Lavasoft Registry Tuner is an application which can speed up your computer by fixing invalid entries in the Windows registry.
The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. You can look for issues regarding start menu entries, application paths, Windows startup and uninstall entries.
But Lavasoft Registry Tuner can also verify the MRU list, ActiveX, COM and OLE entries, empty registry keys, shared DLL files and file associations.
Plus, you can fix errors regarding the invalid interface and TypeLib, font entries, help files, path references, Windows services and the Internet Explorer URL history.
Once the scanning process is completed, you can check out the total number of problems for each aforementioned category, along with their priority and descriptions.
In addition, you can scan your local drives for temporary files, temporary Internet files and cookies, manage a list of file types that Lavasoft Registry Tuner will analyze (e.g. LOG, OLD, PRV) and create an exclusion list.
Furthermore, you can manage applications which automatically run at system startup, uninstall programs and Internet Explorer plugins, backup and restore the registry, create a system restore point, schedule tasks, as well as view reports on the registry, drives and history.
The program quickly finishes a scan and clean job while using a moderate amount of system resources. It can also guide you to a comprehensive online help file with snapshots. Unfortunately, Lavasoft Registry Tuner crashed a couple of times during our tests when attempting to fix registry issues.
Also, there is no option to select or deselect all registry problems before repairing them. Even so, we strongly recommend Lavasoft Registry Tuner to all users since it's very effective.









Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 Crack + License Key X64 [April-2022]

With Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013, you can repair any invalid registry entries, errors, system- and application-related problems.
This program was carefully designed to fix Windows registry issues as quickly and quietly as possible. It doesn’t change the registry, so you don’t need to restart your computer afterwards.
The Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 interface is simple and well-designed.
It allows you to look for registry problems regarding the Start Menu, shortcuts, Internet Explorer, Uninstaller, Common Controls, Windows Services, DLL files, TypeLib files and file associations.
The program doesn’t remove any registry entries or definitions, you don’t have to restart the PC.
Plus, it can even identify duplicate registry keys and update them.
You can also apply your settings on a local and a network level, sort the problems by name, description, priority and severity, or exclude certain issues.
Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 allows you to display a detailed summary of all registry problems sorted by category (e.g. start menu shortcuts, programs, start up or Uninstall).
Also, it can repair registry problems linked to applications, including empty and invalid COM or OLE components.
Furthermore, the application offers you to create an exclusion list for files, folders, applications and registry keys that it will analyze.
Lastly, it also features the familiar Repair, Uninstall and Repair / Uninstall / Repair command buttons, as well as an option to create a system restore point.
How to remove Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 from your computer? (Uninstall guide)
1. First, start the Setup wizard to get the download link for Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 Setup. The complete guide will be emailed to you instantly after your payment.
2. The installation file you received includes an uninstaller. Just use it to remove the Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 from your system. For detail steps, please follow the guide.
How to fix Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 activation error?
1. Please remove all the related files related to Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 from your system.
2. Start the Internet Explorer and click on “Tools / Internet Options ” to open the IE settings.
3. Then, click on the “Advanced” tab and click on the “Reset” button.
4. After that, click on the “Yes” button to finish.
5. Close all the IE windows and exit the

Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 [Mac/Win]

Lavasoft Registry Tuner is a small, easy to use and most importantly efficient tool that you can use to free your computer from invalid or unnecessary registry entries.
The main features of the program are listed below:
– Look for invalid registry entries with our newest powerful engine. It will scan your computer and work in a very effective manner with the help of its fresh features.
– Customize your default registry repair options. You can specify the list of applications and drives that you want the registry to be checked for errors.
– List of registry problems. Find out detailed information about each found entry including its description, the problem and its priority.
– Clean all types of registry errors. Use our intuitive interface to clean the invalid interface entries, invalid COM, OLE and TypeLib entries.
– Clean up files and folders. Delete invalid files and folders which are mistakenly referenced in your registry or located in folders with invalid name (e.g. \WINDOWS\).
– Fix Internet Explorer settings. The program can also clean files and folders located in the Internet Explorer history. It can also fix invalid URL forms and preview the cleaned Internet Explorer to ensure it will work properly after the repair.
– Remove URLs from Internet Explorer history. You can also remove old, invalid and false-positive URLs from the Internet Explorer history.
– Delete invalid registry keys. Scan your computer for invalid registry keys, empty keys and keys with no values.
– Remove invalid registry shortcuts. These shortcuts are located in the Run and RunOnce fields of the registry. The right click menu of Windows will let you delete them easily.
– Remove invalid registry values. Scan your computer to fix registry values that have no data, a value of 0 or you can’t delete.
– Repair invalid shortcuts. You can also delete invalid start menu items, search entries, folders, and desktop icons from Windows Start Menu.
– Repair Internet Explorer plugins. You can clean the invalid registry entries in the Internet Explorer plugins, clean the registry of embedded files and folders and remove invalid Internet Explorer shortcuts.
– Create a restore point. In case of system or application problem, you can create a backup of your system and restore it with one click.
– Fix TypeLib and file associations. The program can fix invalid COM references, invalid OLE references and invalid font entries of TypeLib.
– Check online help files. If a problem is to be solved, you can easily find solutions for it using the online help file.
– Control startup

Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 Crack + For PC

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What’s New in the Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013?

Do you want to repair the registry? Do you find tools that are unable to repair errors completely? Do you waste your time to spend much time in the registry editor? If your answers are yes, you must use Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013. It is a multilingual and multi-functional program to repair your registry. It quickly completes a scan and clean job while using a moderate amount of system resources. It can also guide you to a comprehensive online help file with snapshots.
Some of the given features are as follows:
Scan your entire registry and fix any error that it finds.
It is a powerful application to repair registry problems for free.
It has a comprehensive online help file with snapshots.
Ways to use Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013:
Select the corrupted registry items to be repaired.
Click “Repair”.
The scan will be performed, and it will update your registry according to the given instructions.
You can also double-click the highlighted entries in the scan process.
You can analyze the way to use Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013 as follows:
Install the program with all the features enabled.
Start the computer.
Select the registry items to be repaired by clicking “Start” menu”>”Tools”>”Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013”.
Click “Repair”.
Use one of the two given methods to fix the registry issues:
Add the folder to the “Programs” menu.
Click “Start” menu”>”Tools”>”Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013”.
Select the registry items to be repaired by clicking “Start” menu”>”Tools”>”Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013”.
Click “Repair”.
Choose “Repair in file” to keep an archive of the tested registry.
Click “Repair”.
Add registry fixes manually.
Start the computer.
Access the “Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013” folder.
Press “Windows” Key+R.
Type “Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013” in the search box and press “OK”.
Click “Repair”.
Learn more about Lavasoft Registry Tuner 2013:
Get more

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
Processor: x86-compatible central processing unit
Memory: Minimum 1GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card and latest version of Windows
DirectX: version 9.0c or later
Hard Disk: 4GB or more for game installation
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible and latest version of Windows
Peripherals: Mouse

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