Library Icons is a collection that offers you the possibility to use library related images as your applications’ icons. It contains interesting icons, such as glasses, lamp, books.
If you like the quiet atmosphere in a library, you can have it right on your desktop.









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The set contains 1500 icons in the latest design for all operating systems.

The set contains 1500 icons in the latest design for all operating systems.

Logo Design Studio is a high quality creative logo design package for logos, branding, graphics, icons, vector & web designs. It has simple components such as text overlays, customizable built-in frames and also comes with over a dozen special effects.
Logo Design Studio Description:

ImageMagick is a set of software tools for image processing and graphics composition.
It can read, write, or process most image formats.
It can resize, flip, rotate, distort, shear, or apply special effects.
It can also convert between a wide variety of image formats.
It can also add, subtract, or modify an image’s edge.
It can clone parts of an image, recolor an image, or even place an image over another image.
It can even place an image on a watermarked background.
ImageMagick Description:

New Icons Set is a collection of 500+ high-resolution icons for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other applications.
New Icons Set Description:

This is an awesome collection of great 1000+ icons.
The pack includes 400+ images with an organized hierarchy.
Gorgeous 2kx2k high resolution and high detail.
A perfect set to add to your next desktop or mobile project.
Vector files included in this set.
New Icons Description:

Genius Note is a clean, fresh and unique application for note and journal keeping, taking full advantage of the iPhone’s natural-user-interface and the new iPad’s large screen.
Genius Note Description:

A set of beautiful desktop wallpapers, created by Jeannette Johnson.
The items in this set are ready to use as wallpapers in a Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 desktop.
Windows 10 is not supported.
Desktop Wallpapers Description:

This site is a marketplace for premium Graphic resources used in creating iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch applications and games.
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Great set of 1000+ professional icons.
The set includes stationery, travel, mobile, enterprise, general.
High quality AI and EPS files included.
100% compatible with graphic resources.
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Responsive Company Icons – Responsive icons are vector based

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* Library 1 is a… [ Details… ]

Free Clip Art Library for Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 9, and 10 is a very large collection of graphics including portraits, emotions, objects, animals, nature, buildings and many more.
This collection has been created to be a classic of free clip art icons.
Each set of icons is comprised of… [ Details… ]

Fire Icon HD is a comprehensive set of 30 icons describing a roaring fire. You may use them for personal or commercial projects: for websites, presentations, book covers, logotypes, programs etc. The set contains regular color and a multi-color version of each icon. Also, all icons include transparent versions! [ Details… ]

19 Icons for Summer is a unique set of 19 colorful summer related icons. If you have to create a summer-themed application, a logo, a brochure or some other app, this set is a perfect choice.
[ Details… ]

Tower Icons is a collection that includes 30 icons in a distinct graphic style, but with the same unique look.
The icons were created in vector and are well-suited for any design that requires icons in a specific shape or size.
If you are a designer, who needs icons in this style, or a developer, who wishes to have icons in this… [ Details… ]

Sport Icons is a collection of 30 colorful and well-crafted cartoon-like icons depicting people participating in various sports.
These sport icons fit perfectly into design and animation projects. [ Details… ]

Fruit Icons HD v1.4 is a set of 30 realistic looking icons depicting fruits with high resolution.
Use it to add more realism into your design, if you have to design some kind of an eCommerce store.
[ Details… ]

IP-safe Icon File is a set of 22 security-oriented icons, which may be used in your applications or website.
This set contains 6 regular color icons and 16 different-color icons, with transparent backgrounds.
[ Details… ]

Doors Icon Set is a collection of icons showing people with doors opened. You can use these icons for numerous purposes.
If you have to create your own theme, you can use it to create a theme from scratch or you can just use these icons to create a wallpaper.
[ Details… ]

Island Icons

Library Icons

If you want to have a nice looking desktop, here’s a great idea. Make your desktop look like a library with this beautiful desk lamp. This desktop lamp can be downloaded at Here’s how it works:
1. PIMP: Simply drag the black dome to your desktop.
2. PROPERTY: Now, simply click on a part of your desktop to create a black property background.
3. PIC: Click on the eye to see the other icons.
4. LOAD: Click on the glass to see the other icons.

