MK Drive Access Control is a security-related application that allows you to restrict the access to any drive of the computer in order to protect your private data. Since data theft is one of the major concerns of users worldwide, such actions are nothing more than additional and sometimes necessary protection measures.
The application can prove useful for situations when a PC is used by multiple users or if you are afraid that your files might get copied or stolen while you are away from the computer.
A definite plus is that the access to the application's main GUI is password-protected, which means that no one can change the settings unless they know the user-defined key. To strengthen its security even more, no entry is available in the Task Manager, so the process cannot be terminated from there.
As for the usage, simplicity is the main characteristic of MK Drive Access Control. All the available drives are displayed within its main window, along with options for locking and unlocking the access.
Practically, your only task is to press a button and the drive cannot be explored anymore in Windows Explorer. Users who try to open a protected drive gets an error message stating that the operation is cancelled due to imposed restrictions and advising them to contact the system administrator.
Locking down local drives is not the only function of MK Drive Access Control. It is capable of blocking access to the connected USB drives, in the attempt to prevent unauthorized file copying, as well as securing CD/DVD drives, not allowing others to burn discs using your PC.
MK Drive Access Control is a privacy protection instrument that interacts with local or removable drives of all types, aiming to prevent unapproved access to the stored contents.









MK Drive Access Control 5.2.7 Crack

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Full Features:
Protects local and removable drives from unauthorized users.
Block access to USB devices, CD/DVD drives and other devices connected to your PC.
Password protected main window.
Supports all local and removable drives of all types, including network attached drives.
No entry is available in the Task Manager, so the process cannot be terminated from there.
Locking down the whole computer works both on Windows XP and Windows 7.
Convenient and easy to use.
Works in a number of languages.
What’s New in This Version:

Version 2.4.3:
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MK Drive Access Control 5.2.7

Part of the software included with the license.

Registering the program:

You cannot register MK Drive Access Control Free Download unless you have purchased its license. Please follow these instructions to register the program.

Install MK Drive Access Control Crack Mac:

Run the program that was installed along with the license, or proceed to Step 3.

Select the language used by the program, and its currency, which is the country that you reside in (use the drop-down list).

Using the Add button, choose the drive that you want to protect and set the parameters, such as the password, lock password and privileges.

Click the Check button to check the lock status and proceed to the next step, only if everything is in order.

Sharing MK Drive Access Control 2022 Crack:

You can share the obtained license key with up to five of your friends.

The instructions for sharing the license key are provided with the key.

Procedure for installing the program:

The procedure is simple: 1. Download the latest version of MK Drive Access Control; 2. Install the program and complete the registration; 3. Run the program and get your license key; 4. Click the ‘Add new user’ link.The exact nature of the bonds between sheets of polystyrene has been the subject of debate since polystyrene was first developed in the 1930’s. Interest was raised at the time it was discovered that xylene had a tendency to diffuse through polystyrene sheets. It was presumed, until recently, that all of the xylene present in polystyrene came from the xylene dissolved in styrene monomer. Because of the ability of xylene to diffuse through polystyrene, the use of polystyrene was severely limited because of the fear that escape of xylene would be used as a bisphenol in the production of styrene monomer.
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MK Drive Access Control 5.2.7 Crack+ Free

-Protect your drives from prying eyes;
-Automatically disable drives when the PC is unplugged;
-Lock drives and CD/DVD to prevent unauthorized file copying.
-Manage settings for remote networks and USB drives;
-Safeguard files in case you accidentally remove the drive while others need access to it.
Use this software to lock down your PC. Protect your sensitive files from unauthorized access. MK Drive Access Control is an easy-to-use Windows utility to protect your computer by creating a ‘drive lock’. Locking a device is a common practice to make sure others don’t accidentally damage its contents, or to prevent prying eyes from seeing what’s on it.
MK Drive Access Control is easy to use – just double-click on the ‘Lock drive’ button and the destination device will be locked. The utility will automatically lock the selected drive when the PC is turned off, or if the OS is inactive. No matter if you are using standard hard drives, removable drives (such as USB keys, CD/DVD-ROMs) or portable drives (such as SD or Flash cards) are supported by MK Drive Access Control.
When the computer is turned on, the drive will be unlocked automatically. The blocked device is still accessible through the Windows operating system, through which you can open the files, copy them or send them over e-mail. Simply speaking, MK Drive Access Control is a simple yet effective utility for drive locking.
Selected software features:
-Locking and unlocking of local drives and USB drives;
-Approve or reject backup requests;
-Blocking CD/DVD devices;
-Locking files when you accidentally remove the drive or remove the drive while the computer is turned off;
-Manage settings for remote networks and USB drives;
-Safeguard the files and folders on your drive.

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What’s New in the MK Drive Access Control?

The application is compatible with all versions of Windows and any editions of Windows since 2001.

It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 operating systems.

The tool is compatible with all system languages.

MK Drive Access Control’s interface is independent of the operating system language.

The program has a tool for automatically defining the registry.

The program is compatible with all major desktop environments including Windows, KDE, GNOME, Xfce, Lxde, and others.

The application is also available for the Mac OS X platform.

The program has an English, Spanish and Turkish user interface.

The download package includes full-fledged installation.

Important Notice:

The developer of this software recommends uninstalling this tool for system and security reasons. The recommended way is to uninstall the tool using a control panel, for example, by clicking on it in Add/Remove Programs. However, users are free to uninstalling the application manually.
Additional information can be found here.

All of the rights for the above-listed software are the property of their respective owners. The installation package of the Advanced MK Drive Access Control is distributed for free to all of our customers.
Please note that the software may have limitations for your hardware and/or software due to its proprietary nature.

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The program has an English, Spanish and Turkish user interface.

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