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nLite Ghost (RemoveSystemFiles & RemoveProgramData)
nLite O&O ShutUp10 (Remove System Tray & Shutdown Windows Exploror)
nLite O&O SuperSpeed (Speed Up Microsoft Outlook & Speed Up Windows Explorer)
nLite O&O Uninstaller (Remove Windows 7 Programs and Uninstall Vista)
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Update: Lots of readers are upset about their Windows Registry not getting cleaned.
Though Nlite cannot clean the Windows registry as it does not support Windows registry. But it can clean the components of the Windows registry that are causing you trouble. If you are experiencing slow performance, unstable booting, unstable navigation, freezing, error messages or massive files in C:\Windows\Temp, you might want to consider using Nlite for Windows Reg Cleanup.
nLite is a Windows registry cleaner that can remove many of the components of the Windows registry that are causing slow performance, error messages, crashes, freezing problems and so much more. It also works in stealth mode without anyone knowing it’s there.
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Multipad (Final 2022)

Multipad is a simple tool that can run macros in Microsoft Word. Each macro can access a button by name or shortcut that you have created.
■ MS Word 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 or 2010 (Also works with Office 97/XP)
■ MS Word Window must be selected to be able to run macros.
1. Create a macro for Word
2. Click the button and the macro runs.
When you have created a macro, save it as a text document.
Add to Shortcuts:
If you are missing the “Add to Shortcuts” option, you probably have a macro that does not have a shortcut (it takes a full keyboard sequence to invoke). If you are missing the “Add to Shortcuts” option, you probably have a macro that does not have a shortcut (it takes a full keyboard sequence to invoke).
3. Click the button and run your macro.
Creating, editing and re-running macros
Running macros with or without shortcut
Pause on progress
Automatic saving of documents
Customizable, localisable text on buttons
Macro support
Win32 environment
Macros are run in Microsoft Word, and as well as the
assistant buttons works with Microsoft Office 97/XP.
If you have any version of Office 97, upgrade to the most current version of Office.
4. Press CTRL+T and Click the button to do nothing!
You can import and export macros or stories from and to the WidgetEngine.
Click the button and the macro or story will be imported.
Click the button and the macro or story will be exported to your computer.
You can assign a hotkey to the macro you have created. Click the button and the macro runs.
When you want to launch a macro, simply press the hotkey.
Create, edit and re-run macros
Pause on progress
Automatic saving of documents
Customizable, localisable text on buttons
Macro support
Run in MS Word, MS Office 97/XP
Win32 environment
The macro will be executed in Microsoft Word.
5. Click the button and run the macro.
Create a macro in MS Word
Use the toolbar to create a macro in MS Word.
6. Click the toolbar to add a new button.
■ Click the button to create


■ Multipad is a free tool that displays a multi-tabbed window with multiple concurrent web browsers.
■ you can open and switch between the tabs at any time.
■ you can choose whether to display tabular or graphical views.
■ you can customize the web browser’s properties by modifying the web browser tab colors, the web browser tab font and the web browser’s toolbar.
In addition, it offers the option of displaying as web links the tabs’ contents as well as the current web browser’s URL in the tab, without having to switch the tab.
Furthermore, you can insert a search string into the addresses you use to open a site (the way you can do with the Tabs Bar for Firefox), which will come handy when searching on the internet or when you have to explore the contents of several pages.
Designers are free to change as many settings of the tool as they like, and the modifications apply for all the opened tabs. The difference is that when you change a property of one specific tab, this change is applied to all the other tabs.
Find out more about Multipad
Multipad software is not yet rated but has an overall positive rating of 4.52.
The most common praise for Multipad is its user-friendly interface, while its downsides are the poor performance under Windows Vista and the lack of customization.
The number of downloads for Multipad is a good indication of the product’s popularity.
The current version of Multipad is 5.4, and it was released on November 18, 2011.
The software is available in English, Spanish and Japanese.
Limelight Webcasts is a freeware that enables you to use video streaming software to start your own webcast.
This software provides you with a dedicated remote session that allows you to open content, from the software that manages your webcasts and your webcast settings, and explore the network options of your media and streaming providers.
The software supports many media formats, including MPEG2 and H.264, MP3, AAC, WMV, MP4, Ogg Theora and Flash.
Webcasting with Limelight Webcasts is pretty easy, with enough options to make the process straightforward and quick.
The program comes with a free demo version, which you can use to try out all the features it offers.
You can upload your videos to your remote server, and then stream

What’s New in the?

The main feature of Multipad is that it is an action center for multiple-screen media conversion, automatically managing your multiple screens. You can display movies, photos, music, e-books, and more on different devices without wasting too much space. By using its action center, you don’t need to worry about your hands being away from the computer’s keyboard and mouse.
Multipad is very easy to use. All you need to do is select the format, resolution and file, choose from a list of the applications that support Multipad, and start to convert. With a few clicks, Multipad will finish the conversion process. If you want to convert videos, photos or other media to multiple screens, Multipad is a great tool for you. You can try Multipad free for a full day.
Other useful features include:
• One-click media conversion to multiple screens.
• Easy-to-use interface for you to manage multiple screens.
• Share your videos, music, photos, and more with your friends.
• Multiple device support: support for Windows, iOS, Android, and other platforms.

When your computer malfunctions, you don’t want to spend time repairing it. You just want to pick up your important files, such as PPT, Excel, and XLS to avoid further damages. In such cases, you will surely welcome the Instant Drive Rescue, which is a portable software app for Windows that enables you to quickly and conveniently get your files back.
Although it is an effective tool, you need to take extra caution in installing it. You never know when a malicious program or a virus can infect your computer with undesired programs, programs that will end up making your PC malfunction. Therefore, we recommend that you always check the list of computer applications carefully before installing them on your computer.
Instant Drive Rescue is among the thousands of free programs found on the Internet, which is why we are sure that it will not cause problems to your computer. It offers you the power to take back important files instantly, whether your system is Windows 7 or Windows 10.
Additionally, this program lets you convert PPT, PPTX and RTF to PDF, EPUB, or DOC. In the same way, it can help you to import JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP3 and WMV to PPT. It is also able to convert DOCX, RTF, DOC, and PPTX to DOC

System Requirements For Multipad:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Windows XP
2GB of RAM or more
20 GB available disk space
1024 x 768 display or higher
JoyBuy has released the version 1.1.0 update for the Xbox One version of the popular Mafia 2: The Director’s Cut Redux that brings with it the following:
Version 1.1.0 changes:
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash to desktop on start
Corrected an issue that caused sound to be muffled in some

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