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– Dynamic and modern interface
– Authentication and permissions management
– Easy to use dashboard
– Application management
– Application configuration
– Open source
– Support for Linux or Windows
Lianja App Center Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an open source platform that you can use to create and deploy your own applications to access and manage them via the Lianja App Center.
The Lianja App Center allows end-users to authenticate and access your applications, databases, and other business tools or instruments that you have prepared to be accessed at any time.
For example, it can be helpful for business personnel to access the payment instruments that allow them to make, receive and record online transactions.
If you are the administrator of an organization, you can use Lianja App Center to manage the access of authorized users to your business resources, databases and other tools and instruments.
The Lianja App Center platform provides a simple way of updating the access authorization level of any user to your own applications, instruments, databases, charts and other resources. This helps you to protect your valuable business resources, which is made easier by the fact that any update made by the end-user is applied immediately.
As Lianja App Center is a free platform, it can be accessed from any web browser. You can easily use the provided dashboard to create new applications, as well as edit the information they contain.
Lianja App Center For more details please visit the project site:
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Lianja App Center [Updated] 2022

Grow & scale, and make business processes easier.
Use Lianja App Center to
• save time
• make payroll on-time
• view & update databases
• add or remove users from the database
• share access to applications

Lianja App Center is an easy to use platform for accessing business applications created with Lianja software. Lianja App Center enables end-users to access the Lianja applications deployed on a remote desktop, LAN or Cloud apps.
Easy steps
As a developer you can create and deploy your software, databases, or statistical tools in a convenient location, then allow your employees to access your applications without having to supply them to everyone.
Any end-user can log-in to the platform by using the provided credentials and access the applications available on the dashboard.
Moreover, as an end-user, you can use the default credentials to log-in to the dashboard, and based on your level of clearance access the multitude of programs, dynamic charts or administrating options. You can modify databases by adding, editing or removing information, as well as generate, view, export or print detailed reports.
Editing privileges
Any end-user may browse through the pages or tabs of the available applications and edit the information contained, if they have the proper editing privileges. As an end-user you may successfully operate available apps on the desktop, in the cloud or on mobile devices.
As you authenticate yourself, you are redirected to the dashboard home page, where you can view the available programs. Only the applications that you ave permission to access are displayed on the dashboard.
Additionally, any update you make to the information provided by a dashboard application is applied immediately, which makes data management easier. Lianja App Center can detect the permission level of the authenticated client device and automatically adjust its UI appearance.
Various applications
Lianja App Center can offer you access to programs, databases, charts and other business tools such as payment instruments, shipment records and taxes calculators. The software also features a built-in searching engine, that enables you to easily find customers, products, reports or otherwise any item in the database.
Lianja App Center is a reliable business solution, that allows you to share access to your applications, with employees or other authenticated end-users. It is an instrument designed to improve the speed and security of application and business management, in a dynamic and modern interface environment

Lianja App Center Download X64

Create applications and manage databases wherever you are.

Easy to use: Simply install the app and then the database.

Move data directly from the software to your database and from your databases to the application.


Change data in existing records and add new records.

Create new records and populate the fields with data.


Exclude records from the search or display.

Disable updating on the software.

Access the database directly from the application.

Database management:

Create, edit and delete databases.

Select, import, export or share databases with other end-users

Data security:

Authentication is required to access the database.

End-users have a different level of permissions to each other.

Data security is maintained in the database and as a result only those who have the right permissions have the access to the database.


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Lianja App Center is a business solution, based on a subscription model. There is no upfront fee and it is automatically activated upon subscription. Lianja App Center is supported by qualified and experienced support team.Molecular basis of the reduced p32c-ras-binding activity of human band 3 and its effect on plasma membrane properties.
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What’s New in the Lianja App Center?

Lianja Centre is a no-code solution, which allows you to access and manage all your cloud applications. Lianja Centre comes with built-in functionality, and supports Microsoft Office integration.
Features & Benefits of Lianja Centre

A simple and secure way to access the Lianja Cloud applications
A list of all your cloud applications
Business reports in 15 different reports formats
Impact graphs
Marketing analytics

To learn more about Lianja Centre

Lianja Centre free trial is an easy to use, no-code tool, for providing secure access to your cloud applications. It offers you to access your cloud applications quickly, and manage your business anytime, from any device.
With built-in functionality, and built-in Salesforce integration, you can get quick access to your Lianja Centre application, with no need to integrate it with a third-party service. All the information is displayed in a simple dashboard, and the interface is scalable for an easy to use platform.
The interface of Lianja Centre allows you to manage your applications and business easily. With a simple click, you can set security on or off for all your applications, create and delete applications, and view reports generated by your apps.
However, to gain full access to all the features of Lianja Centre you may need the Cloud account level access.
Description of Lianja Centre

Lianja Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud platform with built-in functions, that allow you to access to and manage all your applications with ease.
You can access your applications from anywhere at any time, from almost all devices.

Lianja Cloud features

Access to all your cloud applications via a browser
Security levels for all applications you have deployed
A wide range of customizable reports and charts
Built-in functionality to execute calculations and to import applications from the Lianja Desktop, and manage your database
Creation, deletion and modification of databases
Support for Microsoft Office integration

To get more information about Lianja Cloud visit our official page.

Lianja Licensing:

Lianja Licensing is a web-based service for providing access to your enterprise software, from anywhere at any time, with a single click. You can use the Web Service to manage all your applications and users in a convenient way.

Lianja Licensing features

Provides secure access to your applications

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
CPU: 2 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB or better
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card
DirectX: Version 11.0 or better
Sound Card: DirectX compatible audio card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
CPU: 2.4 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB or better

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