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Mugen Undertale Character Download


mugen undertale characters download
undertale black frisk
hepcat frisk
hepcat black frisk
mugen online game
UNDERTALE Characters



From what I gathered on his GitHub, this is the author’s current status with development for Mugen’s UP members:

As far as I can tell, the up character designers on Senpai’s page (Mugen’s page) have stopped making their designs available in any free form, so any free character designs provided on the Source page are unofficial and UNOFFICIAL.
Official designs will be found on the official site.
*UP100C Rankin Oak’s sprites are unofficial characters for the UP100C theme*
All characters on this page are one-of-a-kind, none are official or to be reproduced for any reason

As such, it is likely that the above-mentioned character(s) you’ve obtained are not true designs, but custom models he’s created himself.

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Unzip and patch the roms, put patch in rom folder in the game folder, then you should be able to play it.

I also created mods for MDEN and MDCX which

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