Designed for the business environment, KeyScrambler Premium ensures privacy protection by encrypting keystrokes in various applications, so that keyloggers cannot view what you type.
The Premium edition supports a large number of applications, much larger than the Professional and the Personal editions. It is compatible with various bitcoin wallet management applications, some of the most popular cloud storage programs, encryption applications (TrueCrypt, BestCrypt and many more), Windows Explorer and other file managers, finance programs (Office Accounting, QuickBooks, TurboTax), networking applications and FTP clients (Filezilla, PuTTY, OpenVPN and so on), as well as Office apps and suites.
There are a few applications that are also supported by the Pro version, namely popular IM and VoIP clients, iTunes, Songbird, a few password managers (RoboForm, Keypass, Kaspersky Password Manager and more), text editors and compression programs. Needless to say that web browsers are protected as well.
The number reaches almost 300 applications that KeyScrambler Premium can secure keystrokes in. Furthermore, Windows Store apps and Windows logon screen are also protected.
KeyScrambler Premium can be activated with a simple key combination, which will open a splash screen that shows you its current status. The space key is also encrypted.









KeyScrambler Premium Crack Free Download [Win/Mac] (Latest)

One-key activation, all applications support
Unlimited applications, includes a selection of premium applications
Unlimited concurrent protection, Cracked KeyScrambler Premium With Keygen protects as many files as applications you need
Data storage: separate safe area
Special offer: FREE 7-day trial for KeyScrambler Premium

KeyScrambler Premium Features:

Unlimited keyloggers, SIMPLE One-key activation
Unlimited concurrent keyloggers, a proven, powerful technology
Uses your own storage area, not limited to one safe
Unlimited concurrent protection, a proven and tested solution
Windows Store, Windows logon screen also protected
Separate save area, so your important data is not deleted
Some of the applications are also supported by the Pro edition
Security: CAPS-based technology, easy to use
Language: English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

KeyScrambler Premium Security:

Encryption works for all modern operating systems
Up to 2048 AES encryption keys are stored in a separate safe area
Decryption of keylogs is controlled with CAPS, an easy to use security technology
Separation of “safe” and “unsafe” areas of the disk, so your private data can be accessed without fear
Windows Store and Windows logon screen also protected
Access from any operating system, including Linux
The application can be used from CD/DVD as well as from online sources (Registry keys of the application can be stored on CD/DVD/SD card etc.)

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Developer
Codename Crossland, a German software manufacturer

KeyScrambler Premium Platform Compatibility

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64 bits)
Mac OS X (10.11.x, 10.10.x, 10.9.x, 10.8.x), 10.7 and later

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium Pricing

KeyScrambler Premium With Product Key

Robust keylogger framework which works in various operating systems.
Documentation on the source code, including documentation on the implementation, system requirements, bug reports and the list of applications that KeyScrambler can protect.
Support forum and application list.
How to activate the KeyScrambler with key combination.


I’d like to recommend Powerlogger, you can install it on the local PC and/or on the other PCs in your network which use the same password. Powerlogger does not need a user interface, a simple key combination.
It is free and open source.
Here is the description of Powerlogger:

Powerlogger records all activity and is able to detect all keystrokes on all system devices.
Powerlogger is the only free, open-source software that records keystrokes. Powerlogger enables you to inspect and record keystrokes on any Windows computer in any network. It also records all activity for websites you visit, so you can monitor where you are going on the web and whether you are being tracked.

Here is the screenshot of Windows 10:


The most popular among these programs is called “KeepLog Pro”.
Once you installed it, all you need to do is to press shift and a specific combination of key.
Here are the supported operations:

As for the other applications, you will need to test them in your network.


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KeyScrambler Premium Crack + For Windows

A Windows program for encrypsting keystrokes in almost 300 different applications.

KeyScrambler finds the key combination of the application running in the foreground.
KeyScrambler Premium Recent History:

Added support for Windows 7 BitCoin applications
Fully compatible with the Windows Security Center

Added over 250 applications
Added support for Windows 8 applications
Added support for Wine as well as applications running in it
Added support for Windows 8.1 applications

Improved the processing of the application
Support for some games

Encrypted user input to the password manager

Added configuration possibility

Added an event listener for the change of the key combination to implement the last changes of the personal working key combination

Added VPN support

Added (Restoring saved status)

Added persistent status after reboot

Added disabled key combination after reboot

Fixed problem with WPA2

Added very useful configuration option to log the decrypted keystrokes to the Config file

Added support of special characters (right-click menu)

Added option to disable combo keys for the program

Added option to configure general key combination

Added support for the password manager RoboForm

Added support for the second keyboard layout (categorically)

Added functionality to save and restore the settings

Added functionality to select the file where the key combination is saved

Added functionality to import the key combination from the config file

Added password manager status pop up menu

Added status bar

Added status bar

Added extensive documentation

Added config file

Added menu to add a new application

Added support of KeyScrambler to the Win Key Pin

Added menu to add a new keyboard layout

Added support of as many key combinations as it can handle

Added extension to the configuration file

Added fully decrypted text input to the config file

Added support of special characters

Added config file to automatically find and load the keyboard layout and the configuration file

Added support of Windows 10

Added support of Windows 10

It removes the status bar

It removes the menu bar

It allows to change the change the key combination

It hides the splash screen

It minimizes the application

It minimizes the application

It minimizes the application

The price is $30Bill Barr ponders Trump pardoning himself

If President Donald Trump were to offer himself

What’s New In?

KeyScrambler is a universal password app that safely scrambles passwords. It will scramble the password in an an algorithm and replace it with an indecipherable string of characters. When passwords are entered, they are encrypted and scrambled. And you can find original passwords by the decrypted passwords. It can install automatically by the installer.
KeyScrambler creates no new processes, which is safer than any other password tool. KeyScrambler can be used on any device, including computer, tablet and mobile phone. It is an essential secure app in your life.
You can use KeyScrambler in two different ways. In the first way, you can quickly use your password scrambler with a simple combination of keys, such as Command (CTRL) + 3, Command (CTRL) + 2 and Command (CTRL) + 1.

KeyScrambler Premium License:
KeyScrambler Premium is a premium version of KeyScrambler, which provides the pro version features for only a small fee.
KeyScrambler Premium Features:

Supports more than 300 applications

Need no manual installation

No device authorization

Safe Login

Password History

Inactive Password Tracker

Password Master

Password Vault

Password Reminder

KeyLogger Protection

No Root

Installation Assistant

Splash Screen

Optimal Runtime

Efficient Memory Management

Basic (KeyScrambler Pro is a keylogger, and KeyScrambler Premium is a password scrambler)

Password Rules

Simple and easy to use

Scrambler Features

Supports all major Windows Versions

Easy to use

Works with old OS versions

It’s free

Allows for free edition

Hardened Password Scanner



It’s free for Trial Version

Easy to Install

Work more efficiently

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista
Minimum 2GB RAM
Minimum 500MB Disk Space

With KeyScrambler Premium, the password encryption and decryption are done through a secure algorithm.

The world’s best password scrambler.

For security experts, not only the best password scrambler, but the best password hash.

For the non-security experts, the best password scrambler is a very simple and easy to use application.

System Requirements:

The minimum specifications are listed below:
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit) Processor: 2GHz or faster (recommended)
2GHz or faster (recommended) RAM: 3GB (4GB recommended)
3GB (4GB recommended) Graphics: Pixel shaders 3.0 or greater (recommended), DirectX 10 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 driver or greater
Pixel shaders 3.0 or greater (recommended), DirectX 10 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 driver or

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