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Metodologi Penelitian Bisnis Nur Indriantoro Ebook Download


8.2.7 Women in political leadership. Nur Indriantoro.
Nur. Indriantoro. Yogyakarta. [Indriantoro, Nur., 2006. Metodologi Penelitian Bisnis untuk Pembangunan, Edisi ke-4, Yogyakarta: BPFE. ]


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Indriantoro, Nur. 1999. Metodologi Penelitian Bisnis untuk Akuntansi & Manajemen.. BAB%202-Pemeringkatan-executive.pdf.

Category:1954 births
Category:Indonesian academics
Category:Living people
Category:Indonesian social scientists
Category:People from Manokwari
Category:Central Market University alumniQ:

Extension of Euler’s Totient Theorem

Given any natural number $N$, show that
\varphi(N)&=N-\mathbf{1}\cdot N+\mathbf{2}\cdot N-2\cdot N+\mathbf{3}\cdot N-3\cdot N+\mathbf{4}\cdot N-4\cdot N+\mathbf{5}\cdot N-5\cdot N+\mathbf{6}\cdot N-6\cdot N+\mathbf{7}\cdot N-7\cdot N\\
&\quad+\mathbf{8}\cdot N-8\cdot N+\mathbf{9}\cdot N-9\cdot N+\mathbf{10}\cdot N-10\cdot N+\mathbf{11}\cdot N-11\cdot N+\mathbf{12}\cdot N-12\cdot N+\mathbf{13}\cdot N\\
&\quad -13\cdot N+\mathbf{14}\cdot N-14\cdot N+\mathbf{15}\cdot N-15\cdot N+\mathbf{16}\cdot N-16\cdot N+\mathbf{17}\cdot N-17\cdot N+\mathbf{18}\cdot N\\
&\quad -18


-Nur, Indriantoro, dan Bambang, Supomo. (2013). Metodologi Penelitian Bisnis. Untuk Akuntansi dan Manajemen, BPFE: Yogyakarta.
[33] Ombayo, J.O. (2011).
[3] Indriantoro, Nur dan Supomo, Bambang (1999), Metodologi Penelitian Bisnis Untuk Akuntansi dan Manajemen, Edisi Pertama,Yogyakarta: BPFE.
Indriantoro, Nur dan Bambang Supomo (2011), Metode Penelitian Bisnis (Untuk Akuntansi dan Manajemen), BPFE Yogyakarta.A multimedia presentation, such as a slide presentation, may include a combination of images, video, audio, and other content. While the content of the presentation are not limited to text-based descriptions, it is often useful to present a slide presenting text describing the visual elements of the presentation. Slides describing the presentation may provide a variety of visual aids to support the text and increase the usefulness of the presentation. As an example, slides may be used to provide context that make the presentation more meaningful and easier to understand. Slides may also be used to provide context that explain content being presented, such as text displayed by the presenter. For example, slides may contain content descriptive of a presenter’s personal communication with other persons involved in a meeting, including content such as email, calendar entries, telephone calls, etc.
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