This desktop lamp reminds you of reading a book while sitting in a library. All types of books are available on this desktop lamp, such as books, magazines, romance novels, mysteries, philosophy and biography.

It will go perfectly with Microsoft Office icons. With these Desktop Lamp, you can make your desktop look like it’s a library. Create a professional looking desktop with this cool desktop lamp.

What’s special about this desktop lamp?

The desk lamp will give a professional impression to you.

It has a wonderful visual effect.

Your windows will get black background when you click it.

You can use the desktop lamps for free, you do not need to register.

Desktop Lamp -> Desktop Lamp by Dunedan.

Want more desktop icons?

You will find the best collection of desktop icons at

Feel free to download and use as many desktop icons as you want for free.

Desktop Lamp is a desktop icon that has the ability to create a black background whenever you click the desktop lamp in your Windows desktop and it can be used for free.
Simply drag the black dome to the desktop. Now, simply click on a part of your desktop to create a black property background. Click on the eye to see the other icons.Click on the glass to see the other icons.

Open your Windows desktop and place a black body over the desktop like shown in the first image.

Using the Delete/Remove item from the Start menu, delete the desktop background image.

In the second screenshot, you see that the black background has been removed from the desktop.

Copy the image from the desktop to your hard drive.

Open the desktop frame in Paint. Use this program to resize the image as you wish.

Save the

What’s New In?

* 14 different icons
* High quality 512×512 px
* Exactly the same size as your icon
* It is recommended to use Photoshop or Gimp to edit the icons
* Every icon is packed with transparent png

11 Useful Apps in One
A useful and compact app for your iPhone or iPad. We worked hard to create this app and wanted to share it with you.
There are 11 apps in here for you to use. For example, you can easily receive SMS, write notes, order some coffee, launch social network applications, and so much more.

100 Must-Have Icons Book
“The Bookstore:Icons Pack” has been published. Get the latest book, The Icon Book: 100 Must-Have Icons, which has 563 pages.
Download the free app here:
Android: com.iconbulb.bookstore. ios: iconbulbbookstore.
This is the first edition of the The Icon Book: 100 Must-Have Icons, and is a great reference to icon design and design for iOS and Android. We will continue to update it with new designs.

Icons Free
Icons Free is a free app for your android phones and tablets. Icons Free comes with a massive collection of screen icons and buttons, including 100 fonts, 120 color schemes and 70 patterns.

Fire Color: Icons
Fire Color: Icons is the most comprehensive set of free iOS app icons. The icon pack contains a total of 1079 icons in 19 categories. Perfect for designers, developers and users.

10 Awesome Icons Apps
After going through the list of popular icons apps, we compiled our favorite 10 awesome icons apps.
Download the free app here:
Android: com.iconbulb.icons. ios: iconbulbicons.
The pack includes icons for the following categories:
* Recipes
* Banking
* Shopping
* Photo & Filters
* Maps
* Weather
* Search
* File
* Health & Fitness
* Finance
* Photos
* Inbox

The Best Apps for Icons
A collection of free apps that work with desktop icons.

Icons Free
Icons Free is a free app for your android phones and tablets. Icons Free comes with a massive collection of screen icons and buttons, including 100 fonts, 120 color schemes and 70 patterns.

Icons Free 2
Icons Free 2 is a free app

System Requirements:

Note: You must have at least 256MB RAM and 15MB of free hard disk space on your computer.
Note: The folder ‘SCS/’ is reserved for the data transfer. We do not suggest renaming it or moving it anywhere.
You can transfer data by the file transfer tool in the same way that you would transfer files. For details on the various ways you can transfer data, see here.
For information on the game settings, see here.
Download and installation:
You can download the installation file for the game

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