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Mrfishit Wow Fish Bot Download


Hexinbot is a bot that allows you to fish for your legendary pets. Hexinbot works on World of Warcraft version 2.4.3, 2.4.2 and 2.3.1. Hexinbot Features:
– You do not need any memory for this bot. Hexinbot will do its job even on low memory PCs.
– You can search for your pets anywhere in Azeroth or Outland and not only in campfires.
– You can search for your pets while you play.
– You can use Hexinbot on both single and multiboxing WoW.
– Hexinbot is compatible with all banking methods of Wow (e.g. Bank, Gold, Credit, etc.).
– You can use this bot for both PvP and PvE.
I made a few maps so if you have no good hotkeys (or no hotkeys at all) you can click the links and then press the hotkeys to search your pets. For example, if you have Shift as a hotkey then you can search for a pet by clicking on the map, pressing Shift, press Enter and then click on the pet you want to know.
Hexinbot is compatible with all banking methods of Wow (e.g. Bank, Gold, Credit, etc.).
To use this bot, you need to be using WoW version 2.4.3, 2.4.2, 2.3.1 or lower.
Why this information?
I know many of you like changing your hotkeys. One of the reasons why I made Hexinbot was so that I can have my hotkeys. This way I don’t have to log in to my account each time I want to use it. But if you have a new computer and you don’t like the hotkeys on your keyboard then this is the bot for you. You can still use it even if you change your hotkeys.
Hexinbot will add some new features.
1. Search the ocean in world view mode. (World view mode is to look around your active zone.)
2. Add a picture to your PetFrame.
3. Allow you to specify the limit of fish you want Hexinbot to catch.
4. Show the current status of your fishing.
5. Change the colours.
6. Command a lot of pets.
This is the bottom-line. You need to have a good


Waiting for an update… starting program…
Mar 13, 2018
Have you tried turning your audio off and then on again in case your hdd and vhs drive are getting full? If you’re having problems installing games in wow then go to appdb (add game) and check if you have a supported video driver.
when i go to the game, and start fishbot and it to continue running on the.NET error message at loading time, it stops.
May 15, 2013
I have had troubles with installing wow on my system so I want to install wow bot.. I have already installed and run MrFishIt v3.0.2
No internet, no WoW, no Windows 7, no luck. Please help. Help me. Thank you.
Feb 10, 2012
What is the newest version of FishBot? I would appreciate your help. I am not getting the latest version of FishBot to work at all.. I have a version of MrFishIt but it requires 3.5 and I have 3.0.4.
Feb 10, 2012
NEW UPDATE!! Now, Mr.FishIt can be used for command line parameters now,,,,,,,,, including lag. Working bot!!! ALSO, come chat with me =)
I am running windows 7 64, i have wow installed, i have MrFishIt v3.5.8 and i am trying to install a worm, i save a save-game from lag, and when i open the file and select play, it give me an error saying that this is a bot, and i can not play. It is weird because it wont even let me save any game.
MrFishIt for Windows 7 64bit – FishBot
You will need: 1. MRfishIt v3.5.7.1 OR MRfishIt v3.0.5.1 & 1. FoW v1.8.2 or newer. 3. You must have the Cheat Engine or Cheat Commando or any other download manager that will work with World of Warcraft. 4. If you have multi-thread enabled in Cheat Engine, download QuickTut and follow the instructions on how to use it to set that up for World of Warcraft
You are now ready to play with a lagred bot. I have read that you can try Gametwist and that it will work for lagred bots, but this is unt



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