Teaching your children to read and write can be an exhausting task if you do not know how to approach them. Most children are shy and teachers might have a hard time interacting with them. Fortunately, there are certain software solutions that can help teachers and parents approach their children in a different matter in order to improve their reading and writing skills.
Moo-O is a fun to use application that can help you educate your children and improve their reading skills, by using animated and interactive stories, played by various characters. This way, children will find it easier and funnier to interact with animated characters. The application requires a webcam, a microphone, Internet connection a Moo-O account in order to work properly.
Interactive story teller
The application uses short movies and stories in order to improve children reading skill. This tool can easily be used by teachers and parents alike. Each story contains several acts, played by one character at a time.
You can assign “actors” to each character, who are usually represented by a child. For each scene the program displays a text which is intended to be read aloud by children. The text can be converted to speech with a click of a button, so that any child that is having reading difficulties will be able to hear and reproduce it. When reproducing the text of each scene, the child will be recorded in order to be verified for pronunciation exactitude.
A reliable educational tool
Moo-O is an interactive tool that allows you to teach children how to read and write. Using interactive movies, you can even create a roleplay between children, by assigning each one with a story character, thus making them associate learning with a fun game.







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This is an interesting and fun application for kids that features some pretty cool things, from the ones aimed at education to the ones that parents and teachers would like to use. “Moo-O Crack” is a development tool for teaching children. With this application, you can bring various characters to life, one at a time, so that children can use them to read your words.

The goal of this tool is to help children improve their reading skills. Each story is written in a way that is easy to read and understand, and features various characters, some of them animated. If a child has trouble pronouncing a word or a letter, you can simply assign it to a character, so that you can record the pronunciation just by clicking on the desired text. Once this is done, you will see the text in a different font and it will be playable too. In order to pass from one scene to another, you can simply click on the next scene.

You can make any text appear on screen by clicking on the screen’s background, just as if you were on-screen. You can also have the characters come to life by clicking on them with the mouse, and this can be customized so that the character will appear to be waving or jumping around. You can even add pictures to your characters, using a wide array of background textures.

All of this can be done from a remote place, or you can record everything while in real time and save it. “Moo-O” is ideal for those who are working alone, either in a classroom or at home.

There are other interesting tools that feature Moo-O characters, although they are not entirely educational, in order to make your experience enjoyable. Examples of such a tool include an avatar creator or a background generator that features over 20,000 backgrounds and can even create funny cartoons, through the creation of “Moo-O” characters. Parents will also enjoy this tool, since it can be used to make their homes more entertaining.

– Play Video on your phone and keyboard –
In our previous post “You cannot watch videos on a phone unless they are supported by the native browser on it“ we mentioned that if you are a phone user that does not have a mobile browser that supports Flash you cannot watch videos on your phone. There are many video providers that do not support the mobile browser, and that’s why one of the first applications that comes to mind when

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Create and animate your own interactive stories. Enjoy a variety of characters and teach your kids through a fun story. Moo-O Serial Key is the ideal companion to get kids interested in reading and writing, fostering their creativity and imagination.
• Storytelling – make your own interactive stories
• Different characters – a character is the star of the story
• Photos – your story comes to life.
• Doodle – put your story on your own pictures
• Music – animate your story to your favorite music
• Map – write your story in one place with customizable map
• Animations – animate your character
Moo-O Product Key uses your webcam to take photos of you, while your characters speak and do various activities. Every photo taken by Moo-O becomes a piece of the story you create with it. Make sure you take a few shots as your child will be your star performer.
Enjoy the great story created by you and your children in a few seconds. Don’t have a webcam? No problem, you can record your story on your smartphone instead.
◦ Offline mode to tell a story without an Internet connection
◦ Featured characters :
3D Teletubbies
Beautiful Princess Emma
Beautiful Princess Anna
Blue Monster
Double Dumbo
Fizzy Bubble
Spooky Ghost
Speechless Charlotte
Hot Dog
◦ Scenes:
Main Menu (story)
Narrow Menu:
◦ Choose a character
Story (storyboard)
◦ Choose a scene
Character (up to 10 scenes for one character)
Doodle (up to 8 scenes for one character)
◦ Save a file to your hard drive
• Talk Back:
• Make your story a part of the social media world

Reading Drawings is an educational app for children, to teach them how to draw letters. It uses one of the most basic type of programming, to learn the alphabet and to use the camera to store those letters.

