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A 2010 study published in Nature found that people tend to give higher priority to their money than to their love for others .

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Category:Corporate law
Category:Statistical tests
Category:Statistical outliersFluorescence-guided surgery of primary brain tumors.
The reported results of 616 fluorescent intraoperative excitatory-mode images of 12 primary and secondary brain tumors have been used to determine whether the use of fluorescence-guided surgery techniques could improve the extent of resection of selected tumors. Tumor margins were determined by the fluorescent imaging and compared with permanent histopathological sections. Histopathological findings were compared with results of fluorescence images of all positive margins and one section from each tumor where the signal was negative. Analysis of 537 microscopically proven residual tumors showed a significantly higher rate of complete resection (44.1%) in fluorescent-guided tumor surgery than in conventional methods (34.7%). The predicted extent of tumor resection in fluorescent-guided surgery was significantly better than that predicted in conventional methods. The fluorescence-guided tumor surgery technique can increase the extent of resection of selected tumors and, when used with the adequate surgical equipment, provides additional safety in the resection of small residual lesions.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to methods of designing and generating product design files and instructions for designing product designs using the product design files. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method of generating and storing a design database and a design file using the design database and instructions for the database and design file.
2. Description of the Related Art
Modern computer systems typically include a wide variety of functional blocks and circuits. Each circuit includes a number of transistors or other elements that are interconnected in a predefined manner to form a desired function. The combination of elements in a circuit creates a circuit design that can perform a desired function.
Product design software applications are often used to design and generate a circuit design for a particular product. For example, a circuit designer can use a computer-aided design (CAD) tool to generate a circuit design for a high-speed microprocessor. Once the circuit design is generated, the designer can use a simulator to verify the circuit design prior to manufacturing the microprocessor.
Product design software applications typically include a number of complex circuit design software tools. In addition, product design software applications typically include a number of

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