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Motorola End User Driver Installation 5.9.0 32


How to install Motorola Drivers in Windows 8, 8.1, 10.
I have the same issue with my new laptop. The moto G driver is not present.
You may also like to see the driver update version for that particular model. Please open the link given below. They are all in 64 bit format. I have already installed the new driver for the same phone.
Thanks for all the support and for your help.


As mentioned in the other answer,

Download the latest drivers from here and extract the downloaded archive.
After that double click on the GUMI-Download-Win-8.exe and click on Install button.

Afterwards, restart your phone and enjoy the connectivity.


Static object to store state between pages in ASP.NET

I have an ASP.NET web application that shows a page in which the client has to fill in their personal information. After he’s finished entering this information, I want to display it on a second page and can’t figure out how to store that information. Is there a way to store static (static object) data like this for use in another page or another method?


A simple option is to store the data in session state. It’s usually the best option unless you really need to store the data in a more durable manner.

Edit: If you don’t need to store more than 1 record, I’d use the session.
Session[“data”] =….;

Session[“data”] =….;

And then access the data from wherever you need to.
if(Session[“data”]!= null)
// blah

This invention relates generally to melt spinning of synthetic polymeric fibers, and more particularly to an improved apparatus and process for melt spinning of such fibers which has been found to be particularly useful in achieving the formation of a high birefringence synthetic fiber.
Conventional melt spinning of synthetic polymeric fibers includes passing the molten polymer through a stationary, central chamber having an orifice at its outlet, and then directing the molten polymer onto a ring-shaped mandrel which travels at a speed so as to spin the molten polymer into a strand. Subsequent to spinning, the strand is drawn, cooled, and collected. While conventional melt spinning is widely employed, an important problem heretofore has been the difficulty in achieving


Mar 18, 2020
Before downloading a driver from Microsoft Technet download an independent internet.


The list of necessary Motorola Mobile Drivers for Windows 7 includes the following drivers:

USB driver:




USBDriver for 64-bit 64-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista


USBDriver for 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista


Motorola Mobile Driver for 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista

MOTOROLA USB2.0 Driver for Windows XP and Windows Vista

MOTOROLA USB Driver for Windows XP and Windows Vista





Motorola Mobility Software Extractor (x64)

Motorola Mobility Software Extractor (x86)

Motorola Mobility Software Extractor (32 bit)

Universal Extractor

Install the Motorola USB drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista as stated above and the extractor above, then restart the PC. After restarting the PC select Windows Mobile Device Manager and ensure your new devices appear there under “Unknown Devices”.

Required Motorola Mobile Driver and USB Driver.

package model

import (

func (s *dataSource) PutVersion() error {
now := s.db.Now()
version := s.e.GetVersion()
var headerBytes []byte
// TODO: write the new version bytes in json format
// s3 := s3Client{}
if!s3Client.empty() {
c := s3Client.Get().(*s3.S3Client)
headerBytes = []byte(types.NewVersion(1, 0



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