This app is a very simple one, and is aimed at children to start learning the alphabet. In this app there is no text in the app and everything is drawn on the screen with the letters and numbers of the alphabet.

The app uses your camera, which store the letters that are drawn by children, using the picture stored in their camera. This app is free and can be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices.

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Learning stories for children to help them learn and improve reading. This application teaches children how to read and write, making them practice their reading skills through animated stories, played by different characters and accents. Interactive movies made to help children improve their reading and writing skills.
Interactive stories and animated characters.
Characters play a story each time.
Text is available for interpretation by any child who has problems reading.
Answered with:
Best education software for the children

***Disclaimer: This App has been submitted by the developer. All the reviews and information are extracted directly from the App!*** [Zap App Approved | Free] — ***Warning : This App may harm your device. Should not be installed on your primary device or primary phone (i.e. ‘primary device’, ‘primary phone’ = Smartphone & iTouch).***
Funny Cartoon Animated Poop Book for Kids is an interactive children app by Zynga Networks that allows kids to read and listen to cartoon characters explain how they poop. Recommended for all ages, especially children that have a weak sense of humor.
Children are asked to press the corresponding buttons while listening to the different characters explain. Making the interactive app even more entertaining.
*Figure out what is in the poop book!*
Your kid will get a unique experience while reading the lyrics on the pages and hearing the characters explain how they poop!
*Bored of learning cartoons? Try this new app instead…*
Funny Cartoon Animated Poop Book for kids is a learning app for children ages 6 and older. Read funny stories while listening to the characters explain how they poop! Make the app even more entertaining by determining what is in the pooping book!

Read the characters’ poop book and learn all about how they poop.
– This app helps kids learn how to read.
– This educational app helps you learn how to use the English language.
– Play this funny and educative game for children.

**Disclosure: This App is an unofficial educational game. Please note that the developers do not claim that this App is strictly educational, nor does it have any relation to Zynga Networks. Parents should consult with their children’s pediatrician before allowing children to use this game.

***Disclaimer: This App has been submitted by the developer. All the reviews and information are extracted directly from the App!*** [Zap App Approved | Free] — ***Warning : This App may harm

What’s New in the Moo-O?

Moo-O is an app that can be used as a learning tool for children.
It uses a series of short stories in which the user will have to listen carefully and read aloud.
Moreover, each story has several acts, which are played one after the other. Through this, the software helps you improve the reading and writing skills of children, while the storytelling of those acts encourages those skills even more.

Preparing a kid for a future career involves more than simply teaching them to study and be organized. The mental development of every child is different, so by giving them a structured environment that suits their interests can also greatly enhance their learning process.

One of the best ways to teach a kid how to learn is through educational software. There are several applications available that can help your child learn in the most effective way by easing the learning process. Best of all, some of them can even teach your kid to read and write.

Looking for more about reading, writing, communication, learning and teaching? Visit our learning and teaching category for the best educational apps for Windows and iOS!

Kanzi is an educational application that can help teach your child how to communicate. This is done through visualizations that present the same gestures that monkeys use when communicating with one another.

The app shows your child a tree and a monkey, who are the main characters of the story. The monkey holds several things, some of which are food, toys and tools. By reading and watching the story, a child can learn about different types of gestures, but also how to interact with the objects presented in the scene.


– Learns the reading process with a helpful story
– Helps the child learn about the shapes and sounds
– Has a variety of different actions that can be presented to your child

Learning to write requires practice and patience. Some children become interested in the idea immediately, while others hate it. If your child is one of those who is not interested in writing, you might find the Stories for Children app to be useful.

Stories For Children is an educational app that can help teach children how to write by showing them how to create stories and illustrations. The app has a unique and interesting way to show how to write, which makes it useful for every kid that is having trouble writing.


– A story tells about an exciting adventure
– Allows the user to explore the different symbols of writing, in order to learn how to write

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium 4, Pentium III, or Athlon XP, or a dual core processor.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM.
OS: Windows 7.
Video: An ATI Radeon HD3850 or Nvidia GeForce GTX260 or NVIDIA GTS 450, or an Intel HD4000 or Intel HD3000.
Hard Drive: At least 2 GB of free space.
Display: 1024×768 screen resolution or better.
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card.
Input: Keyboard and


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