Me.Ri.Quota Crack Free For Windows

This is a tiny utility for measuring folders usage. It allows to set the maximum quota and to perform the relative check either manually or automatically.
The main idea of the application was a lot of small and simple functions with an easy to use.

Create a folder called x and then drag and drop all of the following folders into the x folder.

Before doing this:


















You will see that your folder is using almost 400MB of space.
Now start the application and set a maximum quota of folders to the settings dialog. At this point the application will display all the folders with the total size, which exceeds the limit.
(If you set the quota to 1MB or lower, all folders will be ignored, even if their total size exceeds 1MB.)

After setting the maximum quota, press the button and select the check manually to perform a manual check.
If you’re done you can press the button to exit the dialog.

Now, you’re on the home page. Press the button and select the check automatically to perform an automatic check. After the automatic check is finished, you can press the button to exit the dialog.
The application will show a message box informing you that the operation was successful.

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Me.Ri.Quota calculates the disk usage of its folder and sorts the results according to the max quota and the current size. If the quota is equal to the size the program displays a warning message.

The Me.Ri.DevInfHw contains a lot of useful information about most of the video cards, some devices, chipsets and similar related stuff.

It is based on the video card info files provided by the Asus website.

How to use:
– Select the folder you want to load.
– Press the “Play” button and the program will load a table with all the details concerning your video card.
– The table displays in a table of columns, a section with the details about the hardware, a section for the utilities and the details about the working of the card.
– You can also press the “Table” button, so that the table will automatically load on the right.
– The program also offers a tool with the possibility to extract all the files in the folder you want to load.
– The tool automatically loads the respective tables of the files of a folder.
– To exit the program just close the window.
– You can find the program in the program menu of the Start menu under the name:

When start as a user it will ask for permission to the Avisafe file that contains information about the last password changes.
The program is responsible for updating the Avisafe file to get the latest information.
It is recommended to use WinREULT, for this purpose.

When start as a user it will ask for permission to the Avisafe file that contains information about the last password changes.
The program is responsible for updating the Avisafe file to get the latest information.
It is recommended to use WinREULT, for this purpose.

How to use:
– Right click on the icon on the desktop or press the menu key on the keyboard to run the program.
– On the program’s menu bar click the “Synchronize”.
– After the password changes it will warn you that the synchronization process will be started.
– After the synchronization process finishes it will be shown that the synchronization process was successful.
– To return to the previous state of the synchronization, in the previous step, just press the menu key on the keyboard.
– At any time you can stop the synchronization process


Me.Ri.Quota is a small utility to check the folder usage.
It allows to set the maximum quota of a folder and to perform the relative check either manually or automatically.
The program remembers its last position and size, so that you can find it quickly again if you close it.

Borland Software Corporation offers the latest generation of CC.NET® Developer Platform and the CC.NET Extensibility framework, enabling new levels of agility and productivity. The framework takes advantage of the 3D capabilities of C++, C#, and Visual Basic.NET code and combines this runtime optimization with a visual developer environment to provide a breakthrough in productivity.

ORACLE9-PLUS.exe is a free database application that allows you to work with Oracle9.

Dragon is an imaginary creature from the fantasy world. It does not require a mythical inheritance from an ancestor, but is alive. Using the supernatural powers of the Dragon, you can work with databases and the most modern technologies, realizing the projects which you believe in. Dragon is free and open source.

A tool to show the contents of the Windows Registry, all its values and all the keys and subkeys in the form of a list of objects, allowing you to select and copy a subkey or value to the Clipboard.

Oracle SQL Developer is a software product from International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). The software is used for the design, construction, and development of database-centric solutions. It allows developers to explore, design, develop, and manage databases.

SQLplus is a command-line interactive database SQL client. Its purpose is to read, write, execute or query SQL*Plus commands. It is the successor to SQL*Plus Release 8 (SQL*Plus/850). Like SQL*Plus/850 it can connect to relational databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2/400, MySQL and SQL Server.

bpmappz.exe is a free application that was developed to help you easily create database projects and schedules. It is a nice C++ program, but can be easily enhanced and improved, as you can use it within your databases, within team-based projects, etc.

Djig is a free open source and cross-platform Data-intensive grid solution. More information:

A command line tool for the creation and editing of XML files, including the ability to modify and add existing nodes, refactor

What’s New in the Me.Ri.Quota?

Me.Ri.Quota comes with a small and quick UI and doesn’t overstep the goal it pursues, which is to check a folder usage.
File Manager:
It’s a basic file manager where you can view file and folders and execute any operation over them.
It can open, edit, create and delete files and directories.
It is compatible with most of file managers and is fully ready for cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.).
It displays the list of the folders and their content.
It offers you to delete, rename or move them with a simple “click”.
You can select the folder to check and check it’s content.
The program saves its position and size when closed, and restores them when it starts.
It can open the folder automatically (on an external drive, for example) when it is double clicked.
You can synchronize or not the directories through the cloud, from the zip drive or from any other storage.
You can search for files and folders.
You can select the file or the folder to search.
You can select only the visible content or the hidden content (below the directory root) and so on…
It shows you the different operations you can perform over a single file.
It can open, edit, create or delete them, as well as execute any operation you want (move, compress, send, etc.).
You can drag and drop files to any other location, and delete them.
You can lock the file or the folder to prevent any operation over it.
You can duplicate or compress it with a single press.
You can encrypt or compress the file with a simple press, check its original size and so on…
It allows you to print the folder content.
You can select the file or the folder to print.
You can send the file (between 2 and 10 MB each) to a printer, or to a cloud service like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.
You can also set your printer path on the toolbar or the context menu, and receive its status in a pop-up window.
It allows you to rename, move or copy files or folders, eject a CD or DVD, show or hide the side bar.
It displays all the actions you can perform over any file or folder.
The program restores its default position and size

System Requirements For Me.Ri.Quota:

Required: Supported by Internet Explorer 8 and higher
Recommended: Supported by Internet Explorer 10 and higher
Minimum: Supported by Internet Explorer 9 and higher
Audio: Supported by HTML5
Video: Supported by HTML5
Notes: A web browser with support for the HTML5 Audio and Video elements is required.
What’s New in Internet Explorer 11:
Internet Explorer 11 is a new browser from Microsoft that is designed to improve performance and reliability.

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