Kiipa is a lightweight and easy to use application that allows you to take notes on your desktop. It comes in handy when you find something worth remembering while browsing online.
Since it is built using the Java programming language, the application will run on all the major platforms.







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Use Kiipa Download With Full Crack to take notes on your desktop. You can add text, images, and links to the notes.
Note that the notes are saved in plain text files.
You can choose from two modes: Sticky Notes and Wide Notes.
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– Ability to add up to 20 custom hotkeys
– Start typing in notes and fill out the rest later using the keyboard
– You can resize notes and icons by moving them around
– Save files to a directory on your desktop
– Notes can be password protected
– Configure hotkeys for various actions within notes
– Per-note configurable view and keyboard macros
– Sort notes by title, date, size, or date and size
– Notes can be draggable and resizable
– Keep notes in sync across all your devices
– Keyboard shortcuts for most actions within notes (including copy/paste)
– Use the onscreen keyboard for keyboard shortcuts
– Uses HTTP cookies for syncing
– Runs on all major desktop platforms
– Free, no ads or third party software required
Check out more information about the product at:

This is a “real-time” study of temperatures in Europe for the past few days.
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You can zoom into the map, by using your keyboard, and you can switch to
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The image itself is drawn by the Picasa Photo Gallery. You can download
the source code by clicking on the link.
There are two versions, one for Windows and one for Mac OS X.
You can download the Windows version here:

And the Mac version here:

I would like to thank Sergey Shmatko for assisting me in building this
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The software allows you to choose the region to look at. You can select
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If you click and drag on top of

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The universal Notes application for your PC and laptop. Keep track of your ideas, memos, quotes, links and everything else. It’s the perfect companion for your PC and laptop.
You can take notes and keep track of your stuff without ever leaving the desktop. Use the application as a web service and get notes for your desktop instantly. You can even have a backup of your notes.
• Store your notes in a database.
• Take notes by pressing keyboard shortcuts or by using the default hotkeys.
• Use the mouse to navigate the interface, open and close folders, preview notes, etc.
• Use the Import and Export functions to transfer notes between folders.
• Easily copy, move, delete and rename notes.
• Link notes to websites, documents, images or other notes.
• Sort notes by tags, dates and created/modified times.
• Export notes to HTML or PDF files.
• Switch between different views and modes, such as notes list, text editor, etc.
• Switch between pages, use bookmarks to navigate your notes, etc.
• Use the built-in full-text search feature to quickly find notes.
• Print notes to PDF or JPEG files.
• Set the application to start automatically when you boot your PC or laptop.
• Export notes as HTML or PDF files.
• Use Internet Explorer for accessing notes from internet.
• Use other web browsers for accessing notes from internet.
• Use Chrome, Firefox or other web browsers to access notes from internet.
• Read notes directly from internet sites (URL notes).
• Use other languages for translating the text into your native language.
• Use speech recognition to convert text into notes.
• Use taskbar and system tray icons to access notes.
• Change the application’s window size, position and window transparency.
• Quickly change the appearance of the interface using custom skins.
• Add the application to your system tray for easy access.
• Support both tray and taskbar icons.
• Install Kiipa by using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or the USB connection on your PC or laptop.
• Use the internet to install Kiipa.
• Use the portable installation or the zip file for portable use.
• Use the portable installation or the zip file to transfer notes to your other devices.
• Share notes with friends by using email, bluetooth, Facebook or Twitter.
• Access notes from devices

What’s New in the Kiipa?

Kiipa allows you to take notes on your desktop. You can open, edit and save notes just like you do in a normal note-taking application.
In addition, you can easily share notes by e-mail and upload them to the cloud. Also, you can save your notes to the USB flash drive.

Kiipa Features:
* Create notes, save them and send them by e-mail
* Edit notes, read, search and share them
* Scan and convert images to notes
* Add audio and video notes
* Take notes while browsing the web
* Synchronize notes across devices
* Import notes from other applications
* Create and synchronize notes with other apps on your Mac
* Expose notes through the application’s custom Dock menu
* Export notes as PDF
* Optionally add notes to the Notification Center
* Optionally export notes to PDF, HTML, Google Docs, MS Word and Evernote
* Share notes by e-mail and upload to the cloud
* Backup notes to the USB flash drive
* Save notes to the USB flash drive
* Quickly convert PDF files to notes
* Scan and convert images to notes
* Export notes as PDF files
* Export notes to HTML, MS Word and Google Docs
* Export notes to the cloud (Safari, Evernote and Dropbox)
* Add notes to the Notification Center
* Export notes to the Notification Center
* Keep the notes in sync between your iOS and Mac devices
* Import notes from other apps on iOS
* Keep the notes in sync between devices
* Optionally export notes to the Notification Center

Kiipa Requirements:
OS X 10.4 or later

Kiipa Requirements for iOS:
iOS 5.0 or later

Kiipa Requirements for Windows:
Windows 7 or later

Kiipa License Agreement
Kiipa is the copyright of P-Note Technology Inc.
It is free to use and distribute in a personal or non-commercial way.
Please do not distribute the application as a part of other applications without permission.

More information about Kiipa:
Privacy Policy:

** KEYS **

Free trial:

Kiipa is a lightweight and easy to use application that allows you to take

System Requirements For Kiipa:

* The file cannot be opened by the viewer or any other viewer or app.
* If the file shows any other problem (e.g. corrupted file) please report it.
* If you need to convert some files, try the online converter:
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