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Shinobi School.
Sasuke’s room.
-So, what’s for lunch today?” asked Sasuke.
-I don’t know.-Itachi answered.
-Well, find out eventually. Our hero said.
-But how? -Itachi answered.
-“I have connections in Akatsuki.” Sasuke said.
-You’re not…
-Can’t I be a spy?
I have connections with people who trust me.-Sasuke replied and looked at his brother.
-You, what… -Itachi started.
-What’s the big deal?
You think I’m going to sit here in the village and wait for you to get killed?
I would have done it myself a long time ago, but I know you like the back of my hand.
No, I won’t put up with it.
I’ll follow you.
– And if I disappear? – Harry asked.
There was a look of consternation in Ginny’s eyes.
Harry smiled.
– That’s not a problem.
I’ll find you anytime.
Ginny looked at him hopefully.
– You’re not going to leave me, are you?
– No,” Harry said firmly.
– We’ll always be together.
– That’s wonderful,” Ginny smiled.
– But, what will Daddy say?
– I’ll take Hermione with me,” Harry said.
– After all, she found me and I found her.
– Yes, she helped us…
– She helped…
– So did you…
They fell silent and walked on to the gate. They went outside and walked down the street.
– Harry…
– Yes, Hermione.
– I think you’ll be all right…
– Yes.
– I think I can help you…
– Thank you, because you’ve already helped…
– Not only… I’d like to help you with something else…
– What do you mean…
– I want to talk to the director…
– Why?
– It’s my job…
– Are you saying that I…
– No, Harry… I don’t think you’re that weak…
– No, that’s not what I’m asking,” he interrupted, “how do you know…
– I have my methods,” he grinned.
– Your methods,” Harry frowned. – How did you know about me?
– Believe me, Harry, I could have helped you a long time ago if…
– If what.
– You would have wanted it yourself…
– I wanted to help her,” Harry sighed.
– You could have done it without me,” he said quietly.
– She doesn’t want to see me…
– She doesn’t know,” he whispered, “believe me, she’s not ready…
– So we can’t see each other,” I sighed.
– No,” he objected, “you’ll still have time, you’re not ready…
– If I wasn’t ready to have kids, I’m ready now.
– She doesn’t have to know,” he insisted.
– Okay, maybe you do have your reasons,” I agreed, “but I love her, and I want to be with her…
– She doesn’t know,” he insisted, “she has no idea what a baby is…



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