The Multi Tone Generator (MTG) turns your personal computer into a multi oscillator sound generator for testing or effects, demonstration, education and other purposes.


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MultiTone Generator Crack+ Download For Windows

MultiTone Generator Crack Keygen is a version of Acoustic Generator for Windows.
MultiTone Generator Activation Code generates a series of tonal sounds either on a single audio channel or on up to 9 audio channels.
Because MultiTone Generator is a version of Acoustic Generator for Windows it is much more powerful then version for DOS.


40 tonal sounds with frequencies from 10Hz to 32kHz.

16 audio channels.

Fixed or programmable delay time.

Fixed or programmable oscillator frequency.

Fixed or programmable oscillator amplitude.

MultiTone Generator Screenshots:

MultiTone Generator V1.0

MultiTone Generator V1.1

MultiTone Generator V1.2

MultiTone Generator V1.3

MultiTone Generator V1.4

MultiTone Generator V1.5

MultiTone Generator V1.6

MultiTone Generator V1.7

MultiTone Generator V1.8

MultiTone Generator V1.9

MultiTone Generator V1.10

MultiTone Generator V1.11

MultiTone Generator V1.12

MultiTone Generator V1.13

MultiTone Generator V1.14

MultiTone Generator V1.15

MultiTone Generator V1.16

MultiTone Generator V1.17

MultiTone Generator V1.18

MultiTone Generator V1.19

MultiTone Generator V1.2.1

MultiTone Generator V1.2.2

MultiTone Generator V1.2.3

MultiTone Generator V1.2.4

MultiTone Generator V1.2.5

MultiTone Generator V1.3.2

MultiTone Generator V1.3.3

MultiTone Generator V1.3.4

MultiTone Generator V1.3.5

MultiTone Generator V1.3.6

MultiTone Generator V1.3.7

MultiTone Generator V1.3.8

MultiTone Generator V1.3.9

MultiTone Generator V1.4.1

MultiTone Generator V1.4.2


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MultiTone Generator For PC

The simplest multi-toned device is a direct voltage sine wave generator. The most complex is a monolithic Humprider oscillator bank. We have designed our multi tone generator to be just between these two extremes.
The Multi Tone Generator (MTG) turns your personal computer into a multi oscillator sound generator for testing or effects, demonstration, education and other purposes.
Our new device allows you to output at a different frequency from each of 6 or 10 oscillators. You decide the frequency at setup and can switch the oscillator outputs at any time. You can also run the computer at another rate or load the output into a multi-bank oscillator bank.
The multi tone generator can generate pure sine tones and sawtooth or square wave impulses. Outputs can be routed into the speaker, line level, mic level or headphone jack and has an internal mixer.
The MultiTone Generator (MTG) can also be used as a delay and echo unit.
Test and demo Applications:
There are many ways to use this device to test or demo. It can be used to generate tones for testing oscillators or the effects of effects.
A home studio can use the Multi Tone Generator (MTG) for home recording. Many of the classic drum machines from the 70’s and 80’s used multi tone generators to simulate the sound of a real analog drum machine.
If you are a session drummer on a rock band or studio drummer, you can use the MTG as a practice tool.
If you are a music professor, use the Multi Tone Generator (MTG) to run tests on your students.
This device works in the background with all other sound generation hardware. It can also be used to generate sawtooth or square wave impulses to use with instruments, effects pedals, loopers, samplers, etc.
Professional and other Uses:
The MultiTone Generator (MTG) can be used as a practice tool. Most drummer are either working on their timing or in preparation for a performance. The MultiTone Generator (MTG) provides a quick and easy way to test drum sounds and explore new sounds.
The MultiTone Generator (MTG) can also be used as a signal generator or test tool for modular synthesizers and other electronics.
If you play at a location without electricity and do not have a generator, you can use the Multi Tone Generator (MTG) to generate sound from a battery or solar power.
If your instrument

What’s New in the?

The Multi Tone Generator has built-in multi oscillators, filters, octaves and multi oscillators. It can generate dit, rumble, pitch bend, tremolo and random tones on its own, and can be used with sound software.
The software is a real part of the MTG which has lots of features: stereo panning, sample-accurate side chains/sysex, the ability to generate “Sine” wave tritones on its own, play samples and control the attenuator, the ability to mute and solo individual oscillators, as well as many customisation features, including the ability to create custom editor shapes and to automatically save the settings for all of the options as well.
The software also has built-in web browser control to take the tone sequences stored in the software to the web, as well as the ability to save sequences on a network share to a user-specific location on the server.
Similar to the Microtoner, this software is mainly sold as a web-based (software-as-a-service) project.
MultiTone Generator Screenshots:

MultiTone Generator Reviews:

Awesome Multi Tone Generator

This is a great software. It sounds awesome and highly recommended.

Here are some user reviews:

MTG Review by Arjen Overeem – July 5, 2016

5 / 5

I really like the MTG and play a lot with it. The easy to use program is fantastic for playing multi-tone sounds and samples. I find the incredible sounds and quality really helps to get the best out of any project you can create from this version of TonicSound’s sonics.

MTG Review by MW – July 5, 2016

5 / 5

It is a great and powerful multi tone generator. I had to look up how to use it on the web but I have never used anything else. It has a ton of features and you can make an unlimited amount of different sounds.

MTG Review by moogdh – July 5, 2016

5 / 5

I purchased this Multi Tone Generator after playing with the Microtoner. I love the ease of use of this product. It’s like the same thing but better. The tones it produces are more random and vibrant. The High Pitch Generator is great for adding a hint of high pitch to add a nice touch to a sound.

Great for freaky effects!

System Requirements For MultiTone Generator:

Requires a GeForce FX or better (based on the memory clock)
Operating System:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Minimum Requirements:
Dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 2 GB hard drive

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