extract its binding site.
Choose the parameter settings.
Hit the Start button to extract binding sites.
Save and/or discard the results as desired.

Extract Binding Sites

Click on the Options button to open the Advanced Settings page.
From the Output Options page, adjust the settings.
Hit the Start button to extract binding sites.

Extract Coordinates

Click on the Options button to open the Advanced Settings page.
From the Output Options page, adjust the settings.
Hit the Start button to extract coordinates.

Using JSiteDescriptor’s Help:

A help feature is provided with JSiteDescriptor.
Under Help, you can view the Help index.

A forum is available in GitHub.
You can get help there.


The JSiteDescriptor name and logo are trademarks of JSiteDescriptor, Inc.

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JSiteDescriptor is unique amongst the related software category.

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License Information:

JSiteDescriptor is available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.0.

Pricing Information:

JSiteDescriptor is Free.


JSiteDescriptor was designed to use with the PDB’s 1st version (later version the binding sites were separated into different files) and because of its flexibility can be used with any version and any type of file.
This website contains high-quality test models of the JSiteDescriptor web server.Posts navigation

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What’s New In JSiteDescriptor?

JSiteDescriptor allows you to extract chemical and structural information from protein, DNA and ligand PDB files. This software has been designed as an information and query tool. You will be able to locate your binding site from a PDB file. This utility eliminates users need to use a file converter like MultiPredict.
JSiteDescriptor Algorithm:

JSiteDescriptor is a highly efficient and extremely easy to use chemical and structural information retrieval system. JSiteDescriptor loads a PDB file and extracts the binding site region within the file. The binding site region is
extracted by using a grid based matching technique. This is a grid based binding site extraction method in which the grid size has been chosen based on prior knowledge of the size of the protein binding site.
JSiteDescriptor Features:

– JSiteDescriptor can extract both chemical and structural information.
JSiteDescriptor Technical Description:

JSiteDescriptor is an open source program which was built with the aid of Java programming language to help users extract chemical and coordinate information from PDB files. JSiteDescriptor is an information and query system. The JSiteDescriptor is capable of performing various tasks like searching and retrieving useful information. It is capable of processing chemical and structural information. JSiteDescriptor is Java based application. JSiteDescriptor has a main menu interface. The application contains multiple editing tools.
JSiteDescriptor Modules:

Chemical Module:
– The chemical module of JSiteDescriptor can extract chemical information from PDB files. The chemical module of JSiteDescriptor is capable of processing chemical structure information. The chemical module provides the ability to identify chemical compounds from PDB files.
Structural Module:

– JSiteDescriptor can also extract structural information. The structural module of JSiteDescriptor provides the ability to extract structural information from PDB files.
JSiteDescriptor Usage:
– JSiteDescriptor can be used in both local and remote mode. JSiteDescriptor runs on Windows as well as on Linux. JSiteDescriptor can be used by any user with no restrictions and requirements.JSiteDescriptor also has a portable version for mobile device and the tool is easily installed on any Linux based device.
JSiteDescriptor Installation:


System Requirements For JSiteDescriptor:

Memory: 2048MB – 5GB RAM
Processor: 1.6GHz dual-core or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 4GB available space
P.S. Video driver installation is currently not supported on Linux platforms.
For Windows 8/8.1 users, no special modifications were needed to play the game.
P.S. In case of game breaking bugs, please file a report in the in-game feedback.

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