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The charitable arm of a Cambodian conglomerate is engaging local communities as key stakeholders for an upcoming 834 ha project.
In August 2013, the AgroInvest company signed a contract for the design and construction of a livestock complex for 6,000 head of cattle in the village. Nikolskoye, Kharp, not far from the Arctic Circle.
This is the only project in the country to build a complex for 3,000 head of cattle in low temperatures.The experience in the implementation of such projects, accumulated by the AgriVolga agricultural holding, made it possible to implement the project at a high quality level.
The construction of a large livestock farm with a processing capacity of 6,000 heads per year in a unique climate, on a narrow site, in a hard-to-reach place, in harsh climatic conditions, involves the use of the most modern equipment. Read more



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