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published:08 Jul 2018



Top 10 Places to Visit in India. Explore India Tour. Places to Visit in India. Places to Visit in India Tour.

Take a tour of India with RishabhArora,trips to all major destinations are covered.
#What to see in India? #Top India Tourist Places.
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Top 5 Places To Visit in India for first time visitors like me.
1. New Delhi
2. Rajasthan
3. Agra
4. Jaipur
5. Kerala / backwaters
Keep watching the videos so you see all the places on the list and can decide to visit
see the MOST BEAUTIFUL temple in India used to worship Siva.
Temples painted in bright colors with nothing in the way.
An Aangan (Boat ride) in Kerala.
Kerala : Driving around Munnar in the early evening.
Watch a bee with me!
Visiting food crops (Tulsi) in Tamil Nadu.
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam
People doing meditation and Yoga at Dharmasthala sthalapuram
Ram Leela dance at sunset in Udaipur city
Mysore Palace in the evening.
Doing evening walk at Manasagangotri.
Watch a sunset at Banda Dungari
Himachal Pradesh
Peacocks in Padum Dam.


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In Android, how can I tell an app to run on one thread or on another?

I am wondering if it is possible, in an Android app, to request one process or another?
For example:

I have an app which uses the blinkt service to flash a screen
every few seconds. I want to request a processing thread for the
blinkt service from the main UI thread.

Is there any way of doing this? If not, is it even possible in principle? What about in Android 4.2?


Different processes use different threads. You can always create your own custom service and thread pools so that you can start/join as many threads as you want.
But Android doesn’t expose an API for creating and pooling threads.

In a widely anticipated report, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Pakistan to end the “indefensible” “death sentence” meted out to terrorists sentenced to death, saying that executions were carried out in a manner that is “unlawful and in breach of Pakistan’s international obligations.”

Amnesty International, the Council of Europe, Reprieve, and other human rights groups have been intensely monitoring judicial proceedings in Pakistan since the July 18 conviction of Asma Jahangir, a women’s rights advocate and leading Pakistani human rights activist, and her husband, Haidar Abbas, whom Amnesty International has described as an “arbitrary imprisonment campaign.”

Pakistan has condemned the report as a “mischievous,” “international political interference,” and has accused the United Nations of twisting facts, according to Dawn News. A Pakistani government source told the news agency the report

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